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Chapter 333 - The Old Commander Came to School!

Medical Master
     Chapter 333 The Old Commander Came to School!

    “No Way!”

    “He wasn’t on the list,” Li Ji said, shaking his head.

    “But what if the list is fake?” Luo Shu asked.


    The running sound of Fang Qiu came again.

    Both of them remained silent at once.

    Unfortunately, it was too late.

    Fang Qiu had already heard their conversation.

    “Do these guys really suspect me?” Fang Qiu thought.

    Fang Qiu then immediately began to gasp, pretending to be as tired as an exhausted dog, then slowed down and continued to run laboriously.

    Actually, it was not surprising that they would suspect Fang Qiu.

    When they were investigating the mysterious man, they learned that he usually showed up at 3 o’clock in the morning, which was the same time that Fang Qiu showed up.

    In addition, Fang Qiu ran for an hour without stopping and seemed to have the energy to keep going, so they couldn’t help but suspect him.

    Fang Qiu was panting heavily and pretended to be exhausted, running for two more laps while keeping at the slowest speed. He then walked around Central Lake before he went to the meadow, where he practiced standing posture every day.

    It was four o’clock in the morning.

    It was not the time to meet Jiang Miaoyu yet, so Fang Qiu didn’t plan to go to the dormitory building. He was just practicing standing posture to kill time.

    After all, with so many people watching, he couldn’t practice at ease.

    Since he couldn’t practice martial arts, he certainly got some extra time.

    In the grass. “Would you like to put out a feeler?”

    Luo Shu continued, “Don’t you think there’s only one person in this whole school who would get up at 3 a.m.?”

    “You mean, Master Guru?” Li Ji asked.

    “Yeah.” Luo Shu nodded affirmatively.

    “Well, that’s impossible.” Li Ji shook his head at once. “Although the guru always appears at 3 a.m., he always appears in his night walk clothes. Fang Qiu is wearing a tracksuit. Obviously, he just got up early to exercise. He doesn’t look like the guru, no matter how I look.”

    “How do you know if you don’t try?” Luo Shu answered and was ready to make a move.

    “Don’t do it.” Immediately, Li Ji stopped him and said, “Don’t forget our mission. We can’t make any trouble.”

    Hearing that, Luo Shu stopped.

    As a soldier, he knew what mattered most.

    Therefore, they kept hiding there and waiting.

    At 5:00 a.m, some students had got up, starting to go running and do some reading.

    As a result, when they just got out of the dormitory and saw the people in black everywhere in the school, the students were immediately dumbfounded.

    “What’s going on?”

    “What do these people do?”

    “Is there a big star coming to our school to make a movie?”

    They were starting to discuss.

    The students found that the men in black stared at them, but didn’t stop them from doing anything.

    Therefore, it just seemed that the school became more crowded. Apart from that, nothing happened.

    When they were in confusion, many people walked towards Central Lake.

    All these people were following Fang Qiu to learn Qigong.

    Jiang Miaoyu was one of them.

    When she went downstairs, she found that Fang Qiu didn’t come to pick her up. When she saw that so many men in black appeared on the campus, she could not help being a little worried about Fang Qiu. Therefore, she followed the students who were studying Qigong and rushed to Central Lake to see if Fong Qiu was here.

    Fortunately, Fang Qiu was there.

    “OK, here we go.” When everyone came to the spot, Fang Qiu immediately stopped and touched his nose, talking to Jiang Miaoyu, “It seemed that something happened in school, so I didn’t go to pick you up. I was hoping that you could stay in the dormitory. I didn’t expect that you still came here.”

    “Oh, really?” Jiang Miaoyu asked with a smile.

    “Yeah.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    In the meantime, people were still discussing. “Who are these men in black? They look like spies in the movie.”

    “Someone important must have come to our school.”

    “I think so.”

    “But what kind of a big shot brings all these people?”

    “I think maybe they’re not some celebrities. I didn’t see so many people when Xin Zheng came back to school. Even Song Yaqi didn’t bring so many people here.”

    “Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like this in my entire life.”

    Students who were learning Qigong engaged in a heated discussion.

    “All right, everybody, stand up.” Hearing everyone’s comments, Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “These things have nothing to do with us. We’re here to practice Qigong. Calm down and relax.”

    Hearing that, everyone instantly quieted down.

    Fang Qiu began to instruct them.

    Unlike what he did before, Fang Qiu didn’t let them do spontaneous exercise, but let them comprehend by themselves.

    For one thing, he had been instructing the students for two days, so he didn’t have to teach them all the time. He just needed to make them feel what Qi was. They should learn to find and control Qi by themselves. If he kept teaching them how to do it, they wouldn’t improve much.

    For another thing, with so many eyes watching them in the dark, it would be suspicious if Fang Qiu led everyone directly into the state of spontaneous exercise.

    After all, not everyone was capable of bringing so many people together to experience spontaneity.

    Li Ji and Luo Shu, hidden in the grass, watched the crowd from a distance.

    “What are these people doing?” Li Ji was confused.

    “This is like the standing posture in Qigong,” Luo Shu said.

    “Well, when you said that, it does look like it.”

    Li Ji nodded, then asked curiously, “So the students in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine also practice Qigong?”

    “I don’t know.” Luo Shu curled his lips and said, “Are they having such a lesson?”

    The two talked for a while.

    As it turned out, they didn’t have any conclusion.

    When the sun came up and nobody was paying attention, the two men walked around the track of Central Lake as if they were just some ordinary people.

    They waited all night without meeting the mysterious guru.

    Since they couldn’t meet Master Guru, the only thing they could do was wait.

    There was no other way. This mission just came to them all of a sudden. If they had known a few days earlier, they could have come to the school earlier. In this way, maybe they could have met the master.

    At eight o’clock in the morning, people cordoned off the school gate.

    Some students who went out to have fun last night were blocked outside of school when they wanted to go back to school for breakfast.

    As for the teachers, they were all arranged to live in the school and were forbidden to go home after receiving the news last night.

    Fang Qiu went to the library to read some books.

    He was now particularly concerned with acupuncture and Qigong, so after breakfast, he went straight to the library to look for this kind of book.

    Just when Fang Qiu was absorbed in his books, there was a sudden commotion in the library.

    “Did you hear about the powerful background of those men in black?”

    “What? What?”

    “What the hell is going on? Any news?”

    “Yeah, just now, I heard the news that a retired head of the government was going to inspect the school.”

    When that came out, the whole library was in an uproar all of a sudden.

    Meanwhile, the news that one of the heads of the government who ranked seventh would come to inspect the school also spread quickly throughout the school.

    It caused a sensation in the school when people heard the news.

    Although he was retired, he was still the man who was one of the heads of the government.

    How many heads of the government did a country have?

    And he was even the one who made outstanding contributions to the country with a good reputation.

    How could those pop stars ever be compared to one of the heads of the government?

    “It’s one of the heads of the government!”

    “Oh, my God, am I dreaming?”

    “This is indeed a big shot! No wonder so many people show up in school, they need to protect the man.”

    “Buzz…” In the library, the cell phone in Fang Qiu’s trouser pocket suddenly vibrated.

    He took out his phone and had a look.

    It was his class teacher, Liu Feifei.

    “Hello?” Fang Qiu answered the phone.

    “Fang Qiu, where are you now?” Liu Feifei asked directly.

    “The library,” Fang Qiu replied.

    “Come back to the classroom and have the lesson right now,” she said.

    “I think I don’t need to go to the class after I passed the exam,” Fang Qiu asked confusedly.

    “You can skip class any day except today unless you want to retake your courses.” Liu Feifei threatened him strictly.

    “All right.” Fang Qiu pursed his lips gloomily and said, “It’s ten minutes to 8:30 in the morning class. I’ll be there right now.”

    With the book in his hand, Fang Qiu got up from the chair and left.

    Escorted by several black cars, an ordinary black car drove into the school and stopped in a vacant area.

    A bunch of people jumped out of a car and open the back door of the black sedan.

    An old man got out of the car.

    He dressed in gray and white, which looked something like a wartime uniform.

    He was in good spirits. Although his hair and beard were gray, he still looked dignified.

    Under the protection of a bunch of people, the old master began to stroll around the school.

    The leaders of the school had been waiting for him and standing in a line.

    Under the guidance of Chen Yinsheng, the old man first looked at the school’s laboratory, then turned to the teaching building, and then went to the library to have a look.

    Finally, when he got to the door of Fang Qiu’s class, the bell rang.

    The old man took a look into the classroom and then went straight in, observing and listening to the class beside the door.

    As a result, all the students’ eyes brightened when they saw the old man.

    The teacher put on a wry smile, trembling and teaching the class with great enthusiasm.

    The old man was observing the class, which made the leaders of the school nervous.

    When the class was over, Chen Yinsheng hurried forward to the old man and asked in a low voice carefully, “Could you please say a few words to the students?”

    “All Right.” The old man smiled and nodded, then went up to the rostrum.

    Sweeping the class, the old man said, “Chinese medicine is a cultural inheritance of five thousand years, which is our national culture and pride.”

    “Students, you are still very young. Since you chose medicine as your major, it means you have chosen our Chinese medical tradition. I hope you can make efforts to become the pillars of our country and strive for the benefit of patients, for the benefit of China and mankind.”

    The applause burst out.

    All the students and the school leaders applauded excitedly.

    In the last row of the classroom, Fang Qiu approved of everything the old man had said.

    But here was a weird thing. He always felt that the eyes of the old man fell on him occasionally, which made him very confused.

    And one of the things that surprised him the most was that many security personnel around the old man were strong martial arts practitioners at the Martial Superior Level.