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Chapter 347 - Fang Qiu Had Beaten Someone Up!

Medical Master

    A post appeared on Weibo that very night just as the debate about Fang Qiu and his Qigong practice intensified.

    An anonymous Weibo user had uploaded a post online.

    “Today I personally witnessed Fang Qiu who refused to see the error of his ways and continued to spread such old-fashioned superstition by leading several students in a Qigong practice session. I, together with seven students, went up to him in an attempt to coax him out of this for the sake of Chinese Medicine, but Fang Qiu refused to listen and even beat us all up. He even flung our phones into the lake. Fang Qiu is an evil bully. I shan’t say anymore… but this photograph is proof of what happened!”

    This Weibo post was accompanied by a photograph.

    This was a photograph of a man in black with his face covered, but it was obvious from the photograph that there were several footprints on his clothes.

    Obviously, Chen Tianyang was behind this.

    He had deliberately changed out of his clothes and used some dirt to print these footprints on his clothes as evidence that Fang Qiu had beaten him up.

    It was an anonymous post, and he didn’t have many followers. But because this was the account that had exposed Fang Qiu for instigating others to practice Qigong, it immediately attracted a lot of attention.

    Those people who came across this post immediately started to repost it.

    After there were more than 100 reposts, it started to gain traction, and the number of reposts increased significantly.

    When there were 1,000 reposts, this caused a discussion on Fang Qiu’s behavior.

    Chen Tianyang knew that he had succeeded after his post was reposted 10,000 times.

    “Fang Qiu, let’s see how you’re going to beat me at my game. You might be very strong physically, but this is a battle of wits… haha.”

    Chen Tianyang couldn’t help but chuckle loudly as he watched the number of reposts and comments increase drastically.

    On the other hand, this created a stir online when the netizens on Weibo read this post. Those who were just admonishing Fang Qiu for the sake of admonishing him immediately posted hateful comments. However, most of these people voiced their suspicions.

    “This can’t be true, right?”

    “How could you claim that Fang Qiu defeated eight students single-handedly? I remember seeing Fang Qiu on television, and he didn’t seem very burly. I don’t even think he would be able to defeat two students, let alone eight of you. If the claims made on this post are true, then I wonder if you were defeated because you were too weak or because Fang Qiu was too strong.”

    “This has got to be a goddamn joke, right? Do you think Fang Qiu is a professional fighter? He is just a year-one student.”

    “I must admit that I don’t agree with Fang Qiu practicing and advocating Qigong, but this just seems like baseless slander. What does your photograph show? Do you trust me when I say that I would be able to create 100 such photographs in several minutes?”

    “The original poster must be taking us for a ride. Are you trying to show off how powerful Fang Qiu is, or are you trying to show how terrible he is? This seems completely unrealistic.”

    “I just laughed out loud. As a science major, this is the first time I’ve seen such a baseless accusation that is so full of loopholes.”

    “Hey, since you’re constantly posting news and photographs of Fang Qiu practicing Qigong, why are you so afraid to reveal your face? Why don’t you tell us your true identity? In any case, you’re just classmate, and you have already been beaten up by him, so is there still a need to continue trying to hide your identity?”

    “Yes, reveal your identity!”

    “Come on, why don’t you introduce yourself?”


    Chen Tianyang hadn’t expected this post to become the butt of everyone’s jokes instead of igniting public fury as he had planned.

    After all, it did seem ridiculous that one person could come up against eight people and defeat them all single-handedly.

    He was even more upset when he saw that the public was asking him to reveal his identity.

    He didn’t dare to do so!

    Why would he dare to reveal his identity?

    If he revealed his identity and the university’s management caught wind of it, wouldn’t they expel him for causing such a huge public outcry and affecting the school’s reputation because of his post?

    It wasn’t just the university that he was afraid of.

    Once his identity was revealed, his fellow students would think of him as a traitor. Then, even if he wasn’t expelled, he would definitely be beaten up and bullied on campus. He was terrified that someone might attack him while he slept.

    “How could things turn out this way? How?” Chen Tianyang burst out angrily.

    He knew that if he didn’t reveal his true identity, then his post exposing Fang Qiu for beating others up would not be convincing, and he would look like a fool!

    He wanted those seven students who had been beaten to bear witness to this, but those people did not dare to be his witnesses, for they were afraid as well!

    Ultimately, every single one of those seven students ignored him.

    Everyone online brushed his post off as a joke.

    “Original poster, you must be trying to become famous yourself, right?”

    Chen Tianyang felt like crying when he read the comments online, but no tears would come.


    At their dorm in the afternoon.

    “Hey, kiddo,” Sun Hao said when he returned to the dorm after lunch. He looked at Fang Qiu curiously and asked, “Did you beat someone up this morning? I heard you managed to beat eight people up single-handedly. Is that true?”

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu started in surprise before he chuckled and said, “What do you think? Wasn’t I cool?”

    “You must be kidding me, right?” Sun Hao said as he looked suspiciously at Fang Qiu, “Don’t tell me that the original poster was telling the truth. I heard that the person you had beaten up posted online, but instead of igniting public furor, he had become the butt of everyone’s jokes. I bet that person would feel like killing himself right now.”

    Fang Qiu’s brows arched at Sun Hao’s words.

    He knew that Sun Hao was talking about Chen Tianyang.

    However, he was surprised to see that Chen Tianyang still had the guts to post online after he gave him such a good beating today.

    “I guess he has not learned his lesson,” Fang Qiu thought to himself.


    On the other hand, someone from the Provincial Education Department had all rushed down to Chen Yinsheng’s office at the University of Jiangjing because of the furor the post online had caused.

    Chen Yinsheng, who had been reading some documents in his office, received a shock when he saw the visitor.

    “What’s wrong? Do you not recognize me?” a balding man in his fifties asked. His belly bulged from his white shirt, and he had a square face.

    He was the leader of the Provincial Education Department, and his name was Yuan Zhentao.

    “Hello, Mr. Yuan,” Chen Yinsheng did not dare to be rude and immediately rose to his feet to welcome his visitor.

    Yuan Zhentao was the leader of the disciplinary inspection group at the Provincial Education Department who would look into corruption cases at universities, so the management of all the universities across the province kept a low profile when they met him.

    He would give all these management the cold shoulder and would snub them all.

    “For a moment, I thought you had forgotten who I was,” Yuan Zhentao said. Then, he walked right up to the desk in Chen Yinsheng’s office and sat down on his sofa before he added, “Let’s have a talk, Mr. Chen.”

    “Sure,” Chen Yinsheng said calmly.

    He didn’t think that Yuan Zhentao was a threat because he had never accepted bribes, so the inspection department would not be able to do anything to him. He merely accorded Yuan Zhentao the respect due to someone in a senior position, but he was not afraid at all.

    “May I know what is so urgent that you have come over without a word of warning? If you had let me know in advance, I would have received you at the entrance,” Chen Yinsheng said with a smile after he sat down.

    “I’d be able to come to your office on my own,” Yuan Zhentao said as he glanced at Chen Yinsheng before he added, “I’m sure you know why I’m here today.”

    “Me?” Chen Yinsheng froze in surprise before he shook his head and said, “I’m not sure.”

    “Humph,” Yuan Zhentao scoffed coldly before he added, “How could you say that you’re not sure in spite of the furor your student has caused online? I’m here because of this issue as a representative of the Provincial Education Department. Please find a way to prevent Fang Qiu and his practice of Qigong from causing more damage!”

    “A university should be a place of learning and not a place for him to dabble in nonsensical arts!”

    Realization dawned on Chen Yinsheng as he said, “Mr. Yuan, you must be too anxious to put a stop to this. I heard that Qigong was a very effective treatment when paired with acupuncture. We are teaching Chinese Medicine, so since this new method has proven to be effective, shouldn’t I support my student as a teacher of this university?”

    Yuan Zhentao, who had been looking at Chen Yinsheng coldly, immediately burst into furious laughter.

    “Mr. Chen,” Yuan Zhentao said as he looked at Chen Yinsheng with an enigmatic smile. “Are you trying to tell me that you are supportive of Fang Qiu?”

    “No, no, no,” Chen Yinsheng said as he shook his head. “You’re mistaken. I’m not supportive of him, but I don’t want my student’s intentions to be misconstrued by others. As the vice-principal, I hope that my students would be able to learn and grow freely. This should be the very foundations of education, right?”

    “I don’t care!” Yuan Zhentao burst out with a cold scoff before he continued angrily, “You should put a stop to this. If you wash your hands off this matter, don’t come crying if those at the top order me to punish the university!”

    “I trust that the leaders of the Education Department are upright and understand what education is supposed to be,” Chen Yinsheng said.

    Yuan Zhentao’s face darkened in a fury, but he couldn’t come up with an appropriate retort, so he jumped to his feet, glared at Chen Yinsheng before he stalked off in a huff.

    After he left, Chen Yinsheng exhaled loudly.


    “Fang Qiu, this is as much I can do for you,” he thought to himself.

    As the saying went, it never rains but pours.

    The news reported that a ‘Qigong master’ had caused a patient’s death that very night.

    Apparently, a woman in her sixties was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and there was no option of surgery, so this diagnosis was a death sentence.

    The woman was left with no choice, so she instinctively trusted a Qigong master.

    This Qigong master claimed that she would definitely be healed in five treatment sessions without having to have needles inserted into her and without medication and quoted a price of 300,000 dollars!

    Then, the Qigong master’s ‘treatment’ consisted of the woman avoiding food for six days. She wasn’t allowed to eat anything and could only drink large amounts of ginger soup to cleanse her body of the toxic cells that were the cause of her terminal illness.

    The woman’s condition did not get better but continued to worsen. She was reduced to nothing but skin and bones and became in a critical condition!