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Chapter 339 - He Was Attacked!

Medical Master
     Chapter 339 He Was Attacked!

    That night, the Central Television news and Jiangjin’s news channels reported on the ex-leader’s visit to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    The campus seemed very peaceful, and the ex-leader seemed very approachable as he greeted the students, walked around the campus, listened in on some classes, and went on stage to interact with the students.

    Those who knew what exactly had happened did not say anything.

    Those who were unaware could not imagine that this seemingly peaceful day that was playing out on television turned out to be more dangerous than they thought was possible.

    At a hotel room in a high-end luxury hotel in Jiangjing City.

    Li Ji logged in to forum of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine after he saw the news.

    He was dumbfounded when he read the news on the forum.


    Li Ji’s eyes widened as he ran through the name list of a hundred suspects that had been eliminated one at a time on the forum. He asked blankly, “How could it turn out not to be any one of them?”

    This was an outcome that completely caught him off-guard.

    He rarely logged in to the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine’s campus forum, but after he completed his mission at the campus and was tasked to track down the mysterious man, he had been confident that he would be able to unmask the mysterious man.

    However, this had burst his bubble.

    “You must be shocked,” Luo Shu, who had also logged in to the school forum, immediately said teasingly. “This was a mistake that has wasted several months of our time. We’ve wasted manpower and resources on this only for it to end in disappointment. This is really embarrassing.”

    Li Ji smiled wryly.

    “I guess we might be done for this time,” Li Ji said. “We had been extremely confident because we were sure that the mysterious man was among the list of hundred names. Yet, now it turns out that these hundred names are definitely the ones who are not the mysterious man in the school. This is the complete opposite of how I had imagined things would turn out.”

    “Let’s think about what we should be doing next,” Luo Shu said.

    “I don’t know,” Li Ji said as he shook his head miserably.

    Luo Shu couldn’t help but laugh as he added, “I’ve heard rumors that a highly-skilled and mysterious expert has emerged in the Jiangjing martial arts circle. This mysterious expert is known as John Doe, and he looks a lot like the mysterious man.”

    “Oh?” Li Ji’s eyes lit up, and he was about to speak when suddenly, the high-pitched sirens could be heard.


    Li Ji and Luo Shu froze.

    “What’s going on?”

    Luo Shu arched a brow and said, “It sounds like the siren that notifies us in case of a fire.”

    They both turned pale and immediately rushed out of the door.

    The ex-leader was still in the hotel!

    It was impossible for the fire alarm to ring without warning.

    In other words, this meant that something bad must have happened!

    “Bang! Bang!”

    They had just rushed out of their room when they heard an explosion that was quickly followed by the sounds of gunfire.

    Soon, a roaring fire could be seen.

    The peaceful hotel immediately turned into a battlefield.

    “What’s happening?” Luo Shu asked in bewilderment.

    Things had been just fine moments earlier, so how did the situation change so quickly?

    The sounds of glass breaking could be heard along with the sounds of gunfire.


    The sounds of urgent footsteps could be heard from upstairs and downstairs.

    “Protect the ex-leader! Protect the ex-leader!”

    The head of security yelled into their ear mics.

    “Upstairs!” Luo Shu shouted at Li Ji.

    “No, the enemy is attacking too aggressively,” Li Ji said as he looked at the fiery scenes and the rising smoke through the broken window. He was so anxious that he said, “You should protect the ex-leader and I’ll go to the University of Jianjing Chinese Medicine to ask for help.”

    “How are you going to find the mysterious man when you don’t even know who he is? Moreover, we can’t release any information about this attack to the public,” Luo Shu asked with a frown.

    He immediately leaned forward as he spoke.

    He looked out of the window, and he could tell from a quick glance that there were several fully-armored tanks.

    There was a person carrying a rocket standing on each car that was aimed at the hotel.

    There was also a large group of people that shot indiscriminately with their guns in addition to the fully-armored vehicles.

    The crowd in the distance scattered everywhere in fright and cries of terror and shock could be heard on every floor of this hotel.

    After they left, the other men who had been staying in different rooms immediately panicked and ran toward the stairs, their clothes in utter disarray.

    Naturally, no civilian guests were present on the floor where the ex-leader was residing at.

    This entire floor had been booked out and someone from the security department was stationed in every room.

    They thought that even if the ex-leader were to be attacked, it was highly plausible that he might be sneakily attacked. Thus, they set the security cordon within 100 meters of the hotel.

    They had not imagined that this bunch of lunatics would attack them in such a public manner.

    The sudden but fierce attack left the ex-leader, the head of security, and all the security personnel in a state of disarray.

    Luo Shu and Li Ji knew that the situation was something that nobody had expected. However, they also knew that this piece of news would be suppressed, and no one would know that the ex-leader had been attacked.

    “Take a look,” Li Ji said and yelled, “This bunch of lunatics are definitely here to catch us off-guard. We have to protect the ex-leader with our lives since it would be impossible for us to launch a counter-attack unless you intend to kill yourself. We are sitting ducks to these villains, and they will kill whoever they spotted!”

    “The entire building would have been blown to smithereens by the time reinforcements appear from the military area. The only thing we can do now is to request for help. Otherwise, we might not even be able to guarantee the ex-leader’s safety.”

    Luo Shu’s jaw ticked.

    He knew that Li Ji was right. There was no other way especially when the villains were so heavily armed. The ex-leader’s life would be in more danger the longer this dragged on.

    “I’ll cover for you,” Luo Shu said.

    “Sure,” Li Ji said with a nod.

    They immediately retreated and ran along the corridor for a while before they discovered that they were surrounded by the enemy. Thus, they had no choice but to run downstairs and get to the hotel’s courtyard.

    “Take care,” Luo Shu said.

    “I’ll definitely bring the mysterious man back as long as I’m still alive,” Li Ji said as he hopped into the car and stepped on the accelerator. The car moved away with a loud screech.

    The villains who had surrounded the building immediately opened fire when they noticed the car.

    Fortunately, the car’s appearance had been so sudden, and it was driving so fast that it managed to drive out of the enemy’s firing range very quickly without being hampered by heavy gunfire.

    Luo Shu immediately ran upstairs to protect the ex-leader when he saw that Li Ji had left safely.

    After driving the car out of the hotel, Li Ji did not hesitate and stepped on the accelerator, ignoring all traffic regulations to rush toward the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. He parked near the dormitory building, pulled out the loudhailer in his car, climbed up to the roof of his car, and started yelling at the top of his lungs.

    “Sir, I’m Li Ji. I’m seeking you out because of a truly urgent matter, and I hope you’ll show yourself!”

    He yelled in the direction of the men’s dormitory.

    Then, he turned and shouted the same message in the direction of the academic building, and also in the direction of the staff hostel.

    He yelled in every direction and sounded very anxious.

    He used the loudhailer, so most of the students heard his yells, and some of the students who had fallen asleep were awakened by the commotion he caused.

    Everyone stuck their heads out curiously and wondered if the mysterious man would show himself.

    Who exactly was the mysterious man and who was Li Ji? How did he know the mysterious man?

    Fang Qiu, who was studying at the academic building, heard Li Ji’s yells.

    “Hmm?” he said as he glanced out of the window.

    He arched his brow and thought that something major must have happened.

    Someone from the military wouldn’t commit such a rash act under normal circumstances.

    He didn’t hesitate but immediately left the classroom and went to the place where he kept his outfit hidden. After he changed into his outfit, he moved like a ghostly figure toward Li Ji.

    Li Ji’s yells continued to echo through the night.

    His perspiration beaded on his forehead, and it wasn’t clear whether he was extremely anxious or whether it was due to exhaustion, but his voice started sounding a little hoarse.

    Li Ji was getting more and more anxious when a black figure suddenly landed from the sky in front of him.


    “Please be silent! What is the matter?” the mysterious man said.

    To everyone’s surprise, Li Ji flung the loudhailer in his hands aside and grabbed Fang Qiu with both hands as he blurted out in a panic, “The ex-leader is under attack. The enemy has turned out in large numbers and, the situation is very critical. Sir, please help!”

    Obviously, Li Ji didn’t dare to raise his voice even after he flung the loudhailer aside, so Fang Qiu was the only person who could hear him.

    “Lead the way!” Fang Qiu immediately said.

    “Hop on!” Li Ji said as he jumped off the roof of the car, tunneled into the driver’s seat, and started the engine.

    When he turned around, he saw that Fang Qiu was already seated next to him without him even realizing it.

    Li Ji didn’t dare to hesitate when he thought of how critical the situation at the hotel was, so he stepped on the accelerator and zoomed out of the campus.

    Soon, the car’s engine roared loudly as it made its way down a road located next to a park near the hotel.

    “Stop,” Fang Qiu said.

    “Hmm?” Li Ji said as he stopped the car immediately.

    “We’d be attracting too much attention if we drive back to the hotel. I’ll escort you back to your men. Tell the others not to come out,” Fang Qiu said.

    They weren’t that far away from the hotel, so Fang Qiu had already taken in the situation and formulated a plan.

    “Sure,” Li Ji immediately nodded and agreed to Fang Qiu’s request.

    After they got out of the car, Fang Qiu grabbed hold of Li Ji’s shoulders and hurtled toward the hotel like a panther moving through the night.

    He knew that it wasn’t a good idea to fly under such circumstances.

    In any case, the chances of him delivering Li Ji safely back to the hotel were higher if he moved under cover of the night. At the same time, he would be able to penetrate the enemy’s stronghold and attack them secretly.

    In a split second, Li Ji found himself in the lobby of the hotel before he knew it.

    “Follow my instructions and tell your men to only exit the hotel when the gunshot sounds have ceased,” Fang Qiu said.

    “Yes,” Li Ji said as he saluted Fang Qiu.

    Then, Fang Qiu turned around, and the moment he stepped forward, he seemed to move at the speed of lightning. He moved like a phantom and headed toward the front of the hotel, the three armored vehicles, and the guns.



    A young man, who was smoking behind the hotel while leaning against the dark railing by the river, suddenly arched his brow.