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Chapter 335 - Let’s See How You Pay for These Lives!

Medical Master
     Chapter 335 Let’s See How You Pay for These Lives!

    “Sir! Report!”

    As there was only one-third of the mountain left for searching, someone gave a report.

    “What’s wrong?” The head of security asked immediately.

    The report came through the earpiece, which sounded abrupt but not loud.

    “We found a sewer in the northeast.”

    Hearing the report, the head of security frowned and immediately ordered, “The other teams keep narrowing down the searching area. You guys watch the sewer. I’ll go there right away.”

    The northeast side of the Yaowang Mountain backed onto the Central Lake.

    Enjoying the first sunlight each day, the trees, flowers, and plants in this area grew much more densely than those in other places. Because of the bright sunshine, the superintendent of Yaowang Mountain didn’t want to cultivate this area. Instead, he just sowed some medical seeds, hoping to grow some pure and natural Chinese herbal medicine in this fertile field.

    Soon, the head of security reached the spot.

    He saw that there was an emergency manhole cover that was opened in the dense grass.

    “Where does this sewer lead?” The head of security said in a low voice.

    Standing in front of the manhole cover, he could clearly see that the sewer was square with the width and height about half a meter, which was able to fit a person.

    Soon, after the others reached the top of the mountain, word came that no suspicious figures had been found.

    The head of security was a little hopeless.

    Since the attack happened, he had people surrounded the Yaowang Mountain. It could be said that when he escorted the old commander to the building, the Yaowang Mountain was completely blocked.

    All his men even carefully searched every inch of the Yaowang Mountain.

    However, the shooter was not in the mountain anymore.

    Apart from the sewer here, there was nothing strange about it, which meant that the shooter was on the run. He was using this sewer to get away.

    Soon, all the people of the searching groups came to the sewer.

    “I want you to find out where this sewer goes right now. Tell me as soon as you find out anything.”

    After giving the order, the head of security did not dare to waste any time. He hurried down the mountain and rushed to the conference room where the old commander stayed, worrying about what might happen there.

    Returning to the conference room, the head of security felt a little relieved when he was sure there was nothing unusual going on there.

    In the meantime, word came from the other side.

    “Report!” In the earpiece, a security guard, who had jumped into the sewer, reported that he had determined that there was only one exit of the sewer, which led to the drain at the back of the teaching building. No clues had been found around the exit.”

    The head of the security’s face darkened at once.

    The teaching building was full of students.

    If this shooter took a student as his target, that would be tricky.

    “Cover yourselves. The rest of the teams keep watching Yaowang Mountain. Do not alarm the shooter.”

    Pondering for a while, the head of security ordered, “Sniper team, watch out for the teaching building immediately. No matter what happens, make sure the students are safe.”

    He then looked around and fixed his eyes on the Yaowang Mountain again. He shot an angry glance at the mountain and then turned around to Chen Yinsheng, who had been waiting outside the conference room.

    With such a thing happening, Chen Yinsheng didn’t dare to disturb the old commander even though he was so worried that he started to sweat heavily.

    “Principal Chen.” Walking up to Chen Yinsheng, the head of security asked, “Is there any monitoring system around the teaching building, especially on the back of the teaching building?”

    “Yes.” Chen immediately nodded, wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Our school has always attached great importance to security, so the teaching building is monitored on all sides.”

    “Great.” The head of security gave a pleased nod and asked one of his men to followed Chen Yinsheng to check on the monitoring system.

    He didn’t intend to go in person because he was worried about the safety of the old commander.

    Moreover, as the head of security, he thought maybe the shooter hiding in the dark had been watching every move of him, so he had to stay here so as to keep the shooter from knowing the condition of their investigation.

    After a while, Chen Yinsheng and the security staff member, who checked the surveillance equipment, came back.

    Entering the room next to the conference room, the staff member, who went to check on the surveillance cameras, immediately took out a tiny pinhole camera and connected it to the projection device, which was already in place in the room.

    Soon, a clear image appeared on the projector.

    The man who crawled out of the drain behind the teaching building looked quite young and dressed like a student.

    This man had secretly got into the teaching building, entering a classroom.

    “What are they doing in this classroom now?” The head of security called Chen Yinsheng in and asked him.

    Chen Yinsheng made a call immediately.

    As it turned out, students in this classroom were having an elective lesson.

    “Crap!” The head of security became anxious when he heard that.

    “There must be students from all grades and classes in the elective course. Even though there is someone else sneaking into the classroom, the teacher and students might not notice anything different. Therefore, they might not suspect anything.”

    The head of security thought to himself. Since the shooter had entered the classroom, it was likely that he might abduct students and teachers.

    Although his mission was to ensure the safety of the old commander, the students were also the ones he needed to protect while making sure that the commander was safe.

    No matter what happened, they should never put the students in danger.

    Fortunately, they didn’t watch the video in the conference room. If the old commander saw this, things were going to be complicated.

    “Team A stays in the mountain. Team B, Team C, and Team D enter the teaching building right now. Evacuate all the students in the other classes.” The head of security gave the order.

    In the classroom, Fang Qiu was reading.

    All of a sudden, several men in military uniforms rushed into the classroom and shushed everyone, quietly telling all the students to leave.

    Everyone was confused.

    No one knew what was going on.

    A few students, who were so confused that they wanted to ask what happened, were directly covered by the mouth and got stared at as soon as they tried to say something.

    Seeing that, the rest of the students in the class didn’t dare to speak anymore.

    The other classes were treated the same way.

    Walking out of the classroom, the students were led downstairs by other armed soldiers in the hallway, so did Fang Qiu.

    “Take the students to a safe place,” the head of security said.

    Soon, all the students were taken into the cafeteria and hidden.

    People in the teaching building were all evacuated.

    In case of any accidents, there were several armed soldiers watching in the cafeteria.

    In the crowd, Fang Qiu ran to the stairs leading to the second floor and took a careful look, only to find that Jiang Miaoyu was not there.

    He started to get worried.

    Fang Qiu immediately went up to the second floor.

    Looking through the window of the cafeteria on the second floor, Fang Qiu saw that the classroom where Jiang Miaoyu was in had become empty and no one was there.

    He then swept the whole building and found that there was still one more class having a lesson.

    “Maybe…” A thought came to Fang Qiu’s mind.

    He didn’t need to take time to think about it anymore because everything was so obvious.

    It was certain that someone attacked the old commander. Now all the students in every class in the teaching building had been evacuated, which meant the shooter, who attacked the old commander, was hiding in the teaching building.

    At present, there was only one classroom still in class in the teaching building.

    Obviously, the shooter was in that classroom.

    Jiang Miaoyu was not in the cafeteria or other classrooms. It was likely that she was in the same classroom as the shooter.

    Fang Qiu could not help being a little flustered when he thought about it.

    It was the first time that he was so panic in his life. Although he knew that he was capable of saving Jiang Miaoyu, he couldn’t help being worried that something might happen to her.

    After learning that the students had all been evacuated and relocated to a safe area, the head of security went straight up to the teaching building.

    “Attention, all units.”

    “I’m about to go into the classroom to draw the shooter. Sniper team, make sure the safety of the students. Other teams, play it by ear.”

    The head of security walked directly to the classroom, where the students were still having a lesson, and then made a few gestures to the armed soldiers who had been hiding in the hallways and other classrooms on the second floor, calmly entering straight into the classroom.

    “Excuse me.” Walking into the classroom, the head of security said to the teachers and students in the class, “Just now, we missed something. And we heard that a thief had just sneaked into the school. We’ve searched other classrooms. Only this classroom left. So, students, please go to the playground for a check.”

    Hearing that, the teachers and students were stunned.

    Then, knowing that they could not refuse his request, the teacher took the students out.

    As they got out of the classroom, the students’ faces changed.

    They saw a man on each side of the classroom door and about a dozen men leaning against the wall outside. They were all holding a gun except for the two at the door.

    The head of security stood at the door, smiling at every student who went out to ease the students’ minds.

    After a dozen students walked out of the classroom, the shooter, who disguised as a student, came towards the head of security.

    The head of security made a gesture with his hands on the back. The two men who were waiting at the door alerted and were ready to make a move.

    At the next moment, the shooter was about to walk out of the classroom.

    “Swoosh!” The two men at the door jumped on him.

    These two were martial arts practitioners, so they were quite powerful.

    They were about to catch the shooter off guard and arrest him.

    To their surprise, this shooter was a martial arts practitioner too.

    When the two men pounced on him, the shooter’s face changed, and he immediately took a step back. At the time he dodged from the two people, he instantly pulled out his gun and abducted a student behind him.

    “Ha-ha.” With a gun to the student’s head, the shooter suddenly burst into laughter. He was laughing as reaching out to unzip his jacket.

    “You want to catch me?” The moment he unzipped his jacket, the shooter said, “Let’s see how you pay for this!”

    The head of the security’s face fell.

    The other armed soldiers also became nervous.

    The shooter had a whole packet of explosives strapped to his jacket.

    “You guys know what these are, right?” The shooter pointed to his explosives and said with a smirk. “RDX, it’s very explosive. Whether it’s open fire, high temperature, shock, impact, or friction, it can cause a serious explosion, and it’s 1.5 times more powerful than TNT.”

    “I bet these are able to blow up the whole classroom.”