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Chapter 5 - Family (Part 1)

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 5: Family (Part 1)

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    The orange and red sunlight of the early morning arrived with clouds of mist, causing the viburnum tree from outside the windows to pass through the light blue screenings, infiltrating the bedroom. The light, warm yellow shadows brought rays of soft light.

    With a rare good night's sleep, Wen Xinya sat up in her bed and stretched. Getting up, she walked to the window and opened the light blue colored screenings. A branch of viburnum flowers peeked out. All she had to do was stretch her arm and touch it.

    The morning was slightly cold, and the viburnum flowers outside the window were in full bloom, inviting Xinya with the slightly cold moisture in the surrounding atmosphere. The warm sun refracted brightly and beautifully.

    Today would be a wonderful day!

    With that thought in mind, she turned and went to the bathroom to wash up. She changed into a white gown, which was left behind by Xia Ruya. Xia Ruya was dressed and fed like royalty, so even at 15 years old, she was already 163 centimeters tall. Even the growth of her body had good proportions. Unlike Xinya, who was starved as a child and grew up to be only 158 centimeters tall. With a skinny body, her growth could not be considered great. Wearing Xia Ruya's clothes was really not a good fit for her.

    When she first arrived in the Wen Family, she was mesmerized by the variety of beautiful clothes in the wardrobe and did not care about whether they fit her. Hence, the Wen Family did not think that she needed new, fitting clothes.

    However, now, she would not be moved like she was in the past. Whatever belonged to her, she would fiercely fight for it!

    As she arrived in the living room, Grandpa and Father were reading the newspaper, Grandma was talking to Ning Shuqian, and Wen Yuya was happily playing games on her phone. Xinya smiled and greeted, "Grandpa, Grandma, good morning! Father, Aunt Ning, good morning! Sister Yu, good morning!"

    Grandpa put down the newspaper, glanced at the dress that did not fit her and frowned. He then gently asked, "Did you sleep well last night?"

    "I slept well!" As Wen Xinya caught sight of his tightly knitted brows, she lowered her head to inspect herself. Then, she cowardly went to sit next to Wen Yuya.

    Grandpa nodded and returned to his newspaper.

    Grandma only glanced at her once, then returned to talking with Ning Shuqing.

    Ning Shuqing smiled towards her then turned away.

    Only Wen Yuya kept her head down, playing games on her phone, acting as though Wen Xinya did not exist.

    Wen Xinya did not mind either.

    However, Grandpa frowned. He put down the newspaper in his hands and shouted, "Did you not hear your older sister greet you? Did you feed the manners you were taught to the dog?"

    Grandpa's cold words scared Wen Yuya until she turned white and dropped her phone on the floor.

    Although Grandma did not seem to like Wen Xinya much, Xinya was still the Wen family's blood and kin. Grandma could not stand the ignorance of a towing oil bottle. "The Wen family has raised you for many years, even changing your surname. When you see the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, it would not be too unreasonable to greet her, would it!"

    Wen Yuya felt wronged deep inside. Why should she greet this uncouth sl*t? Before Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family, though Grandma did not treat her cheerfully, at least Grandma would not give her looks of disapproval. Grandpa did not interact with her much, but he would never have scolded her. Ever since the return of Wen Xinya, everything changed.

    Ning Shuqing was shocked and hurried to say something. "Father! Mother! It's Yuya's fault. Xinya just returned to the Wen Family, so she might not be used to it yet. I'll lecture her later." She then turned towards Wen Xinya with an apologetic expression. "Xinya, your sister is still young and immature. Please do not mind her insensitivity. Aunt Ning apologizes to you."

    Wen Xinya was uneasy. "Aunt Ning, have I done something wrong? Is that why sister is ignoring me on purpose? Was it because of last night…"

    A piercing glare landed on her and caused Wen Xinya to immediately stop talking. As she slowly looked towards Ning Shuqing, her gaze immediately softened. If she were to look closely, she could see the deeply hidden warning in Ning Shuqing's eyes.

    At this moment, Ning Shuqing softly said, "Don't spout nonsense! Yesterday you were not happy, but she still brought you out to have some fun, didn't she?" She then pulled Wen Yuya and sternly said, "Greet your sister!"

    Wen Yuya did not expect her own mother to stand on the side of this sl*t. Still feeling wronged, she bowed her head and said, "I'm sorry, sister!"

    Wen Haowen put down his newspaper and said, "Alright! We are all family, there's no need to be so fussy."

    Despite saying that, he glanced sideways at Wen Xinya, his eyes bringing a hint of warning.

    Wen Xinya acted like she did not see it.

    Grandpa knitted his brows and glanced at Wen Yuya, then shifted his glance towards Ning Shuqing. His stern glare brought a hint of coldness. "You joined the Wen Family for 15 years, but not only did you not expand the family, but you are also unfilial. At this point, I can only hope that you put all your efforts into taking care of Xinya. After all, she is the Wen Family's only heir."

    Grandpa's words were stern, causing Ning Shuqing's face to turn white. She forced herself to keep her smile. "Father, since Xinya returned, I treated her like she was my own daughter. If you do not believe me, you can ask Haowen."

    Wen Haowen glanced at his wife, whose face was white with a grievance. Those eyes of hers that held autumn's water seemed to be brimming with tears, brightening with every passing second. She had an enchanting, flirtatious feeling, and he felt the heat of his own passion. "Father, even though she did not give the Wen family an heir, ever since Shuqing married into our family, she gave her best effort into taking care of you and Mother. She's been taking care of Xinya wholeheartedly since Xinya returned. How could you speak to her like that!"

    Going against him in front of the whole family made Grandpa livid with rage. "Scoundrel! You…"

    Grandma saw that both father and son were about to quarrel, so she quickly stepped in. "Alright, Haowen, your father is getting old, so don't provoke him." She also saw that Ning Shuqing's eyes were filled with indignation. "Shuqing, don't you know to diffuse the situation, seeing that Haowen went against his father for you?" Then, Grandma lowered her voice to pacify Grandpa. "Old Wen, you are already old. Where are you getting this temper from? Be careful of your health."

    Grandpa shot Ning Shuqing a meaningful glance. "After eating, bring Xinya to buy some fitting clothing and let her dress up a little. She has been back for a week already but is still wearing Ruya's clothes. Their figures are different, so wearing Ruya's clothes are not a fit for her. I thought you, as her stepmother, would have thought of it. I never thought this old man would have to point it out."

    Obviously an insult, Wen Haowen reddened, and then he glanced at Wen Xinya. He only now realized that her dress was too big for her, as he then pretended to cough and hardened his face. "Father is right. This is your mistake as a stepmother. Later, keep Ruya's belongings in a guest room. Buy whatever Xinya needs for her everyday use using my own money."

    A gloomy look flashed in Ning Shuqing's eyes, and her expression was distress at its maximum. She forced a smile and said, "Father, this is all because of my negligence, causing such an inconvenience to Xinya." She then looked at Xinya once more and apologized. "Xinya, ever since you returned you kept yourself to your room. Aunt Ning did not know how to interact with you, causing this oversight. You wouldn't be angry at Aunt Ning, would you?!"