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Chapter 342 - The Devil Cultivation Method!

Medical Master
     Chapter 342 The Devil Cultivation Method!

    The head of security’s anxious voice came over the earphone.

    “What?” In the fierce fight with the young man, Fang Qiu only responded with one word.

    Hearing the response of Fang Qiu, the head of security was delighted. He immediately said, “Master, the criminals come prepared. Now we’re forced to hide on the first floor of the hotel, but their snipers used armor-piercing incendiary warheads on us. The hotel’s fire system can’t stop the fire, so we are now cornered. We can do nothing but count on you.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu raised his eyebrows.

    He was about to have a fight with the grade-six Martial Superior, but he hadn’t expected them to fall into danger again so quickly.

    Things were going to be tough.

    “I need the location,” Fang Qiu said.

    And then he channeled the energy of internal Qi.

    The power of guru exploded once again.

    When he just forced back the young man who was in the fight with him, Fang Qiu soared and directly flew over the hotel.

    “You want to run?” The young man’s face changed and immediately ran after him.

    Although the young man felt Fang Qiu’s strong power of guru again, he believed this kind of breakout was just temporary. Moreover, he thought each time Fang Qiu used it, he would be weakened.

    He had heard the conversation Fang Qiu had just now. Knowing that Fang Qiu was going to make a move to the sniper team, how could he just stand there and wait?

    As a grade-six Martial Superior, although he couldn’t soar, he was able to lift his body.

    “Keep your eyes to the front. The first sniper was on top of the building at the position of nine o’clock.”

    Soon, the head of security replied from the earphone.

    Even though they couldn’t fight back right now, it wouldn’t be hard for them to pinpoint the sniper’s location.

    “Swoosh!” Without any hesitation, before the young man caught up with him, Fang Qiu made a movement and directly rushed toward the first sniper at high speed.

    Suddenly, he was on the roof.

    Fang Qiu knocked the sniper out before he had time to react and even shattered his sniper rifle to avoid discharging.

    “Stop!” Behind him, the young man who climbed the stairs lightly shouted in anger.

    “8 o’clock, on the fifth floor of the flat.” At this point, the voice of the head of security came again.

    Ignoring the young man who was running after him, Fang Qiu immediately rushed to his target.

    “Stop right there!” The young man was getting anxious.

    Although he was not afraid of Fang Qiu’s guru power, it wouldn’t help at all because he couldn’t catch up with Fang Qiu.

    Flying and climbing were two different realms.

    In the blink of an eye, Fang Qiu directly broke into the window and knocked out the sniper who had been hiding in the flat. Then he immediately left.

    “Shoot him! Kill him!” The young man shouted with fury.

    Hearing that, the rest of the snipers instantly aimed at Fang Qiu.

    Actually, the young man knew that the bullet was no threat to Fang Qiu. The reason why he let his men fire at him was that he wanted them to help slow Fang Qiu down so that he would have enough time to catch up with him.

    If he could keep up with Fang Qiu, he was confident he could hold off Fang Qiu.

    As expected, when the bullets hit from all sides, Fang Qiu did slow down a bit.

    The young man soon caught up with him.

    “Got you!” Without saying another word, the young man directly struck Fang Qiu the moment he caught up with him.

    “Humph,” Fang Qiu snorted.

    He then immediately got out of the fight and rushed toward another direction before the head of security was able to tell him the position of the third sniper.

    While the young man was chasing him, Fang Qiu was not able to spare more time to locate the snipers. However, since the young man ordered the snipers to shoot him, it actually gave a chance to Fang Qiu to find out which direction the bullets came from and where the snipers were.

    Under this circumstance, Fang Qiu moved as fast as he could and took out the snipers while dodging bullets.

    There was no doubt that the bullets were quite powerful too.

    The reason why Fang Qiu could shift away the bullets was that he was much stronger than the bullets. In this case, if his body was surrounded by internal Qi, then the force that the bullets struck to the shroud of internal Qi would also be transmitted through the shroud. Even though it would not hurt Fang Qiu, the force would also slow him down.

    Therefore, under the influence of the bullets, after Fang Qiu knocked out three snipers in a row, the young man caught up with Fang Qiu again.

    This time, he was in a pet house full of flowers and trees.

    When he was going to leave after taking out the sniper, he was blocked by the young man in the window.

    “Go to hell!” The young man glared at Fang Qiu and burst out all his power, racing to Fang Qiu with a murderous look on his face.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu was startled.

    He could feel that the power of the young man was stronger than before.

    It was as if something had happened to him, and he looked completely different.

    “It’s… devil cultivation method!” Fang Qiu furrowed his brows.

    The so-called world of martial arts had different cultivation methods, including the good one, the evil one, and the devil one.

    Those who practiced the devil cultivation method had some quirks, such as drinking human blood, taking others’ power and so on.

    Although Fang Qiu had heard of it before, it was the first time that he had ever met a true practitioner of the devil cultivation method.

    “Based on the number of bullets fired, there are three more snipers.” Fang Qiu thought to himself.

    Fang Qiu immediately suppressed the power of guru and then looked around, wanting to pick up some stones, only to find that there was not even a rock around.

    Therefore, he could only break a branch beside him.

    Meanwhile, the young man was right in front of him.

    “Swoosh!” He turned around and punched the young man in the face, then immediately stepped aside and rushed out of the window. He reached the top of the building.

    “Ha-ha.” Seeing the strength of Fang Qiu return to grade-one Martial Superior, the young man burst into laughter immediately. As he followed Fang Qiu out of the window and up to the roof of the building, he shouted ferociously, “Let’s see how you get away this time.”

    “No need.” Fang Qiu smiled nonchalantly.

    As he spoke, he stretched out his right hand, picking a leaf on the branch. Channeling his internal Qi, he completely wrapped it up and then flicked it.

    The green leaf shot out in one direction.

    All of a sudden, a cry of anguish was heard.

    Another sniper was down.

    “Ah! Ah!” The young man had gone mad.

    He felt as if he had been being fooled by Fang Qiu all the time.

    No matter what he did, Fang Qiu could always get the upper hand, which made him feel rather powerless.

    Now Fang Qiu even ignored him and directly killed his men in such a way.

    He couldn’t help but fly into a rage.

    “You’re so dead!” Before Fang Qiu was going to throw out the second leaf, he suddenly heard a loud roar. With a gust of wind, the young man raced to strike Fang Qiu in an instant.

    “Well, you just come at the right time,” Fang Qiu whispered.

    Holding two leaves which he just picked from the branch, he threw away the branch and immediately raised his fist to meet the young man’s punch.

    “Bang, Bang, Bang…” The sound of a loud crash was heard across the street.

    In the hotel which was not far away, everyone could watch the battle in the low building from the windows because the snipers who were targeting them had been taken down.

    It was like watching a movie.

    They could see two figures on the roof crashing each other at high speed, shattering the windows and walls of the surrounding buildings.

    Everyone was in shock.

    Even the old commander was also so startled that he opened his eyes and mouth wide.

    On the roof. “Whoosh! Whoosh!”

    Looking for the right opportunity, Fang Qiu stretched out both of his hands, flicking the two leaves at the same time.

    Two men’s screams were heard.

    All the snipers were taken down!

    Hearing the screams, the head of security immediately ordered to remove the alert temporarily and clean up the battlefield.

    They were still in the fight on the roof.

    Under the powerful suppression of the mad young man, Fang Qiu felt a great deal of pressure, but the pressure seemed a little deficient.

    Although Fang Qiu clearly felt that his internal Qi was gathering up gradually, it was too slow.

    “Smack! Smack! Smack!” After nearly 100 moves in a row, both of them significantly slowed down.

    The scarlet color of the young man’s eyes had dimmed considerably.

    “How could it be? Why?” Looking at Fang Qiu, the young man was ferocious.

    He didn’t understand why a grade-one Martial Superior would be able to hold on in such a long time and his power didn’t put him at a distinct disadvantage.

    The young man was a grade-six Martial Superior.

    And most importantly, he used the devil cultivation method, which made his power even more powerful than the average grade-six Martial Superior.

    Under this circumstance, how on earth could Fang Qiu be tied with him?

    “This can’t be true! I’m going to kill you! Go to hell!” As if he had gone crazy, the scarlet color of the young man’s eyes brightened again, which looked like the candle at the dark night.

    “Ah!” With a loud roar, a terrible force raising from the young man’s body suddenly tore his shirt apart in an instant.

    Terrible murderous intent could be sensed.

    “Alas…” Fang Qiu shook his head and murmured, “Whoever practices the devil cultivation method would harm people in the world eventually.”

    After Fang Qiu finished his words, the young man’s blood-colored eyes suddenly appeared in front of him.

    “Die!” With the extremely horrible voice, the fist of the young man also took incomparably strong strength, ruthlessly hitting towards Fang Qiu.

    “Whoosh!” But at the next moment, Fang Qiu suddenly retreated.

    “Great Hand of Destruction!”

    While retreating, Fang Qiu moved his right hand and gently gave a push.

    “Poof!” A penetrating sound was heard as if something was hit by a bullet.

    This was the first time that Fang Qiu had managed to compress the energy from the Great Hand of Destruction to the amount of a bullet. Although he didn’t spare too much energy, it was enough to destroy the man.

    The young man only felt a shiver in his body.

    He didn’t even realize why his body was shaking but saw a stream of blood running down his forehead to the corner of his eye.

    In fact, Fang Qiu didn’t intend to kill him.

    From the beginning, he was planning to destroy this man’s martial arts power and leave it to the police. It was not until the moment when this man used his devil power that he changed his mind completely.

    He couldn’t let such a man live in the world.

    As for the battle, Fang Qiu had lost his interests after exchanging more than 100 moves with the young man but not getting much improvement.

    Therefore, he decided to kill the man when he went mad.

    He worried that if this man went crazy, he would be a threat to the general public.

    They were in downtown after all.

    Once he rushed into the flat and killed people, there was a good chance that Fang Qiu wouldn’t be able to stop him.

    “It’s over.” Watching the young man’s body slowly fall down to the ground, Fang Qiu gently heaved a sigh and got back to the ground. Taking a glance around the hotel, he was about to leave this place after making sure that everything was all right.


    At this point, someone suddenly shouted loudly.