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Chapter 338 - The Mysterious Man Was Not on the Namelist?

Medical Master
     Chapter 338 The Mysterious Man Was Not on the Namelist?

    Jiang Miaoyu spotted Fang Qiu, who stood in front of the classroom and ran forward with her tear-stained eyes to wrap her arms around him tightly, heedless to the stares of everyone else in the classroom.

    She didn’t say anything; neither did she raise any questions.

    Fang Qiu didn’t speak either but his arm tightened around her in response.

    They hugged each other tightly heedless to the stares of everyone in class.

    When the students from both classes saw this scene from their classrooms or along the corridor, they smiled wryly and left while shaking their heads.

    “Their actions are just making us jealous! How unsympathetic to our single are they!”

    “Can’t you spare a thought for those of us who haven’t found a partner?”

    Everyone looked very depressed despite the sweet scene playing out in front of them.

    Most of them were more envious than depressed.

    After having been through such a frightful experience earlier, they longed to have someone they could give a big hug to as well.


    On the other hand, after all the students were told by the school’s management to keep mum on this matter, they were very careful not to say anything about the ex-leader being attacked and the students who were held as hostages. Everyone avoided mentioning this matter.

    Although they were ordered not to talk about the incident, the management did not specifically ban them from talking about the mysterious man!

    Soon, everyone’s attention shifted to the mysterious man.

    “Did you hear that the mysterious man was not even afraid of bullets?”

    “Yes, I’ve heard about that as well. My classmate had been one of the hostages. He said that the mysterious man flew up mid-air, and the villain shot at him three times, but he smacked the three bullets away with his palm.”

    “Was he that incredible?”

    “You must be speaking about an immortal instead of the mysterious man!”

    “I saw that too!”

    “I saw this from the second floor of the cafeteria. I was pretty far away from the action, but I did see the mysterious man wave his hand when I heard gunshots, and he was completely unharmed.”

    “That is so cool. Who exactly is he?”


    As the students were engaged in an animated discussion, the old discussion post on the campus forum that had tried to guess who the mysterious man could be by elimination titled ‘Honing in on a Certain Area, the Mysterious Man Must Be Within This Place!’ attracted a lot of attention once again.

    “Where is the original poster? Time to get back to work!”

    “Please update the post. Please update it soon.”

    “The mysterious man has made another appearance. Please update the post as soon as possible.”

    “There are so many people who we can eliminate this time, so I’m sure we can zero in on the mysterious man.”

    “Millions of mysterious man’s fans are begging up to update the post!”

    There were many who dug up the original post and left comments on the post.

    Soon, the post that had been inactive for a while became a hot topic.

    In addition, many students who were classmates with students who could possibly be the mysterious man also left comments to eliminate their classmates.

    “Yang Kaineng, the arts student from class two at the School of Sports and Arts is my classmate. He was with me today from the classroom and at the cafeteria. I didn’t see him leave at all, so we can eliminate him!”

    “Feng Tao, a first-year from the School of Economy, was so frightened that he peed in his pants. He can be eliminated as well.”

    No one knew whether the original poster was still active online, but the students who posted comments freely shared everything they knew about their own classmates and eliminated those who had been named as suspects on the original post one at a time.

    The original poster might have seen how popular the post had become, or perhaps it was because of his own curiosity, the original poster who had not updated the post in a while did come back online.

    Then, he started going through the list and eliminating those who had been previously named as suspects.

    “Yang Kaineng, eliminated.”

    “Feng Tao, eliminated.”

    “Wang Lei, eliminated.”

    “Li Guangming, eliminated.”

    The original poster also did his best to contact the rest of the suspects named on the list in addition to going through the information provided by the commenters.

    This meant that the speed of elimination had increased significantly.

    The post had been around for some time, and most of the suspects listed had already been eliminated, so with the help of the student body, the list was whittled down to two people.

    “Second-year psychology student from class four at the School of Philosophy, Liu Tianyu.”

    “Third-year sociology student from class one at Law School, Chen Jindong.”

    The students who had been following the original post couldn’t help but become more curious and excited when the list was whittled down to the final two suspects.

    It seemed like the truth would be uncovered soon.

    It was natural for men to become more curious and more excited the closer they were to uncovering the truth!

    “Dear original poster, please update the post as soon as possible.”

    “Where did the original poster disappear to? I’m so anxious to know who exactly among the final two suspects is the mysterious man.”

    “We’re finally about to uncover the truth. Mysterious man, where do you think you can hide? You should come out and take me as your disciple.”

    As everyone urged the original poster to respond, he replied, “Please calm down. I’m contacting their classmates.”

    Everyone stopped urging the original poster to update his post after the original poster issued his statement.

    They were all wondering who among the final two suspects was the mysterious man.

    Then, as everyone continued to discuss animatedly, a comment caught their attention.

    “Someone has posted. Liu Tianyu has been eliminated.”

    Everyone returned to the home page of the forum and saw that someone who claimed to be Liu Tianyu’s classmate and roommate had posted a comment to say that Liu Tianyu had been with him on the day of the incident and at least 10 students could verify this information. Liu Tianyu had been beside them when the mysterious man made his appearance, so he could be eliminated!

    This left one suspect!

    Everyone was overcome with excitement.

    Chen Jindong.

    The mysterious man must be Chen Jindong from Law School!

    Just as everyone was excitedly preparing to post on the forum to acknowledge Chen Jindong as their master, another post appeared.

    “Chen Jindong from Law School is not the mysterious man!”

    The moment this post appeared, the students who had been extremely excited earlier were now left in a state of shock.

    The post didn’t just detail Chen Jindong’s alibi, but someone had also taken a photo from the window of the cafeteria on the second floor with the mysterious man who had been suspended mid-air.

    Everyone was dumbfounded.

    “Gosh, what’s going on?”

    “Does that mean that they both are not the mysterious man?”

    “We’ve already whittled down the list to the final two suspects, so how is it possible that neither one of them turned out to be the mysterious man?”

    “We must have missed something or someone might have given false information. The mysterious man has to be on the list of suspects—this is an undeniable fact.”

    Everyone’s spirits were dampened when they saw that they had failed to unmask the mysterious man once more.

    They couldn’t wrap their heads around it and exclaimed that it was impossible!

    The original poster who had compiled the list of suspects had also been alerted to this news the moment it broke.

    He was very shocked, but he did not give up.

    Instead, he created a new post.

    “Let’s restart the search. Who exactly is the mysterious man!”

    The original poster issued a statement stating that in addition to the first verification, every suspect named on the list had to have his alibi verified by at least three students.

    After all, all the students had been assembled at the cafeteria this time, so there would definitely be more than one eyewitness.

    The post received many responses.

    The first suspect to be eliminated was the last suspect to have been eliminated during the previous round.

    He had already taken a photograph with the mysterious man, so there was no longer a need to investigate any further.

    Then, students who belonged to the same year and the same class as the suspects started to comment on the post, and the netizens continued to investigate all the way until nightfall.


    At the women’s dorm.

    “Miaoyu, why do I have a feeling that you’re not curious to know the identity of the mysterious man at all?” Yuan Bei, who had been refreshing the comments on the school’s forum suddenly asked as she turned to Jiang Miaoyu, who had been reading at her desk. Jiang Miaoyu had shown no interest at all about the mysterious man’s identity.

    “Exactly,” Wang Yu added. “I remember that this is the second time that the mysterious man has rescued you. You might be the campus belle, but no matter how beautiful you are, there’s no way you’re not interested to know who had saved your life twice, right?”

    “Miaoyu, are you still in a state of shock?” Huang Manman asked cautiously.

    “I’m fine,” Jiang Miaoyu immediately smiled when she heard the concern in her roommates’ voices. “I’m curious to know who he might be as well, but I really don’t. In any case, since you’re all so interested in this topic, I would naturally know who he is once you guys found out as well. I’ll just wait here for the result.”

    As she spoke, Jiang Miaoyu couldn’t help but think of someone.

    “As expected of an excellent student,” Wang Yu said as she gave Jiang Miaoyu the thumb’s up. “You’re so smart that you’ve delegated all the hard work to us.”

    “How clever of you,” Yuan Bei said as she rolled her eyes at Jiang Miaoyu.

    Jiang Miaoyu smiled, but she didn’t respond.

    Everyone else continued to scroll through the forum in hopes of unmasking the mysterious man.

    On the other hand, Jiang Miaoyu seemed to be lost in thought.

    Several hours later.

    The netizens drew a blank again.

    There was not a single suspect left on the list, and every single name had been eliminated.

    Then, everyone who had been keeping an eye on this topic was completely bewildered.

    “Where did we go wrong?”

    “How could this have happened?”

    “Impossible. The mysterious man must be on the list.”

    “Could there be a problem with the list? Could the mysterious man not be part of this list of a hundred names?”

    Someone asked as everyone expressed their confusion and bewilderment.

    The more they thought about this theory, the more plausible it seemed.

    How else could the fact that everyone on the list had been eliminated even after two rounds of elimination?

    No matter how highly-skilled the mysterious man seemed, it was probably impossible for him to fly so low under the radar, right?

    Quite a few people gave this matter careful thought and realized that the tutor who had originally compiled the list of a hundred names had not been meticulous enough.

    “This post has really taken us for a ride!”

    “Exactly. We’ve wasted so much time, and this post is almost a year old.”

    “Aye, we’re done for. Now that our final clue is gone, how can we determine who the mysterious could be?”


    At the women’s dorm.


    Yuan Bei, who had been scrolling through the forum, confident that she would unmask the mysterious man, suddenly slammed her computer shut when she realized that the list of a hundred names had not even been an accurate list. She wanted to curse but couldn’t find the right words.

    She wasn’t the only one.

    Most of the students who had been paying attention to this topic were hopping mad.

    This mysterious man was so damn hard to track down. He didn’t have to make it this hard for everyone, right?

    At least, he didn’t have to resort to such underhanded means, right?

    More importantly, their efforts had gone down the drain.

    They had failed to unmask the mysterious man, but instead, the mysterious man seemed to have become even more mysterious. How were they going to track him down?

    On the other hand, Jiang Miaoyu, who had shaken herself out of her reverie, let out a soft sigh and thought to herself, “Of course they wouldn’t be able to find him. His name wasn’t even on the list!”