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Chapter 350 - Qi Really Existed!

Medical Master
     Chapter 350 Qi Really Existed!


    Fang Qiu couldn’t understand.

    He was not a selfish person who didn’t have senses about the affairs in the world.

    He also knew that he had caused Chen Yinsheng’s being suspended from work.

    Qigong, he clearly knew that Qigong wasn’t acknowledged by people but had been stubbornly practicing it. He’s got 100% confidence to prove the existence of Qi, to promote Qi, set up a good reputation for Chinese Medicine, and also develop more Chinese Medicine treatments.

    However, from that perspective, he had been selfish.

    He selfishly only stuck to doing his own thing, but he didn’t think that her stubborn ways of doing things had invisibly affected so many people.

    He even caused Chen Yinsheng to lose his job as the Vice President.

    It made him feel very guilty.

    However, at the same time, he was also angry.

    “Why does it have to be like this? Qi really exists, and through methods, it can be felt, practiced, and also cure diseases. Since they won’t allow me to practice in private, they even don’t allow me to study it?”

    Who Fang Qiu felt angry with was those unreasonable netizens.

    Those netizens knew nothing but add oil to the fire and hype up the public opinion.

    “It’s not that you can’t.”

    Qi Kaiwen smiled wryly and said, “Qigong is just one of the Chinese Medicine treatments and I also know Qi really exists. But too many people have used Qigong to trick people. In the modern world, how many people truly know what really Qi is and the principle of Qigong? It’s just because they don’t know, so Qigong is considered non-existent, is not allowed to be studied and promoted by default. And you have a special identity and is under the spotlight, so you caused so many people’s hot discussion.

    “Plus, at this critical moment, there is the news that a so-called Qigong master treated his patient to die, which made this incident go further and further, and now it’s completely beyond the expectation, and even the Provincial Education Department interrupted. You can know from that how far this incident has gone.

    “Now, everyone is talking about it online. You can’t be impulsive and do anything stupid. After all, you’re not only yourself now. Many people are related to you.

    “I think, you still need to temporarily avoid being the center of the public opinion.

    “Alright, that’s all I want to say to you. I’ve got something urgent to attend to here. You must listen to my words and don’t cause any trouble anymore!”

    On this side, Fang Qiu fell silent.

    Looking at the phone in his hand, he felt mixed feelings in the heart.

    He had never expected that this thing would get so many people involved; even Chen Yinsheng got suspended from work because of him. However, he felt much wronged.

    Why did he have to be attacked by everyone when he was clearly right?

    As if he had done something guilty beyond forgiveness.


    Why was that?

    Fang Qiu gritted his teeth. “What on earth is this?”

    He knew that he couldn’t admit defeat.

    Once he admitted defeat, then everything that Chen Yinsheng had done for him would go to waste.

    Once he admitted defeat, it would be several or even a dozen times harder for Qi to be acknowledged in the future than it was now.

    This time, never!

    He not only would save Chen Yinsheng back, but also break this trap.

    This was a trap that had been in existence for a few decades, no one dared to touch, and had restricted the development of Chinese Medicine. He had to break it completely, to let Qi truly be acknowledged by everyone, and to let everyone know Qi really existed and was one of the Chinese Medicine treatments.

    Thinking about that, Fang Qiu hung up the phone and turned around to have a look.

    He found that the surrounding people who had been following him to learn Qigong already left, and only Jiang Miaoyu was left, standing beside him to accompany him.

    Seeing Fang Qiu’s expression not right, Jiang Miaoyu came up, grabbed Fang Qiu’s arm, and asked in concern. “You, you okay?”

    “I’m fine.”

    Fang Qiu forced a smile and said, “Today I won’t accompany you to breakfast. You go have breakfast first; I’ll have to make it to the hospital.”


    Jiang Miaoyu bit her lips and said, “Don’t be impulsive.”

    Hearing that, Fang Qiu deeply inhaled and said, “I won’t. Rest assured.”

    Inside the dean’s office—

    In front of the office desk, after giving Fang Qiu a call, Qi Kaiwen still felt not assured, worried that Fang Qiu might do something out of line.

    After all, before, when Fang Qiu confronted Chen Yinsheng, he saw the entire process.

    This time, who knew what Fang Qiu would do?

    Thinking about this, Qi Kaiwen immediately called Xu Miaolin.

    “Hello?” The phone was picked up and Xu Miaolin’s voice rang.

    “Junior fellow apprentice.”

    Qi Kaiwen opened his mouth and said, “Recently, you’ve seen the things on the Internet, right?”

    Xu Miaolin asked in reply, “So?”

    “To be honest, I didn’t expect the thing to go this big. At least, Fang Qiu is my martial nephew. In the beginning, when I knew this matter, I pretended that I didn’t know and let him do it at his will.”

    Speaking of this, Qi Kaiwen suddenly sadly sighed and added, “Who knew that I really harmed him? Now, even Vice President Chen Yinsheng is suspended from work because of protecting him. The public opinion on the Internet is also ferocious like tiger and wolf. The current situation is very unfavorable for Fang Qiu.

    “I’ve just called Fang Qiu, but I still can’t be assured. So I hope you can also give him a call, persuade him, and ask him to not be impulsive.”

    However, “Humph!” The moment Qi Kaiwen finished his words, on the other side of the phone, Xu Miaolin coldly snorted and said, “Bureaucracy will kill people. Qi really exists inside your and my bodies. Why can’t we acknowledge it? If we can’t acknowledge it, then why do we acknowledge Chinese Medicine? As a Chinese Medicine student, is there anything wrong with Fang Qiu’s practicing Qigong?”

    “Indeed, it’s not wrong.”

    Qi Kaiwen wryly smiled and said, “But, the people outside the Chinese Medicine circle don’t acknowledge it!”

    “The people outside the Chinese Medicine don’t acknowledge it?”

    Xu Miaolin coldly said, “We can’t stop developing because people outside the Chinese Medicine circle don’t acknowledge it, right? Many things of Chinese Medicine has been chopped off because of people’s obstruction and interception. If we continue to be like this, Chinese Medicine will be killed by those ignorant people sooner or later.

    “Anyway, I don’t care about this matter. I believe Fang Qiu!”

    Finishing his words, Xu Miaolin hung up the phone directly.


    Qi Kaiwen let out a long and bitter sigh.

    Look at the phone that was no longer connected, Qi Kaiwen helplessly shook his head and said, “Junior fellow apprentice, Chinese Medicine will develop and must develop. This is what our master told us back then, and I never forget it. But development must be made step by step. We need to learn to live in difficult situations and judge the hours and size up the situations, so we can seize the opportunity for better development…

    “But, this time, perhaps it’s an opportunity.”

    In Qi Kaiwen’s eyes, the Qigong incident this time was like a political reform in the dynasty of Chinese Medicine.

    However, it was too hard.

    “Perhaps I’m too honest and obedient and stick too long on the ways of steady advancing. I can never do such things as using Chinese Medicine’s reputation to gain Chinese Medicine’s development with gambling-like methods.

    “I hope, the thing won’t go anymore further.”

    Obviously, judging from the current situation, the further the thing went, the more tragically Fang Qiu would lose, and the lesser the chance of winning would be!

    In the hospital, after arriving at the hospital early, Fang Qiu nearly spent a entire day inviting all of the patients he had cured.

    After the patients arrived, Fang Qiu conducted an act that shocked people very much, which was reexamining!

    Every patient would be reexamined.

    Moreover, this time, Fang Qiu used the equipment of the Western Medicine so he got these patients’ every statistic.

    At 5:00 p.m., after finishing collecting the statistics, Fang Qiu returned to the university with the information he had collected.

    However, when he just walked to the door of the university, he was stopped by a person.

    He took a closer look and found the person in suits and look arrogant. Even the way he looked at Fang Qiu revealed his great contempt, to a extent that it made Fang Qiu feel that he was despising Fang Qiu because of the dirt on Fang Qiu’s clothes.

    Was he a germophobe?

    Fang Qiu was in doubt. “Who are you?”

    “Me?” The person glanced at Fang Qiu with disdain and said, “I’m the secretary of Li Xiucai, the newly-selected Vice President of your university.”

    Fang Qiu squinted and asked, “Do you have any business with me?”

    “Go with me.” The secretary opened his mouth and said, “Vice President wants you in his office.”

    Fang Qiu asked, “Can I not go?”

    “No Way!” The secretary arrogantly said and waved his right hand; the several nearby security guards immediately surrounded him.

    As the secretary of the newly-selected Vice President, he naturally had heard that morning, Fang Qiu himself had fought eight people. He was really capable.

    Though that incident had not been improved, in case of accident, he still called these security guards here.

    Fang Qiu sneered and said, “If that’s so, then let’s go.”

    They were just a few security guards. For him, these people were just like air, posing no threat to him at all.

    However, in front of the university gate, hitting security guards of the university and the secretary of the Vice President was not good after all. Moreover, it was at this especially critical and important time; Fang Qiu naturally wouldn’t be so stupid to do so.

    Besides that, Fang Qiu really wanted to see what tricks the new Vice President kept up his sleeve.

    “Hmph.” Seeing Fang Qiu compromise, the secretary again snorted and turned around to take steps, leading Fang Qiu to head to Vice President’s office.

    A few minutes later, they arrived at the Vice President’s office.

    Entering through the door, he saw that the new Vice President wasn’t in the office at all.

    Fang Qiu looked at the secretary and asked, “Didn’t you say the Vice President wanted me?”

    “Did I?” The secretary coldly smiled, locked the door from inside, and said, “I just said the Vice President wanted you in the office, but I didn’t say the Vice President himself wanted you. You have to figure that point out.”

    Fang Qiu asked in reply, “So you mean that you want me?”

    “You’ve got some brains.”

    The secretary sat on the sofa and said, “Actually, I don’t want you for something big. You only need to hand out your Weibo account and then you can leave. I promise I won’t make things difficult for you.”

    “Why?” As if hearing something very funny, Fang Qiu looked at the secretary with curiosity all over his face and asked, “Why do I have to give you my own things?”

    The secretary said in a threatening tone, “I don’t care about the reason. Anyway, today, you have to give me your Weibo account.”

    Fang Qiu sneered. “Are you threatening me?”

    The secretary squinted and asked, “Are you giving it to me or not?”

    Like him, Fang Qiu also flopped down on the sofa and put on a look that said he didn’t care about it at all. “I’m not. So what are you going to do?”


    The secretary was furious, but the moment he blurted out the word, he immediately suppressed his anger. Then, he deeply inhaled and said, “It’s fine if you’re not giving it to me. Now, before my eyes, post a notice on the Weibo that you’re just curious about Qigong and you promise that you won’t practice anymore!”

    Fang Qiu’s sneer grew wider. “What if I don’t?”