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Chapter 349 - Chen Yinsheng Was Suspended From Work!

Medical Master
     Chapter 349 Chen Yinsheng Was Suspended From Work!

    “Director Mu. I’ll still say the same thing to you.”

    In front of Mu Weiping’s challenge and persuasion, Chen Yinsheng said especially resolutely, “No matter what happened, I won’t touch this student. I’ll protect him even if I have to risk my everything!”


    Mu Weiping raised his tone and asked in a very dissatisfied manner, “Since you said so, then I’m a little curious about one thing. I heard before, you really looked down on the student called Fang Qiu, and there seemed to be some intense conflict between you too. Right now, why do you have to protect him anyway?”

    “That’s right.”

    Chen Yinsheng immediately answered, “I did hate Fang Qiu for some time. But back then, I hated him because I was afraid he would ruin our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine’s reputation. As for his Chinese Medicine talent, I’d never doubted or hated it.

    “As the headmaster of the University of Chinese Medicine and also a Chinese Medicine doctor, I also like Chinese Medicine and am willing to sacrifice everything that I can for it.”

    “Director Mu, you’re the Director of the Provincial Education Department, but I suppose you didn’t get to know Chinese Medicine before, right? In your eyes, the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine is just one of those ordinary universities. It can’t compare to those that are famous for their science, law, economic distribution to the world.

    “But, we Chinese Medicine universities are also a kind of university. Even if Chinese Medicine declines now, I also believe that Chinese Medicine will rise up again someday, and I’m willing to do anything for that!

    “Therefore, the first thing I should do is protect people who benefit the development and passing down of Chinese Medicine. I’m not that kind of person, but Fang Qiu is!”

    On the other end of the phone, Mu Weiping briefly fell silent for a while and then asked in a calm but much suppressed tone, “Have you really decided? You’re not afraid it will ruin your University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine?”

    One could judge from his tone that Mu Weiping was trying hard to suppress the anger in his heart.

    As the director of the Education Department, how could he not know what Chen Yinsheng really wanted deep down? How could he not understand those reasons Chen Yinsheng came up with?

    Personally, he supported Chen Yinsheng.

    When it concerned public matters, he couldn’t!

    Because Fang Qiu’s practicing and spreading Qigong had caused quite a stir, plus, there was news that some Qigong master had caused their patient to die. It had caused overwhelming public opinion.

    As of now, perhaps, the thing only impacted on Fang Qiu himself, the Qigong practice, and the university.

    However, if it was left unattended and people let it spread in an unrestricted way, then, in the end, public opinion would definitely flood the Education Department.

    If they attended to the matter then, it would be too late.

    “Director Mu, you’ve been underestimating Chinese Medicine. This thing can never ruin our University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!”

    When saying that, Chen Yinsheng was proud.

    He was proud of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine under his lead.

    Director Mu was angry. “Humph!”

    Deep snorts rang from the other side of the phone, seeming to tell Chen Yinsheng that he would still have to do it in the end, only in a hard way.

    Mu Weiping scolded. “Chen Yinsheng, let me remind you of something else. In the whole wide world, not only your Chinese Medicine needs development; education is the origin and base of everything’s development. You can sacrifice for Chinese Medicine, but you can’t ruin education in the name of Chinese Medicine.”

    As if, he wanted to knock some sense into Chen Yinsheng by the scolding.

    “I believe, Fang Qiu won’t ruin Chinese Medicine or education. I believe he’s contributing his strength to the development of Chinese Medicine. We can’t stop him from doing it just because we can’t!

    “I’m sorry but I can’t take the robbers’ way of thinking!”

    Chen Yinsheng fiercely responded.

    He really wanted to fight for a chance for Fang Qiu to prove himself innocent.

    However, though he tried, he failed to do it.


    “Since you want so much to stick to your mistakes, then go home and reflect on what you did for a few days!”

    On the other side of the phone, Mu Weiping’s angry voices sounded loudly through the line.

    Then, “Bang!” There was a huge sound.

    The phone was hung up.

    In the office, Chen Yinsheng slowly put down the phone in his hand and turned around to scan everything in the office. In the end, his gaze fell on the office desk. He reached out to pick up the pen on the desk.

    Opening the drawer of the office desk, he looked at those documents he read and approved during those nights when he worked overtime.

    Among them, most of them were programs about university development, promotion, and student education.

    Here, it was his university.

    Perhaps, since tomorrow, it would no longer be.

    As expected, after Mu Weiping and Chen Yinsheng’s phone conversation ended, the Provincial Education Department immediately issued a notice.

    “Through the leadership conference of the Education Department, we decide to temporarily suspend all the work of Chen Yinsheng, Vice President of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine. We’ll issue relevant announcements later.”

    It was signed by the Provincial Education Department.

    The notice soon circulated in the university.

    Simultaneously, the notice of Chen Yinsheng’s being suspended from work was also sent to all of the school leaders’ phones through texts at the same time.

    Upon receiving the text notice, all of the university leaders were startled.

    Chen Yinsheng was suspended from work?

    Wasn’t this too sudden?

    Moreover, in the text notice, no extra explanation had been stated, which resulted in many leaders’ failing to understand why Chen Yinsheng suddenly got into trouble.

    Of course, some of the leaders were in the know.

    Like those leaders who didn’t know the situation, the group of leaders was also in doubt and didn’t know what had happened.

    He must have been suspended from work because of the recently hyped Qigong incident.

    People in the above wanted to suppress all unstable factors; however, Headmaster Chen didn’t take any measures about Fang Qiu, so he became suspended from work.

    What they couldn’t understand was, before, Chen Yinsheng would aim his criticism at Fang Qiu on every occasion. One could even say that he was looking for bones in an egg. With that, he suppressed Fang Qiu in every way.

    One could know from that how much Chen Yinsheng hated Fang Qiu.

    However, now, after Fang Qiu caused quite a stir after practicing Qigong, Chen Yinsheng not only let Fang Qiu get away with it, but also had been protecting Fang Qiu instead to a point where he even lost his job.

    What on earth was this situation?

    Everyone felt lost.

    One had to say that the Education Department had acted so quickly that they left no time for others to react.

    The next morning, before the news that Chen Yinsheng was suspended from work spread among the students, a middle-aged man who directly came from the Education Department just took Chen Yinsheng’s position, becoming the acting deputy Vice President of University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine.

    The man’s name was Li Xiucai.

    He was short, only about 160 cm high. He wore glossy hair, white suits, and a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

    Through this kind of garb, he seemed to want to strike people as being scholarly and gentlemanlike.

    However, it turned out that he only struck people as a parvenu.

    Sitting in a regular black car, he entered the school, directly walked into Chen Yinsheng’s office, and sat down.

    Looking at everything in the office, Li Xiucai couldn’t help smiling.

    He picked up the phone.

    “Go to the sports ground right now. Drive away those Qigong-practicing students led by Fang Qiu. Tell them, since today, they can’t practice Qigong anymore, or they’ll directly be dispelled!”

    As the acting deputy Vice President, Li Xiucai issued his first order.

    Soon, a university leader led a group of security guards and quickly arrived at the lawn by the Central Lake.

    At this time, Fang Qiu had been leading them to practice for a long time; everyone was immersed in the sweetness of Qigong.

    “All of you. Stop it now.”

    “Stop it now. Did you hear me?”

    The leader brought people here and directly pushed his way in. He pushed away a few students in front of him. After interrupting the students’ practice, he directly walked to the front of Fang Qiu. Without saying anything, he grabbed Fang Qiu by the collar and said, “The university has issued a notice. Whoever practices Qigong any longer will directly be expelled. Don’t say we didn’t remind you. You can continue if you don’t want to go to university anymore!”

    At that moment, he grabbed Fang Qiu’s collar and pushed the latter; however, he didn’t make Fang Qiu move a bit.

    Fang Qiu sneered and looked at the man in front of him and said, “Now is not the time for classes. It’s our spare time. We’ve paid the intuition fees and do the things we like in our spare time. It’s our right. On what grounds can you restrict us?”

    “I don’t have time to babble with you. Practice one more time if you’ve got balls.”

    The university leader coldly snorted.

    Simultaneously, “Ring, ring, ring…” Fang Qiu’s phone suddenly rang.

    He took out his phone and had a look.

    Qi Kaiwen was calling him.

    Fang Qiu knitted his brows and picked up the call. “Senior uncle master?”

    “Yes, it’s me.”

    Qi Kaiwen answered and then asked, “I heard, someone has gone to you?”

    “They’re right in front of me.”

    Fang Qiu glanced at several people in front of him and said.

    “Then I just called at the right time. This time, you can’t be impulsive!”

    Qi Kaiwen hurriedly said to remind Fang Qiu, “Something is hidden behind this matter. You handle it first. Remember, don’t do anything reckless. Call me when you’ve handled it.

    “Don’t be impulsive!”

    Finishing what he had to say, Qi Kaiwen hung up the phone.

    Fang Qiu looked at his phone and fell silent for a while.

    This thing didn’t seem this simple; even Director Qi called.

    “We’ll call it a day now.”

    Fang Qiu looked at the university leader who still stared at him for one last time, and then turned around to say to those slightly frightened students, who had been following him to learn Qigong, “That’s all for today.”

    “Not for today, but forever, never again!”

    The university leader sneered and said, “I’ve already told you the news. Don’t blame me if you get expelled later.”

    After saying that, he led the people and left.

    The moment they left, Fang Qiu immediately took out his phone and called Qi Kaiwen.

    Fang Qiu asked, “Senior uncle master, what on earth is going on?”

    “This incident has gone way too far.”

    Qi Kaiwen sighed and said, “In the morning meeting, the university will announce a notice. Vice President Chen has been suspended from work by the Education Department because of you.”

    “What?” Fang Qiu said as his face darkened.

    He suddenly remembered Chen Yinsheng’s back when Chen Yinsheng patted his shoulder and told him to keep up the good work and then walked out of the hospital.

    Thinking about it now, he found that, at that time, Chen Yinsheng’s back looked kind of tragical and moving.

    “No wonder he wanted to see my discovery and asked me to use needles. No wonder he didn’t say anything. It turns out that he has been taking the pressure for me!”

    “My martial nephew, you listen to me.”

    Hearing Fang Qiu’s asking in shock, Qi Kaiwen hurriedly said, “In fact, when the thing has developed into this, you should know that for the past few days, nothing had happened to you because Vice President Chen had always been protecting you, but now even Vice President Chen has been suspended from work. You can know how serious this matter is. You are now in the center of the fray, and no one dares to protect you! So I don’t want you to get into conflict with them.”