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Chapter 330 - Challenged Instead!

Medical Master
     Chapter 330 Challenged Instead!

    After breakfast, Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu said goodbye to each other.

    Jiang Miaoyu returned to the dorm, got changed and ready for classes. Fang Qiu also changed his clothes and walked to the teachers’ office building.

    Soon, he arrived in front of the dean’s office.

    “Knock knock knock…”

    Fang Qiu knocked on the door.

    Qi Kaiwen’s voice rang from the room. “Come in.”

    Fang Qiu pushed the door open, only to see Qi Kaiwen behind the desk, reading files, so he immediately called. “Dean Qi!”

    “Well, my martial nephew?”

    Seeing Fang Qiu, Qi Kaiwen immediately rose in a smile and said, “There’s just the two of us, and you don’t have to call me dean. Call me senior uncle master.”

    Though he long knew that his junior brother had taken Fang Qiu as an apprentice, he never talked to Fang Qiu as a senior uncle master.

    In fact, he wanted to have a good chat with Fang Qiu to verify his status as a senior uncle master with the latter. Anyway, he needed to enjoy the privilege of being called senior uncle master by such a genius, right?

    “Alright… then,” Fang Qiu said.

    Fang Qiu hesitated and called. “Senior uncle master.”

    “Well, that sounds right.”

    Qi Kaiwen giggled and said, “What do you want from your senior uncle master?”

    Fang Qiu said, “I’m asking for leave.”

    “Of course,” Fang Qiu immediately acted like a caring senior uncle master.

    He said, “We’re family anyway. How long do you need? I’ll register your leave right now.”

    Fang Qiu answered, “I’ll need a semester.”

    “Right.” Qi Kaiwen smilingly reached out to tap on the keyboard on his office desk. Suddenly, he jerked his head up and looked at Fang Qiu, asking, “A… semester?”

    “Yes, a semester.” Fang Qiu nodded right away and said, “I hope you can grant me this.”

    Hearing that, Qi Kaiwen immediately got choked.

    “He’s called me senior uncle master, can I refuse him?

    “But who’s ever taken a leave a semester long? Does that still count as leave?”

    Dean as he was, he got the vice president and president above him.

    If he reported this to them, it would definitely attract much attention. After all, it was not every day that a freshman took a semester-long leave.

    “My martial nephew!”

    After hesitating for quite a while, Qi Kaiwen said, “Did anything happen in your family?”

    “No, nothing.” Fang Qiu shook his head and explained. “It’s just that I can’t learn anything from the freshman’s curriculum anymore, so I don’t want to waste my time.”

    “That’s so…” Qi Kaiwen nodded understandingly and felt mixed emotions in the heart.

    As a senior uncle master, he felt very happy and proud to have such a talented martial nephew.

    However, if he perceived it in the view of a dean, he found himself in a dilemma.

    “My martial nephew, listen.” Qi Kaiwen thought about it and said, “I can grant you permission, but your teachers won’t agree. And there’s no such precedent at school. The school rules also say three absences from classes will make you repeat the class.”

    Of course, Fang Qiu was aware of the things Qi Kaiwen said.

    Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to Qi Kaiwen for permission to take the leave.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Senior uncle master, I can pass the end-of-term exam. Why would I have to take the classes? Isn’t the purpose of it passing the test of the end-of-term exams?”

    Qi Kaiwen asked in reply, “Can you really do it?”

    Fang Qiu nodded his head with certainty. “Yes.”

    “All Right.” Qi Kaiwen thought about it and said, “Don’t say I didn’t help you. If you want to take the leave, convince your teachers with your talent. If you can pass the exams in their classes, I’ll let you finish their classes early. How about that?”

    “All Right.” Fang Qiu immediately nodded and said, “So please arrange for me to take the exam as soon as possible. Can I take them tomorrow morning? Because I have to go to the hospital in the afternoon.”

    Qi Kaiwen agreed. “Alright, then it’s settled. Tomorrow morning.”

    Fang Qiu thanked him and turned around to leave.

    Qi Kaiwen started to call to inform all the teachers who were giving classes to Fang Qiu.

    Soon, all of those teachers knew that Fang Qiu was going to take the exit exam early. The time was set at tomorrow morning and he would take exams in all subjects at one time.

    Informed of the news, all the teachers, who had been giving classes to Fang Qiu, were stunned.

    They could not deny that Fang Qiu was good at study and talented. However, he only studied for half of a school year and he had just started the second semester. Was he going to take the exit exam now?

    Wasn’t it too early?

    Some of the teachers thought Fang Qiu became conceited.

    Nonetheless, more people held that Fang Qiu was too arrogant.

    Even if he could cure diseases, he couldn’t be so big-headed, could he?

    Taking the exit exam without taking classes?

    If he set such a precedent, in the future, how would other students focus on their classes? They must be all thinking about taking early exams!

    More importantly, in the eye of those teachers, though supported by theory, curing diseases was completely different from theoretical exams.

    No matter how capable Fang Qiu was, how could he pass the exams of the classes which he had not taken?

    Thinking like that, those teachers all decided to take the chance to bring Fang Qiu down, to let the genius calm down, buried in the studies, instead of thinking about doing shocking stuff all day long.

    Soon, all those teachers had talked to each other.

    Finally, they decided, to bring down Fang Qiu, they must, in the exit exam designed only for Fang Qiu, use the hardest papers during the past years.

    Of course, they could not just copy the old papers. Every one of the teachers was picking the hardest questions in the hardest papers. All afternoon long, every teacher was crazily coming up with questions.

    The next day, when it was five a.m., Fang Qiu arrived at the girls’ dorm. After Fang Qiu picked up Jiang Miaoyu, they headed to Central Lake together.

    It was still where they had practiced yesterday.

    When Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu arrived, all the students who had practiced with them yesterday were already there.

    Fang Qiu took a closer look and found there were more people than yesterday.

    It looked like it was due to the publicity by those who had practiced Qigong yesterday.

    Seeing Fang Qiu and Jiang Miaoyu arrive, everyone automatically made way for them to walk to the center of the crowd.

    “Let’s start right now.”

    Fang Qiu didn’t beat around the bush and said, “Same as yesterday. Everyone, circle around me.”

    Everyone did what Fang Qiu said.

    Fang Qiu again corrected everyone’s gesture and then led them to cultivate.

    Because more people joined in, again, many people experienced the flow of spontaneous energy like yesterday.

    Some didn’t have that feeling because they hadn’t focused and relaxed; others didn’t get the hang of it because it had been their first time to practice it.

    When the practice was over, everyone was elated.

    Walking on the way back to the dorms, Jiang Miaoyu asked, “Will you really take the exit exam?”

    “How did you know?” Fang Qiu asked.

    Jiang Miaoyu smilingly looked at Fang Qiu and said, “It’s all over the school. One of the teachers in your class said it during class. I heard you didn’t take classes yesterday afternoon and the teacher singled you out, saying you’re proud and conceited.”

    “They don’t know me.” Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “I have to take the exit exam.”

    “I know.” Jiang Miaoyu echoed and said, “Keep it up! I’ll wait for your triumphant return!”

    “Don’t worry.” Fang Qiu smiled and said, “Your boyfriend can do anything!”

    Unexpectedly, Jiang Miaoyu looked at Fang Qiu. “Can you?”

    Fang Qiu lifted his head. “Of course.”

    Jiang Miaoyu said while beaming. “Alright then, go have a baby.”

    Fang Qiu. “…”

    He was challenged instead!

    Usually, he would be the one to challenge others. How did he become challenged by someone else today?


    At eight a.m., Fang Qiu came to the classroom in accordance with the agreement.

    Because there were no classes today, except the nine teachers who had been giving classes to him, there was no one. The classroom looked empty.

    There were a total of nine subjects in the exit exam.

    They were: TCM, TCM diagnosis, English, P.E., basic computing, physiology, embryology, modern history of China, practical English writing.

    Even his class teacher, Liu Feifei, came upon hearing the news. “Fang Qiu, do you really want to finish the classes?”

    Fang Qiu smiled and said, “I’ve come here for the exam, haven’t I?”

    “Right.” Liu Feifei nodded thoughtfully and said, “Come on! I believe in you.”

    “Hmm?” Qi Kaiwen stiffened in confusion and asked, “Shouldn’t you ask me to stop being conceited and bury myself in studies like all those teachers?”

    “Come on, you’re my student.” Liu Feifei raised her head proudly and said, “I’ll do anything but bring down my students. I’ve taught you from the beginning, so you must pass the exam. Don’t lose. Do you hear me?”

    Fang Qiu said with a wry smile. “OK.”

    Soon, the nine teachers in Fang Qiu’s class picked four proctors for the exam this time.

    “Now, let me tell you the rules for this exam.”

    One proctor looked at the lonely Fang Qiu in the classroom and said, “There are nine subjects in the exam. One hour for each. During the one hour, you can hand in the paper early so you can immediately start the next one. The exam in the morning will end at 11 a.m., and the afternoon session will start at 1 p.m.”

    Fang Qiu nodded. It was a very flexible rule for him.

    “In addition,” The proctor continued, “In P.E. exam, you have to go outdoors; in basic computing, you’ll need to take it in the computer room.”

    Fang Qiu urged. “I see. Let’s get started.”

    He didn’t have an afternoon for the exam.

    At 2 p.m., he must go to the hospital, which meant he needed to take all the exams on the nine subjects before 2 p.m.

    “All Right.” The proctor nodded and said, “The first exit exam will be TCM.”

    After that, he directly handed the paper to Fang Qiu.

    Then, four proctors stood in four directions, watching Fang Qiu with a 360-degree view.

    Fang Qiu didn’t care at all.

    The moment he had the paper, he directly started answering the questions and he wrote fast.

    In the end, it took him less than 20 minutes to finish all the questions.

    Finishing all the papers, Fang Qiu reported. “I’m done.”

    Hearing that, four proctors were all dumbfounded.

    No one expected Fang Qiu to finish the exit exam so fast. It was only after 20 minutes, 40 minutes earlier than they had expected.

    What kind of speed was this?

    While dumbfounded, one of the proctors picked up the paper and found Fang Qiu had indeed answered every question. Therefore, he immediately sent the paper to the classroom next door for the TCM teacher to grade.