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Chapter 336 - The Mysterious Man Showed Up!

Medical Master
     Chapter 336 The Mysterious Man Showed Up!

    “Ha-ha.” The shooter laughed madly.

    Standing at the door of the classroom, the head of security looked sullen.

    The martial art practitioners and soldiers who were standing next to him also looked serious.

    Just as what the shooter said, the RDX was an extremely dangerous explosive. With so many explosives on the shooter’s body, once they exploded, all the classrooms around would collapse in an instant, let alone this one. At that time, all the students and soldiers would get killed.

    “Come on, shoot me!” Standing next to the head of security, the soldiers were still pointing at the shooter with their guns. The shooter widened his eyes and yelled at them ferociously.

    “Put the gun down,” the head of security said.

    “Ha-ha.” The shooter laughed triumphantly and said, “Get out of here. Not just you guys but also all the snipers in the distance should leave! Get me a bulletproof car, preferably the one that the old man took just now. Otherwise, I’ll die with all the students in this room.”

    When that came out, the students in the classroom were all in a state of shock.

    When the shooter appeared, took a hostage, and showed the explosives on his body, many students were so frightened that they hid under their desks.

    Now they became more scared.

    If the bombs exploded, they would be dead!

    How could they die so young?

    They were so scared and frightened, but they could do nothing about it.

    “Do as what I have said right now.”

    After stating his condition, the shooter was furious when he saw that the soldiers blocking the door didn’t move at all. “I’ll give you ten minutes. After that, I’ll kill a person every ten minutes.”

    The head of security gritted his teeth.

    “Pull back!” In desperation, the head of security shouted angrily.

    More than a dozen students who just left the classroom were taken to the cafeteria.

    As soon as they arrived at the cafeteria, they were immediately surrounded and asked by other students.

    As the students said, they finally knew that there was a shooter who tied bombs all over his body and blocked the rest of the students in the classroom.

    Hearing the news, everyone in the cafeteria couldn’t help but panic.

    Those were all their classmates in that classroom.

    Upon hearing the report, the old commander in the principal’s office was started and immediately gave orders. “What? How could this happen? In any case, we must ensure the safety of every student. Never allow any bloodshed. We have to give him whatever he wants and do not provoke him.”

    As far as he was concerned, he was the one who brought this unnecessary disaster to the school.

    If he had not come, the students would not have been in such danger.

    That was why he was even more anxious than anyone.

    Outside the conference room, Chen Yinsheng and other school leaders also worried sick.

    These were his students. Even with the old commander and the men in the military here, things were possibly getting worse due to what just happened.

    If something happened to the students, the school leaders would be the ones to blame even if there were the old commander and people of the military here. How were they supposed to deal with the other students and their parents?

    In the cafeteria, walking down from the second floor, Fang Qiu carefully took a look, only to find that Jiang Miaoyu wasn’t in the group of people who were just been rescued.

    He became extremely gloomy.

    He was so worried that he took a glance at the teaching building again.

    Without further thinking, he jumped from the second floor, avoiding the people in the cafeteria and racing to the teaching building.

    He was aware that the people in the military would never allow any students to wander the school under this circumstance. If he wanted to get into the building, he had to cover himself.

    Soon, Fang Qiu arrived at the entrance of the teaching building.

    At this point, a loud voice came from the classroom. “Three minutes passed! You have seven minutes left. I’ve already chosen a person. Seven minutes later, I’ll kill her right away.”

    Then a person was pushed out of the classroom.

    A gun was pointed at her head.

    As Fang Qiu saw the person who was pushed out of the classroom, his face fell in an instant.

    The person who was taken hostage was actually Jiang Miaoyu!

    At this point, Jiang Miaoyu had cried in panic. With tears flowing on her face, she looked extremely painful.

    “Seven minutes left.” Holding back his anger, Fang Qiu turned and walked away.

    He got seven minutes.

    Avoiding everyone’s sight, Fang Qiu quickly came to the place where he hid his clothes. He directly put on the clothes of the mysterious man and a mask.

    After changing his clothes, he strode out of the room and walked across the playground step by step, heading to the teaching building.

    On the second floor of the cafeteria, many students had spotted him.

    “That man…”

    “It’s the mysterious man!”

    “The mysterious man showed up!”

    “Awesome! He finally came!”

    “The shooter will meet his doom! The mysterious man is about to get him!”

    For a moment, many students on the second floor who saw the figure in the playground couldn’t help but cheer up.

    It had been a long time that the students almost forgot the existence of the mysterious man.

    Since the fire accident, the mysterious man never showed up again. There had never been a disaster at the school.

    Living in a peaceful world, all the students got accustomed to stability, so they gradually forgot the existence of the mysterious man. Even if someone occasionally mentioned the mysterious man, they didn’t admire him as what they did before.

    But now, the mysterious man showed up again.

    When dozens of students’ lives were threatened, he came to rescue again!

    How could anyone not be excited about this?

    In the principal’s conference room, maybe the old commander needed someone to inform him of the situation in the school, or he was so bored without anyone around talking to him, so he asked Chen Yinsheng to enter the conference room.

    Meanwhile, he got four security staff protecting the room.

    “What’s going on?” Hearing the excited shouting from the cafeteria, the old commander immediately inquired.

    “The mysterious man, they’re calling the mysterious man.” When Chen Yinsheng heard what the students were calling, he became excited.

    “What mysterious man?” The old commander wondered.

    Chen Yinsheng hastened to explain. “There is a mysterious man in our school, who is able to fly over the walls and excels at martial arts. Last time, a fire accident happened in our school. The man flew to the sixth floor to save people from the fire.”

    “Really?” Hearing that, the old commander couldn’t help but be amazed. “Is there really such a person?”

    “Yes.” Chen Yinsheng nodded excitedly and said, “With him here, I think this problem will be solved soon.”

    “It seems that there are many talents hiding in your school.” The old commander nodded. “I hope he can solve this problem safely.”

    Leaving the playground, Fang Qiu approached the teaching building. He made a move and then walked into a blind corner of the teaching building.

    “Who’s there?” The head of security, who had been waiting in the distance, was startled by the sudden appearance of Fang Qiu, and immediately gave the order, “Stop him right now, don’t let him go up and provoke the shooter. Otherwise, we’re done!”

    Li Ji and Luo Shu exchanged glances.

    They were surprised to see the mysterious man too, but right now, it was bad timing. If anything went wrong, there would be trouble. After all, there were too many variables this time.

    “Master!” Receiving the order, both of them rushed forward at the same time to stop Fang Qiu.

    “Don’t be impulsive.” Li Ji opened his mouth. “There are still many people in the classroom. The shooter is crazy. The explosives on him are extremely unstable and easy to detonate.”

    Luo Shu also urged, “He’s right. We must guarantee the safety of the hostages first.”

    “Get out of the way,” Fang Qiu said coldly.

    “Master.” With a frown on his face, Li Ji hurriedly persuaded, “You’d better leave this to the professionals.”

    After they finished, the shooter shouted in the teaching building again, “You’ve got three minutes.”

    Fang Qiu’s eyes went cold.

    “If I leave it to you, can you guarantee that no one will die?” Fang Qiu asked.

    They both smiled wryly.

    How on earth could they guarantee that?

    They had prepared the vehicle for the shooter as required. Even if he asked for a bullet-proof vehicle, the shooter would definitely take a hostage to the vehicle. Even if they could save most of the people in the classroom, they couldn’t guarantee that the person who was taken to the vehicle by the shooter would be able to make it.

    “If you can’t, then get out of my way.”

    As he spoke, a blast of internal Qi bursting from Fang Qiu stroke the two men away. He then rushed to the room where the shooter was in.

    “Why did you two let him go?” the head of security questioned angrily.

    “That guy is a master,” Luo Shu replied quickly.

    “What master? Don’t you see what happened? Nonsense!” the head of security shouted angrily.

    “He… might be a guru!” Luo Shu hesitated for a moment and finally blurted out.

    “What?” The head of security was shocked.

    Li Ji opened his mouth and said, “Sir! There really is a guru hidden in this school, and we have personally verified it before.”

    The head of security froze.

    This man was a guru?

    Was… was this true?

    How many gurus were there in the whole country?

    When he was shocked, the car for the shooter came.

    Since they couldn’t find a bullet-proof car in such a short time, they had to use the old commander’s car and drove over after emptying everything in the car.

    “Here’s your car. Release the hostage. Come down.”

    Seeing Fang Qiu walk to the classroom below the shooter’s room, the head of security immediately took out his speaker, shouting at the shooter.

    “Humph,” the shooter snorted and suddenly laughed out loud. As he was laughing, he added, “What about the snipers? Go away right now. You’ve got two minutes. If you don’t leave, I’m going to kill her.”

    The head of security had no choice but to give the order and withdraw the sniper team.

    At the very moment, Fang Qiu, who walked to the teaching building, suddenly soared in the air while everyone was watching, regardless of the negotiations between the shooter and the head of security.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    A man was floating in the air!

    “He is indeed a guru.” The head of security was too shocked to speak.

    Those who didn’t know about martial arts froze at the moment. They simply couldn’t believe what was happening in front of them. It was like a dream.