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Chapter 340 - The Terrifying Strength of One Slap!

Medical Master
     Chapter 340 The Terrifying Strength of One Slap!

    “Clap! Clap! Clap!”

    “Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!”

    The sounds of gunfire were accompanied by the sounds of explosions and the dark night sky was dyed red with gunfire. The high-end luxury hotel that was four storeys high was already riddled with bullet holes.

    The luxurious rooms were all reduced to rubble.

    As the sounds of gunfire echoed throughout the sky, screams of terror, panic, and anguish could be heard.

    In the hotel.

    “I have a report!” Li Ji said as he rushed up to the ex-leader who was guarded by his security personnel on the third floor of the building. “I’ve invited the mysterious man from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.”

    “Where is he?” the head of security who seemed very anxious and antsy immediately rushed up to Li Ji and grabbed his shoulders. His eyes that had been filled with panic earlier suddenly looked hopeful.

    “He is outside,” Li Ji said. Then, he hastily tacked on, “He has asked us to protect the ex-leader and everyone within the hotel. He will fend off the enemy himself. He has also instructed us to only emerge from the hotel after the sounds of gunfire outside have ceased.”

    The head of security finally breathed a sigh of relief at his words.

    He had witnessed the mysterious man flying in the air, smack bullets away with his bare hands, and throw the villain off the campus building. Yet, the villain had landed to the ground gently. Thus, he was sure that the mysterious man was a guru.

    What did being a guru mean?

    A guru was as powerful as a nuclear weapon but with a mind of his own!

    No matter how many enemies were out there, none of them would be able to defeat a guru.

    The mysterious man’s appearance meant that the villains outside were bound to lose.

    There was no longer any need to worry about the gunfire and explosions continuing.

    Then, the ex-leader who was protected by the security personnel suddenly said, “What are you waiting for?”

    “Shouldn’t you protect all those who are trapped within the hotel?”

    “Yes,” the head of security immediately said and asked, “How’s the situation downstairs?”

    “The situation downstairs is slightly better, and it is not under intense attack,” Li Ji said.

    “Good,” the head of security said with a nod. Then, he looked up at the staircase and glanced at the fourth floor that was filled with smoke and about to collapse at ant moment. He immediately issued an urgent order, “The first and second teams should remain to protect the ex-leader and move him to a safe location on the first floor.”

    “The third and fourth teams should head to the second and third floors respectively to do a search and rescue operation.”

    “The fifth team shall follow me to the fourth floor to perform a search and rescue operation. We must make sure that everyone has been safely rescued!”


    Outside the hotel.

    “The situation at the hotel is very critical. The enemy’s strongest ammunition is currently concentrated on this armored tank and those rocket launchers. I have to get rid of these large weapons that cause the most damage first,” Fang Qiu thought as he turned into a black silhouette and moved under cover of darkness toward several armored vehicles.

    Perhaps it was because the enemy was completely focussed on attacking the fourth floor, or perhaps it was because Fang Qiu moved too quickly for them, the enemy did not notice his presence at all.


    He rushed up to several armored vehicles.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    He didn’t hesitate at all as he raised his hand and activated the energy of heaven and earth.

    Fang Qiu had always tamped down his excitement to use this move ever since he learned it and did not dare to use it to its fullest potential.

    This was a great chance to test out its limits!

    However, a cracking sound could be heard from the hotel together with the sounds of falling rocks just when he was preparing to make his move.

    “Oh no!” he said as he glanced at the hotel behind him.

    He frowned even as his silhouette blended into the darkness.

    “This can’t go on!”

    An idea came to him.


    He suddenly flew into the sky and appeared in front of several armored vehicles and more than ten people who belonged to the enemy camp.

    The enemy was completely stunned when they saw him, and the gunfire stopped for a brief moment.

    Everyone stared wide-eyed at the black silhouette, which was suspended mid-air with his right hand in the air like a grim reaper. They were so astonished that they couldn’t say anything.

    They would have thought that he was the grim reaper in the flesh if they hadn’t noticed the absence of a scythe in his hand.

    However, the villains were a bunch of extremists.

    They didn’t care whether he was a man or a ghost, and they would do their best to destroy him if he stood in their way!

    “Kill him!”

    “Gun him to death! Gun him to death!”

    The villains were drawn out of their shocked and dazed reverie as these shouting reverberated through the sky. They aimed their guns and rocket launchers at Fang Qiu in unison, and no one knew whether they did it out of fear or menace.

    They opened fire like lunatics!


    The ear-piercing gunshots sounded like soybeans that clattered to the ground.


    In the hotel.

    The ex-leader and his security personnel who had moved to a safe zone on the first floor, the security personnel who were rescuing survivors on the second, third, and fourth floors, and the hotel staff and guests who had been transferred to a safe zone, all looked out when they heard the brief silence outside.

    They wondered if the enemy at the front door had been forced to retreat.

    They were completely dumbfounded by what they saw.

    They saw that the enemy who stopped firing for a brief moment earlier resumed their attacks.

    This time, their attacks were more ferocious than before.

    However, their target had shifted from the hotel to the black figure who stood suspended mid-air in front of the hotel.

    He raised his right hand high in the air as though he held something in his palm.

    The bullets and artillery shells flew toward him from all directions, as though they were hungry beasts seeking out their prey.




    Fang Qiu took a deep breath as he stared at the bullets and shells that blotted out the sky and charged toward him. Then, his internal Qi exploded from within him to form a thick shield around him.

    Layers of energy from heaven and earth continually tossed and turned in his right hand that was raised high in the air.

    Naturally, these were not visible to ordinary mortals.


    The gunfire plowed ahead unceasingly.

    Everyone was still in shock, wondering how someone could remain suspended mid-air and why the enemy had shifted their focus to him when the numerous bullets and shells hit the area near him and exploded with loud bangs.

    A blazing column of fire shot up into the air that lit up the dark sky.

    The light was so intense that everyone couldn’t help but shut their eyes.

    Silence fell.

    After the explosion came dead silence.

    Everyone blinked open their eyes at the next moment.

    As the fire dissipated, the black figure still remained standing mid-air. He seemed completely unharmed as though the numerous bullets and terrifying shells were of no threat to him.

    Everyone was flabbergasted.

    These villains were equally astonished.

    How could he have survived that?

    Was he really the grim reaper?

    Then, Fang Qiu spoke.


    He had gathered enough energy from heaven and earth that formed a humongous palm made of energy. He slammed his right hand downwards as he spoke coldly.


    A muffled sound suddenly sounded like thunder.

    Then, this was a moment that no one could forget.

    They heard a loud bang.


    Several armored vehicles were immediately flattened to the ground like metal pancakes as though a frightening hammer had slammed down on them.

    The villains in the armored vehicles were sent flying out of their vehicles, and the impact from their fall was so great that they blacked out.

    It was a terrifying force.

    Those who held guns were forced on their bellies, and no matter how they struggled, they could not rise to their feet.

    They felt as though a mountain were pressing down upon their heads.

    This sensation terrified them.

    If the armored vehicles were reduced to metallic pancakes that were 50 centimeters tall, then they would be turned into a pulp!

    The villains weren’t the only ones who were frightened.

    Everyone who witnessed this scene from the hotel was equally scared.

    This was absolutely terrifying!

    How could one slap reduce so many armored vehicles to such a state?

    How could it be?

    Everyone could almost see those villains being reduced to a pile of blood and flesh, and some were so terrified that they covered their eyes in fear.

    The ex-leader watched on in stunned silence.

    However, Fang Qiu waved his right hand and said, “Dissipate!”

    Then, the terrifying palm made of energy dissipated.

    The Great Hand of Destruction was more powerful than he could have ever imagined!

    He had not used this move to its fullest potential this time, either. He could have continued to mobilize more energy from heaven and earth and continued to compress this energy. He could have even compressed the massive force of the energy from heaven and earth he had gathered into a palm that was as big as a human-sized palm.

    Fang Qiu shivered at the thought of how powerful that technique was!

    He was afraid that he couldn’t be able to control the Great Hand of Destruction, and he didn’t want to kill anyone, so he hastily dissipated the energy of heaven and earth and barely spared those ten lives.

    He knew that they were all villains, but he couldn’t bear to kill so many of them.

    Nonetheless, he wasn’t about to let them go even though he had spared their lives.


    He charged toward this group of villains who lay flat on the floor and knocked them all out at a terrifying speed.

    Then, he turned to face the other direction.

    His fight with the villains earlier had already attracted the attention of the rest of the enemy.

    They were all sure that Fang Qiu was the devil and the incarnation of the grim reaper.

    They didn’t even have the will to fight on when they saw Fang Qiu.

    Most of them tried to run for their lives, but Fang Qiu knocked them all out.

    Soon, Fang Qiu headed toward the back of the hotel after he defeated the enemy, who was stationed in three directions.

    There was a river behind the hotel, and there were more enemies behind the hotel.

    A young man smoked on his cigarette as he stood on a bridge over the river.

    The enemy noticed that something was amiss, but they continued firing.

    However, when they spotted Fang Qiu, they quaked in fear, stopped firing, and tried to run.

    Just as they stopped firing, the young man who was smoking as he leaned against the railing of the bridge turned to give them a look.

    One glance was enough for these villains to raise their weapons, their hands trembling in fear.

    The young man smiled as gunfire filled the sky once again.

    Fang Qiu, who stood mid-air, was some distance away but could clearly feel their panic and terror.

    Then, he turned to look at the young man.