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Chapter 332 - Restriction on the Entire School!

Medical Master
     Chapter 332 Restriction on the Entire School!

    In the classroom, except the P.E. and computing teacher, the other seven teachers gathered and looked at the papers with full scores in each other's hands. They looked at each other in blank dismay.

    At this time, a proctor walked into the classroom and said, Fang Qiu has finished the exams. He also got full scores in the P.E. and computing exams!

    Hearing that, the present seven teachers all looked at their watches and found it was precisely 11 o'clock. From eight o'clock to 11 o'clock, it was three years in total. It was 20 minutes for each exam, and he had finished nine of them exactly in three hours.

    Heck! After calculating, everyone couldn't help heaving a sigh.

    Well, we failed to stop him!

    This boy is just a monster.

    He's so capable. Why doesn't he skip the classes and directly take the sophomore and junior curriculum? Why does he have to make us freshman teachers suffer?

    Right. He's just too badass.

    The seven teachers all looked sullen.

    They wanted to take the opportunity to bring Fang Qiu down and made him less proud of himself. It turned out that Fang Qiu had brought them down.

    The proctors started collecting the papers. Give me Fang Qiu's papers. I'll hand them to the dean.

    Inside the dean's office—

    Qi Kaiwen looked at the time. It was already the break after the morning exam, so he immediately asked a subordinate who came in to report his work. How are Fang Qiu's exams going?

    The subordinate answered, He's finished.

    Qi Kaiwen asked again, I know he's finished the morning exams. I want to know how well he did the exams.

    The subordinate smiled wryly and said, That's not what I meant. I mean, he's already finished all of the nine exams.

    Qi Kaiwen was dumbfounded. What?

    At that time—

    Knock knock knock

    There was a knock on the door.

    Looking up, a proctor was walking in, carrying Fang Qiu's papers and grade sheet.

    Dean. Calling him, the proctor directly put Fang Qiu's papers and grade sheet on the dean's office desk and then said, Fang Qiu's exit exams are already over, and these are his papers and grade sheet.

    Qi Kaiwen asked in surprise and immediately picked up the grade sheet from the desk. Did he really finish them?

    He looked and found all of them with full scores!

    The grade immediately made Qi Kaiwen can't help but feel shocked.

    Is that boy really that skilled?

    Putting down the grade sheet, he picked up Fang Qiu's papers to examine them, Qi Kaiwen was feeling more and more shocked because he found Fang Qiu had answered perfectly to every question. Even if he wanted to pick a flaw in them, he couldn't!

    While feeling shocked, Qi Kaiwen immediately thought of his junior fellow apprentice, Xu Miaolin.

    Back then, Xu Miaolin had been a monster too.

    He could compare to the present Fang Qiu.

    Sighing, Qi Kaiwen then smilingly shook his head and put down the papers in his hand. The master and the apprentice perfectly match!

    He thought secretly. If he can perfectly pass the freshman exit exams which contain all of the difficult questions. Then, can my martial nephew pass the sophomore exams?

    The subordinate called Qi Kaiwen. Dean.

    Qi Kaiwen turned around and found the proctor had left at some point, and there was only the subordinate who came to report his work in the office.

    The subordinate asked, Now, will you approve Fang Qiu's leave application, or will you think about other ways?

    Qi Kaiwen rolled his eyes at the person and said, What other ways? He's got full scores in the exams of all of the subjects. What else can we say?

    After taking the exams, Fang Qiu arrived at the canteen early.

    He had lunch earlier and returned to the dorm for some rest. He was planning to go to the hospital in the afternoon.

    Anyway, the exit exams were already over.

    It didn't matter if the results of today's exams would come out today, he had to go to the hospital in the afternoon.

    Two o'clock in the afternoon.

    Fang Qiu walked out of the dorm and was going to head to the hospital.

    Beep beep beep

    The phone suddenly rang.

    He took out his phone and had a look. Qi Kaiwen was calling him.

    Getting through, Fang Qiu greeted respectfully. Senior uncle master.

    Well. Qi Kaiwen nodded with satisfaction and said, My great martial nephew, these teachers all shut up before your performance. You took the exit exams one semester earlier and you've got all the full scores. It's unprecedented in our school, and I believe no one can do that in the future either.

    Fang Qiu smiled and asked, Senior uncle master, then what about my leave application?

    Qi Kaiwen waved his hand and said, I've approved. I'm calling to inform you personally that you've passed the exit exams and you're allowed to take the leave.

    Fang Qiu thanked and hung up the phone. Thank senior uncle master.

    Fang Qiu breathed a long sigh. Phew

    Hearing the news, Fang Qiu immediately felt deep down in his heart that he was like a bird flying high in the sky, and also a fish leaping in the broad sea.

    Freedom, it was the freedom that the entire world worshipped!

    Elated, Fang Qiu immediately texted Jiang Miaoyu: I'm free.

    Jiang Miaoyu texted back at once: Congratulations. Woe is me. I'm still suffering in classes.

    Fang Qiu replied: Playing with your phone again? Go back to your classes!

    Jiang Miaoyu replied:

    Apparently, Jiang Miaoyu felt speechless.

    Actually, Fang Qiu had previously told Jiang Miaoyu about his leave application, so Jiang Miaoyu was long mentally prepared, plus the reason why Fang Qiu took the exit exams early spread long ago.

    Therefore, when receiving Fang Qiu's text, Jiang Miaoyu didn't feel surprised at all.

    On the other hand, after sending the texts, Fang Qiu giggled and lightheartedly headed to the hospital.

    Now that he'd passed the exams and his one-semester leave was also approved, next, he would prepare to officially start the long-planned control tests of internal Qi and acupuncture.

    On the very night, many people showed up to guard the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, which was supposed to announce the entry result.

    Under the cover of the pitch-black night, many men in black suits showed up in school out of nowhere. Thes people patrolled everywhere in school. Before the school gate, a troop was even directly stationed, completely guarding the school gate. They only allowed people to get in, but not to get out.

    Because it was already late at night, student at school didn't find about the situation. They all had been immersed in sweet dreams.

    It was 3 o'clock in the morning.

    Fang Qiu got up and planned to go to the forest on the Central Lake island to cultivate.

    It turned out the moment he walked out, Fang Qiu paused for a second and then kept walking like no one had been there.

    He felt that the moment he walked out of the door, he was being watched.

    Moreover, more than one person was watching him.

    While keeping alert in his heart, Fang Qiu pretended to stretch his arms to turned his head around to observe the surroundings.

    After a glance, he couldn't see any visible people.

    It meant that the people watching him all hid.

    That's strange.

    An idea came to him.

    Fang Qiu kept walking downstairs and head to the Central Lake. However, he found that no matter where he went, he felt being watched. Wherever he went, those eyes watching him followed.

    Moreover, on his way, Fang Qiu also found men hiding in many of those dark corners.

    Many of them were martial arts practitioners.

    The discovery baffled Fang Qiu even more in his heart.

    He vaguely felt that something big was coming.

    Arriving at the Central Lake, Fang Qiu didn't cultivate in the forest. Instead, he started to do laps around the lake.

    I wonder if senior would come.

    In the grass five meters away from Central Lake, two figures lay on their stomachs and kept watching Central Lake.

    With a closer look, one would found the two were Li Ji and Luo Shu, who had come here to trap and track the mysterious man.

    Luo Shu said, Right, if we can find the senior and seek help from him, then we can definitely complete the protection mission this time.

    Li Ji slightly sighed. Well.

    The reason why they appeared here was not to find the mysterious man. Instead, it was because they had received precise intelligence that an international killer showed up in Jiangjing. Therefore, it made them nervous from head to toe, and they didn't dare to relax a little.

    Luo Shu said, I don't know why the No. 13 head, who had long retired, suddenly decided to come to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, and at this time.

    I heard the people above me said that it was because our country wanted to promote TCM. They wanted to send TCM, as our Huaxia's main culture, to foreign countries.

    Li Ji said, Recently, a TCM new star, who is hyped on the Internet and very capable, Fang Qiu, is at the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. That's why No. 13 head went here to inspect, actually

    Before he finished, suddenly, rat-a-tat, running footsteps rang.

    The two hiding in the grass all looked up.

    Looking at Fang Qiu, Li Ji immediately slightly raised his head and said, That's him. Though No. 13 head wouldn't necessarily meet him, in my theory, No. 13 head definitely has picked the school because of that boy. When he came, he put us under so much pressure, right?

    Luo Shu nodded.

    They were both martial arts practitioners picked up from the army. Their goal was to protect the No. 13 head.

    Originally, this kind of protection project wasn't difficult for them.

    However, the problem was that the international killer chose to show up in Jiangjing at this very time.

    The news came from the Ministry of National Defence.

    No one had really witnessed the international killer appearing in Jiangjing. However, receiving intelligence, the Ministry of National Defence immediately checked the killer, only to find the killer had actually already entered our country one month ago. According to some subtle clues, they confirmed that the killer was right in Jiangjing.

    Therefore, the Ministry of National Defence had rated Jiangjing as a dangerous district and dispatched many martial arts practitioners in the army here. As martial arts practitioners in the army which was the closest to Jiangjing, Li Ji and Luo Shu were naturally sent here too.

    On the track, Fang Qiu was jogging. When he was very far away from Li Ji and Luo Shu, he had distinctly found the two. He also identified the two from the auras the two were giving off.

    Are they from the army?

    Fang Qiu thought secretly and kept jogging as if he hadn't found anything.

    One hour later—

    Li Ji and Luo Shu who were hiding in the grass exchanged a glance and they all looked surprised. Hmm?

    They had been watching Fang Qiu jogging all the time.

    They didn't expect that Fang Qiu really can run. He had run for a full hour and didn't even stop for one time.

    Li Ji said with shock and doubt, This guy got up at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night and ran for one hour. Is he a marathon runner?

    Luo Shu frowned and said, Why do I feel like this boy isn't ordinary? Hey, do you think he's the mysterious guru?