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Chapter 7 - Nemesis

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 7: Nemesis

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    At 10 o'clock, Ning Shuqian went out with Wen Xinya and Wen Yuya. Grandpa had arranged for his own personal driver, Old Tao, to send them.

    They arrived shortly at Pearl Mall and saw Xia Ruya at the entrance.

    Xia Ruya wore a lotus green dress tailor-made by Fan Sizhe. Matched with an entire set of diamond jewelry, she looked slender and elegant.

    Even if Xia Ruya was back to square one, she continued to have a good life. Everyone will have a nemesis in their lifetime. Just like Xia Ruya was Wen Xinya's nemesis.

    Wen Xinya had a faint rose-shaped birthmark on her chest. When her mother Mo Yunyao passed away soon after giving birth, everyone was devastated and had not paid much attention to the newborn baby. It was that moment of negligence that caused a tragedy that lasted 15 years. The newborn Wen Xinya was carried away by an enemy and abandoned at a club's entrance.

    The Wen Family used up all their resources to trace their precious little granddaughter. After three years, they finally found a female baby with a faint rose-shaped birthmark on her chest. Because of how much they had missed their lost granddaughter, they immediately took this baby girl back and named her Wen Ruya without even doing any DNA tests.

    Wen Ruya had a minor accident at the age of 14 and required a blood transfusion due to a huge amount of blood loss. Her blood belonged to a rare Rh-negative type, and the hospital did not have such a blood type in their reserve. The hospital had asked the members of the Wen Family for help, but not one in the family nor the late Madam Wen had the Rh-negative blood type. It was at that moment they realized Wen Ruya was not the granddaughter they were looking for.

    However, Wen Ruya knew how to turn things to her advantage. Though she wasn't the Wen Family's granddaughter, she continually made Grandma happy, so she did not mind if Ruya wasn't her genuine granddaughter. On the other hand, old Mr. Wen didn't want to give up looking for his lost descendant. He also had a sense of guilt towards Wen Ruya and therefore secretly helped her look for her lost family.

    Due to the rarity of the Rh-negative blood type, they easily traced her back to the Xia Family. Xia Ruya was the illegitimate daughter of Xia Haolin, the CEO of the Xia Emporium Group.

    The Xia Emporium Group had malls built in every corner of the country. Though the Xia Family was considered wealthy, they were incomparable to the Wen Family's wealth. The Xia Family quickly agreed to fetch Xia Ruya back on the accord that the Wen Family groom her to be a well-mannered and elegant young girl for many years. Furthermore, this would be a good excuse for them to be connected to the prestigious Wen Family. They even wanted to please the Wen Family by just changing Ruya's surname to Xia and not the original name the Wen Family gave her.

    Xia Ruya always had lady luck on her side. After living a life of high status for 12 years, she continued to be a wealthy family's daughter even after she had to leave the Wen Family.

    Xia Ruya happily walked towards Wen Xinya and the rest when she saw them. She said excitedly, "Aunt Ning, Yuya, Xinya, I'm glad to see you here. Shall we go shopping together?"

    Wen Xinya laughed with sarcasm in her heart. She knew it was not a coincidence to see Xia Ruya here. It must be Ning Shuqian who had informed her.

    Ning Shuqian showed an expression of unwillingness and glanced towards Wen Xinya's direction. She said, "We're here today for Xinya. We need to get her clothes and other accessories, therefore…"

    Wen Xinya grinned and thought to herself: By saying that Ning Shuqian wanted to bring out the contrast between Xia Ruya's gracefulness and Wen Xinya's uncouthness.

    Wen Yuya was happy to see her too. She tightly held Xia Ruya's arm and said, "Sister Ruya, what a coincidence! You have such an affinity with the Wen Family that we ran into each other even on the streets."

    Wen Xinya felt disgusted watching these three women's acting. She then said with sarcasm, "Of course there's a strong affinity, so strong that she had been an adopted daughter to the Wen Family for 12 years."

    Xia Ruya did not expect to hear this. Her head drooped with a sense of wrongness and said, "Xinya, I know you dislike me and think I was the one who took everything from you. But it wasn't my fault! I was also very sad when I had to leave my beloved Grandpa, Grandma, Father, and Aunt, as well as my dearest little sister."

    Wen Yuya could not stand it any further. She stared at Wen Xinya, blaming her, "Wen Xinya, you think you have truly become the Wen Family's eldest daughter? Look at you. Your uncivilized behavior does not even make you close to being part of the Wen Family. You are just a little gangster from the streets. But Sister Ruya is different. Although she isn't the real Wen Family's daughter, she is so much better than you! Do you really think you have become a phoenix? You are just a little sparrow in disguise."

    Pearl Mall was a well-known luxurious shopping mall. It was frequented by the wealthy. In her previous lifetime, Ning Shuqian and Wen Yuya had brought her there as well. And similarly, they had also met Xia Ruya there. After exchanging a few sarcastic and offensive words, the previous Wen Xinya could not hold her temper and started fighting with Xia Ruya on the spot, thus attracting a lot of attention. It was at that time that she got a bad reputation for being a shrew, and then became a laughing stock to the other wealthy ladies.

    With no expression on her face, Wen Xinya said to the both of them, "Sister Yuya, why are you agitated? I have not finished my sentence. I mean to say that since the Wen Family can have one daughter, of course we wouldn't mind having another one."

    These words drove Wen Yuya mad. She looked at Wen Xinya's expressionless face and really felt like giving her a hard slap!

    Meanwhile, Xia Ruya was observing Wen Xinya closely. She noticed the change in Wen Xinya overnight. She was able to keep her cool and stand quietly. Her face was clear of cosmetics, showing her real beauty from within. This reminded Xia Ruya of the old viburnum tree in the Wen Family's old mansion. Wen Xinya was beautiful, calm and pure, just like that tree.

    Realizing that her initial plan to shame Wen Xinya had failed, Ning Shuqian stepped up and pulled Wen Yuya aside, worried that she might embarrass herself at a public place. She added, "We are going upstairs to help Xinya select a few nice outfits. Ruya, do join us!"

    Xia Ruya replied with a smile, "I haven't shopped with Aunt Ning for ages. I would definitely like to join you!" She then turned to Wen Xinya and said, "Xinya, you wouldn't mind, would you?"

    Wen Xinya frowned slightly, "Aunt Ning is our elder. I have no objectives since it's her idea."

    Ning Shuqian happily pulled Xia Ruya along. She said, "Ruya has an eye for style. Her comments will be useful! I am already over 30. My taste for clothes would be different from younger girls like you."

    Wen Yuya also went up close to Xia Ruya and exclaimed, "Indeed! Sister Ruya has good taste. She has helped me to choose a lot of nice outfits."

    The three of them spoke with perfect synchronization, leaving Wen Xinya behind all by herself. Wen Xinya didn't mind. She would just enjoy their act.