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Chapter 346 - Have You Ever Seen a Mobile Phone Bounce across the Surface of the Water?

Medical Master
     Five days ago?

    Fang Qiu’s words left everyone else scratching their heads in confusion.

    Wasn’t that when the photograph of Fang Qiu practicing Qigong surfaced online?

    Fang Qiu said that Chen Tianyang had uploaded the photo online five days ago.

    Didn’t that mean that Chen Tianyang had been the one who exposed Fang Qiu for practicing Qigong?

    It was him!

    Everyone stared at Chen Tianyang. It wasn’t only those who were learning Qigong with Fang Qiu but those who had followed him to make things difficult for Fang Qiu also stared at him.

    “I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” Chen Tianyang said.

    He was becoming a little flustered.

    He had not expected Fang Qiu to accuse him of uploading the photo, so his arrogant stance quickly vanished, and a trace of panic flashed past his eyes.

    He didn’t know how Fang Qiu figured out that it was him, but he knew that if everyone found out that he had been the one who had been behind this incident, he was finished.

    This had not just affected Fang Qiu but also the university and Chinese Medicine, so the students from other faculties had also been affected.

    If his actions were to be exposed, it wasn’t just Fang Qiu who would come after him but the management and students of the university would also come after him. Those who supported Chinese Medicine would also not let him off the hook!

    He couldn’t be exposed.

    His actions could definitely not be exposed!

    He had deliberately gone to an internet cafe that was located a distance away from the campus to upload the photograph in order to avoid suspicion and had also used a temporary internet registration card, so it was impossible for them to trace it back to him.

    “I had made myself clear enough earlier,” Fang Qiu said.

    “You are making false accusations,” Chen Tianyang sputtered as he pointed at Fang Qiu. He tamped down his panic and raised his voice as he said, “You are the one who harbors such old-fashioned superstition, so why can’t I point out your mistake? We are trying to put a stop to this nonsense so that Chinese Medicine can continue to progress, but you’ve made false accusations and slandered me!”

    “Drop the act,” Fang Qiu said as he curled his lips into a cold smile. “You should know whether I’m lying or not.”

    “I don’t,” Chen Tianyang immediately retorted.

    “I wonder if you have heard of this saying before?” Fang Qiu suddenly asked.

    “What’s that?” Chen Tianyang asked coldly.

    “One should attack when he can, instead of complaining pointlessly,” Fang Qiu said.

    Then, he immediately pulled Jiang Miaoyu away from Chen Tianyang, rushed up to him, and gave him a hard smack with his right hand.

    Chen Tianyang was immediately sent flying.

    Seven or eight people rushed out from the group led by Chen Tianyang and headed toward Fang Qiu with their fists raised high.

    “Humph,” Fang Qiu said as he let out a cold snort.

    He jumped up into the air just as these seven or eight people rushed toward him and delivered a beautiful round kick mid-air that sent all these people flying.

    Naturally, he did not use a lot of force when he attacked them because they were all students from the university.

    It would cause a huge controversy if he injured any one of these students.

    However, he had to make sure they remembered what this pain felt like without injuring them, otherwise they would not stop.

    He immediately approached them and used several Qigong moves to beat all these students until they cried out in pain.

    Those who had been practicing Qigong with Fang Qiu stared at him in astonishment.

    “He’s so powerful.”

    “Is this the power of Qigong?”

    “How could Fang Qiu be so skilled at fighting as well?”

    “He’s amazing. He easily defeated seven or eight students who were bigger than him and many of them had been year-three students. He was more incredible than those who were the underdogs!”

    Everyone stared at him in shocked surprise.

    They all thought that Fang Qiu was amazingly strong and authoritative.

    On the other hand, Jiang Miaoyu who stood alongside the crowd didn’t seem too surprised as though she had already known how clever Fang Qiu was.

    Fang Qiu glanced at the group of seven or eight people who lay on the ground.

    He immediately stepped forward and dug out these people’s mobile phones from their pockets.

    Chen Tianyang was so malicious, so Fang Qiu knew that those who were with Chen Tianyang were probably no better than him.

    Hence, he confiscated all their phones in order to prevent them from recording this incident on their phones.

    “What are you doing?” Chen Tianyang howled when he saw Fang Qiu confiscate his phone. “You’re robbing me. This is illegal!”

    “Did I say that I was stealing your phone?” Fang Qiu said as he shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve just accidentally damaged your phone.”

    “Oh yes, I’m wondering, have you ever seen a mobile phone bounce across the surface of the water?”

    Then, he turned and threw the phones he held into the Central Lake one at a time as though he was skipping stones. The phones bounced across the surface of the lake, creating many ripples.

    Soon, he finished throwing all the phones he held into the lake.

    Those who lay on the ground stared in anguish at Central Lake. There were even some who rose to their feet and tried to pull their phones from the lake, but the lake was so deep that it just wasn’t possible.

    “My phone, my precious phone,” those people sat on the ground and wailed loudly.

    “Humph,” Fang Qiu scoffed coldly. “I had just taught you a small lesson for framing me.”

    Then, he walked up to Chen Tianyang, who stared at him blankly.

    “I’m sorry for accidentally damaging your phone,” Fang Qiu said as he stared at Chen Tianyang. “I just want an apology from you. As long as you write an apology letter, I’ll pay for the cost of your phone.”

    He didn’t wait for Chen Tianyang’s response before he faced the rest of the group and said, “If you are privy to what he has done, then you should follow what I’ve asked him to do. If you’re not aware that he has tried to frame me, you’ll just need to write a letter of guarantee and send it to me. Once I’ve received these letters, I’ll pay for the cost of your phone. Otherwise, don’t even bother to look for me!”

    Then, those who had been practicing Qigong with Fang Qiu stared at him in wide-eyed admiration.

    “As expected by Fang Qiu. He’s so authoritative!”

    “Yes, he has thoroughly vented his anger.”

    “Chen Tianyang is such a malicious character. I didn’t expect him to be behind this.”

    “Humph, wasn’t he acting all arrogant earlier?”

    “Haha, I had assumed that he had been extremely clever earlier when he was acting all arrogant. Where did his earlier arrogance disappear to?”

    “Which one of us would be able to challenge Fang Qiu and emerge victoriously?”

    “Wasn’t he picking on the weak earlier and trying to suppress us earlier by bringing such a large crowd with him? Why is he so quiet now?”

    “I feel so much better as I look at his cowardly self!”

    Those who practiced Qigong with Fang Qiu were even more determined to continue practicing Qigong after they saw how Fang Qiu managed to defeat these people so easily.

    “Get lost and stop harassing us.”

    “Are you waiting for us to treat you to a meal before you leave?” they said.


    Chen Tianyang’s face darkened. Then, he clenched his jaw as he rose to his feet and quickly left the scene.

    His seven or eight followers hastily followed.

    They felt extremely humiliated because they had tried to pick on Fang Qiu but ended up getting beaten so badly that they could barely stand.

    Moreover, Fang Qiu was like an evil monster to them. If they continued to linger and provoke Fang Qiu, who knew if he might end up bouncing them across the surface of the lake as though he was skipping stones?

    These people stumbled and hobbled as they fled as fast as they could.

    After they were more than 30 meters away from Central Lake, Chen Tianyang finally stopped and looked menacingly in Fang Qiu’s direction.

    “Damn it!” he cursed. Then he flung his arm up in anger and said, “I need to avenge myself. Let’s post about this incident online after we’re back. I must ensure that his reputation is ruined!”

    Then, he suddenly looked at his hands, his chest, and his legs before he said, “Wait a minute.”

    “I can’t let him off the hook so easily. If I want to bring him down, I must be injured, but I’m completely fine!”

    “How about…”

    He turned and looked at a year-three student who had fled with him and said, “Give me a hard slap right now and make sure that my face will be swollen. Then, take a photo and post it online, claiming that Fang Qiu had hit me. Or… you could kick me and leave several obvious footprints that could be photographed!”

    Chen Tianyang became more excited as he spoke as though he could almost see Fang Qiu being admonished by all the netizens online.

    However, he didn’t realize that his friends did not look excited or happy at all. Instead, their expressions hardened as they looked at him.

    They were getting more disappointed and upset with Chen Tianyang as he spoke.

    “So you were indeed behind this incident!”

    “I can’t believe it was you!”

    “You’re not even reflecting upon your own actions even after you have been called out. Instead, you’re just trying to think of even more ways of slandering Fang Qiu. I can’t believe these are your true colors!”

    “We must have been blind to have been friends with you!”

    His friends said angrily.

    “What are you talking about?” Chen Tianyang noticed that something was amiss and immediately said, “I might have asked you to come with me, but would you have agreed to tag along if you didn’t mean to bring Fang Qiu down? Why are you acting so self-righteous now?”

    “What nonsense!”

    Someone in the group said angrily, “We were making things difficult for Fang Qiu for the sake of the university and Chinese Medicine. We didn’t mean to target Fang Qiu specifically. I didn’t expect you to be so malicious and to be so engrossed in committing even more wrongs. I must have been blind to trust you, and this led to my phone being thrown into Central Lake. You should pay for the cost of my phone!”

    “Yes, you should pay for the cost of our phones!”

    “You’re just full of malicious plots. How could you be so evil?”

    They said as they admonished Chen Tianyang.

    However, Chen Tianyang ignored them all and said nonchalantly, “Fang Qiu was the one who threw your phones into the lake. What does this have to do with me? You should look for Fang Qiu if you want your phones back. After all, my phone was also thrown into the lake.”

    His words made these people even more furious.

    “Was I not telling the truth?” Chen Tianyang said with a cold scoff, “Let me tell you, you should forget about getting your phones back. Fang Qiu is an evil bully, and he had committed an illegal act by snatching our phones. We should vent our anger online by posting a list of Fang Qiu’s crimes!”

    The moment he said that, his friends began to denounce him.

    “You’re way too obstinate!”

    “I really despise you.”

    They said as they walked away.

    “Humph,” Chen Tianyang scoffed derisively and said, “Since you’re all refusing to take part in this, do you really think I wouldn’t be able to post this online?”