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Chapter 341 - The Strength of First-Class Martial Superior!

Medical Master
     Chapter 341 The Strength of First-Class Martial Superior!

    “A guru?”

    The young man on the bridge locked eyes with Fang Qiu, his expression inscrutable.

    Fang Qiu arched his brow slightly.

    Then, he turned to look at the villains who were still frantically shooting in spite of their panic and terror.


    He didn’t even hesitate as he shot into the crowd and knocked them all out.

    He immediately noticed something different.

    These villains seemed to have deliberately allowed Fang Qiu to knock them out and he didn’t sense any resistance from them. Instead, it seemed as though these villains were more than happy to be knocked out and were eagerly waiting to be knocked out.

    The moment the young man who was smoking on the bridge saw this, his eyes suddenly turned red and soon, all these villains collapsed and the never-ending gunfire finally ceased.

    Fang Qiu and the young man on the bridge stared at each other.

    He could tell that the young man’s pupils seemed to turn red, and this shade of red was very close to black. There was no light in his pupils at all, as though he had been born with red pupils.

    Fang Qiu was shocked and surprised.

    Then, he heard the sounds of footsteps.

    “Clack, clack…”

    It was the head of security, Li Ji, and the rest of the security personnel.

    They had witnessed Fang Qiu battling the enemy and they were completely astonished by how powerful he had proved himself to be. It seemed as though he could defeat an army of a hundred men single-handedly.

    They had assumed that the danger had passed once the gunfire ceased and immediately rushed over after they escorted the ex-leader to his car.

    “Senior,” they said as they rushed up to him. Then, the head of security said, “Many thanks for your help. The ex-leader would like to speak to you, may I know if you’re willing?”

    “The battle is not over,” Fang Qiu said as he shook his head. He looked at the young man on the bridge and said, “Your mission to protect the ex-leader has just begun.”

    The head of security looked at the bridge at Fang Qiu’s words and immediately turned pale.


    The head of security yelled, picked up his ear-mic and shouted, “Red alert. Protect the ex-leader!”


    Then, a loud gunshot that shot across the sky could be heard.


    The head of security was extremely shocked and he moved as fast as he could together with his men toward the ex-leader.


    “How many more men do you have?” Fang Qiu asked the young man.

    “Why don’t you make a guess?” The young man said as he bared his teeth into a sinister smile. He flicked the cigarette in his hand into the river and stretched his arms.

    “If I’m not wrong, there’s only a small team of snipers made up of around 10 men,” Fang Qiu said.

    “Yes,” the young man said with a nod. “Do you think that’s enough?”

    “No,” Fang Qiu said as he shook his head.

    “I think that’s enough,” the young man said as he moved.

    He turned into a fast-moving shadow in an instant and shot toward Fang Qiu at a terrifying speed.

    Simultaneously, the sounds of the snipers’ guns could be heard.



    “We’ve got to move immediately!” The head of security yelled as he ran as fast as he could when he saw the bullet holes on the car’s windows and body. This was where the ex-leader was.

    Then, the driver immediately started the engine and drove right into the main hall of the hotel.

    The main hall was the optimal choice because it was very large and because the staff had all been transferred elsewhere earlier.

    The snipers were all located on higher ground and it was hard for them to determine the exact situation in the main hall when they looked down from their vantage points. Thus, they would be safe as long as they remained hidden.

    However, the snipers seemed to have taken this point into consideration.

    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    The snipers continued to shoot unceasingly.

    However, this time the snipers switched from armor-piercing shells to high-explosive incendiaries.

    High-explosive incendiaries were an armor-piercing shell that had a high-explosive effect. The fuze would sit back due to inertia and the tip of the shell’s needle would be exposed and come into contact with the fuze. After the shell hit its target, the needle would stab the cap forward driven by inertial forces, triggering the denotation of the incendiary agent. The incendiary agent would explode and the target would go up in flames.

    These snipers were obviously very well-prepared.

    The main hall of the hotel quickly went up in flames as the gunshots rang out unceasingly.

    “Damn it!” The head of security cursed loudly.

    The ex-leader’s car might be bulletproof but he didn’t dare to allow the ex-leader to leave in the car. After all, the enemy was attacking so ferociously that there might be an ambush lying in wait outside. If the enemy had used rocket launchers against them, they might have even planted mines outside.

    Thus, the only solution was to continue waiting inside the hotel for reinforcements to arrive and escort the ex-leader back to the military zone.

    However, wouldn’t they be burned alive before reinforcements could arrive if they couldn’t manage to stop the snipers?

    “There is a fire alarm system upstairs.”

    The head of security immediately said, “Turn on the fire alarm system. We need to stop the fire from spreading any further.”

    “Li Ji, look for the opportunity to hand this ear mic to the mysterious man.”


    At the back of the hotel building.

    “Clap! Clap! Clap!”

    These two figures exchanged several moves at a terrifying speed before moving apart quickly.

    “Are you truly a guru?” The young man’s eyes narrowed as he stared darkly at Fang Qiu.

    “I’m a sixth-class Martial Superior,” the young man said.

    An idea came to Fang Qiu.

    A six-class Marital Superior was considered to be the highest level of the Martial Superior Realm because it meant that the martial artist had already opened 12 meridians in his body.

    The more advanced seventh-class, eighth-class, and ninth-class Martial Superior martial artists would have opened the eight extraordinary meridians.

    Opening the eight extraordinary meridians was no easy feat.

    Hence, most sixth-class Martial Superiors were considered the strongest experts in the Martial Superior Realm and they were considered to be one step away from being a guru.

    However, only true gurus would know how vast the gap between a sixth-class Martial Superior and a guru was.

    “Is that all there is to a guru?” The young man said with a smirk.

    “Who said that I was a guru?” Fang Qiu said with a small smile and immediately suppressed his true martial cultivation to reveal his current strength after he restarted his cultivation journey, a first-class Martial Superior.

    “What special method did you use to draw on your potential?” The young man froze in surprise before he laughed derisively.

    A first-class Martial Superior?

    What a joke!

    “I guess the battle has ended,” the young man said with a shake of his head.

    “That might not necessarily be so,” Fang Qiu said with a small smile as he launched an attack against the young man.

    Frankly, Fang Qiu could have easily overpowered this young man in a short time and put an end to this sinister assassination attempt.

    However, Fang Qiu did not want to do that because this was such a rare opportunity for him.

    This was a sixth-class Martial Superior, someone he wouldn’t usually encounter.

    He had tried to battle a fifth-class Martial Superior using the strength of a peak martial arts practitioner and managed to emerge undefeated.

    Now that he had managed to break through to first-class Martial Superior after he restarted his cultivation journey, why would he give up such a rare opportunity?

    More importantly, after he obtained the plum blossom over the lunar new year, he felt as though he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

    However, he did not feel as though he had reached his bottleneck.

    Now that he had encountered a sixth-class Martial Superior, he could force himself to attain a breakthrough.

    The young man looked at him with derision.

    He might be a little more cautious if Fang Qiu had been a guru but now, he was not afraid. In fact, he even lost the drive to fight with Fang Qiu.

    A first-class Martial Superior?

    That’s such a low cultivation!

    He couldn’t even bother to dodge Fang Qiu’s attack when the sound of something ripping through the air could be heard.


    Before he knew it, Fang Qiu immediately arrived right in front of him bearing an immense force on his right fist that smashed straight at his chest in an instant.

    “Hmm?” The young man exclaimed in surprise.

    How could a first-class Martial Superior move so quickly?

    He immediately raised his arm to block the blow in spite of his shock.

    He met Fang Qiu’s punch with a punch of his own.


    Their fists collided.

    An immense force suddenly burst forth from Fang Qiu’s fist that then slammed against the young man’s fist. It overwhelmed the young man’s strength and even forced him to take one step back.

    “What?” The young man said as his face darkened.

    He clearly sensed that Fang Qiu’s strength was unlike any first-class Martial Superior. In fact, it seemed very close to his own.

    Fang Qiu was also equally as fast as him.

    “How could this be?”

    The young man couldn’t understand how a first-class Martial Superior could be so strong.

    His earlier derision of Fang Qiu’s abilities vanished.

    He started to take Fang Qiu seriously as an opponent!

    The strength displayed by the man in black was enough for him to take him seriously.


    He gently exhaled and looked at Fang Qiu through narrowed eyes as he shouted, “Battle!”


    In the hotel.

    Li Ji immediately ran out with the ear mic that the head of security had given him heedless of the snipers hiding under the cover of the night. She ran as fast as he could toward Fang Qiu.


    “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

    The sounds of intense collisions could be heard coming from the park near the river.

    Fang Qiu might have suppressed his true cultivation but he put up a ferocious fight.

    Even when he was being subdued by the young man, he was frantically searching for an opportunity to counter.

    He was forcing himself to inch closer and closer to his bottleneck!

    The young man clearly didn’t know what Fang Qiu’s intent was.

    He thought that Fang Qiu was just fighting for his life, so he attacked even more ferociously as though he wanted to crush Fang Qiu with his strength.

    They were fighting intensely when Li Ji who had rushed over called out to Fang Qiu and flung a black ear mic to Fang Qiu with all his might.



    Fang Qiu immediately retreated, grabbed the mic, and put it in his ear.

    “You can’t even save yourself, so how are you going to save the others?” The young man scoffed coldly and continued to attack ferociously.

    Li Ji was stunned when he heard the young man’s words.

    Was the mysterious man no match for the young man?

    How was that possible?

    Was this young man also a guru?

    The young man and Fang Qiu continued to battle.

    Li Ji took a closer look and noticed that they were both fighting intensely and although the mysterious man was no weakling, he was being subdued by the young man.

    Li Ji was astonished.


    In the hotel.

    The simple fire alarm system wasn’t enough to stop the fiery blaze and as more high-explosive shells shot into the main hall, the blaze grew bigger.

    “Li Ji, Li Ji, has the mysterious man received the ear mic?”