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Chapter 8 - Where Did That Smell Come From? Did You Brush Your Teeth?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 8: Where Did That Smell Come From? Did You Brush Your Teeth?

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    Ning Shuqian brought the girls to a shop named Jo-ramst. It was a luxury brand owned by the Wen Corporation that was nominated as one of the top 10 international luxurious brands. The brand carried products like clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, ladies' shoes, jewelry and purses that were extremely popular.

    Speaking of this brand, it had a great association with Wen Xinya. When Mo Yunyao was pregnant with the eldest grandchild of the Wen Family, old Mr. Wen had high expectations for the child regardless of the gender. Therefore, he created the Jo-ramst brand.

    For the past 15 years, this luxury brand successfully created its own trend by strictly following Country Z's traditional and contemporary clothing style. It had since become one of the top brands in the world.

    Wen Xinya looked lost. Ning Shuqian thought to herself sarcastically:

    Wen Yuya sneered. "Do you know what is the name of this brand?"

    Wen Xinya responded replied, "Sister Yuya, you know French? You are indeed knowledgeable."

    Wen Yuya was stunned. This brand's name was French, but she knew nothing about French. But how could she not be aware of the brand since it was owned by the Wen Corporation?

    Xia Ruya held Wen Yuya gently by her arm and smilingly said, "Sister Yuya doesn't know anything about French, but she frequently shops at Jo-ramst and therefore knows this brand well."

    Having Xia Ruya speaking up for her, Wen Yuya became arrogant again and mocked Wen Xinya. "This is one of the brand luxury shops belonging to the Wen Corporation. I bet this is the first time you're here!"

    Knowing Wen Yuya's intention to scoff at her, Wen Xinya didn't mind at all. She looked at Ning Shuqian and smiled. "I will need to trouble Aunt Ning to bring me here more frequently in the future so that I can catch up with the trend."

    Ning Shuqian turned stiff. She tried to hide it quickly by pulling Wen Xinya's hand gently with a wide, warm smile. "Yes, of course! Your mother has passed away, and since I am your stepmother, I will definitely bring you out shopping more frequently!"

    Noticing that they were in a public area, Ning Shuqian knew she had to present herself well.

    Wen Yuya clenched her teeth tightly and stared at Wen Xinya, hating her to the core!

    Xia Ruya was shocked to find out that the actual Wen Family's eldest daughter had only returned home for barely a week and could already completely adapt and blend into the lifestyle of an affluent family. The old uncouth Wen Xinya who was full of vulgarity and vicious words and got into fights easily had totally disappeared.

    Ning Shuqian brought them into the shop.

    A shop assistant came forward and greeted them enthusiastically. "Welcome, Madam Wen and the two young Misses Wen! How can I assist you today?" She wore a tight-fitting black outfit.

    The two "young Misses Wen" she greeted were Xia Ruya and Wen Yuya. Wen Xinya was walking behind, wearing a dress that did not even fit her. She was being completely ignored.

    Wen Yuya whispered to Wen Xinya cockily, "See? I was right! You're just an unworthy sparrow. Don't ever think you can become a phoenix. You are not even fit to be compared to Sister Ruya. You don't possess a single bit of the aura of a Wen Family's daughter. Having you visit such a luxurious shop just enhances your unworthiness."

    Wen Xinya suddenly turned away and used her hands to fan in front of her nose. She blurted out, "It stinks! Where did that smell come from? Sister Yuya, did you brush your teeth this morning?!"

    Wen Yuya turned pale with anger and tried to rebuke. "You… You…"

    Ning Shuqian tugged Wen Yuya lightly and introduced Wen Xinya with a broad smile. "This is our Wen Family's eldest daughter, Wen Xinya!"

    The shop assistant looked puzzled. She thought to herself: As a shop assistant, she had to be far more observant than anyone else. This was the first time she saw Wen Xinya and had already noticed her natural beauty and elegance within despite her wearing a loose dress that barely fitted her.

    She immediately shifted her attention without feeling embarrassed about her mistake, as she then said to Wen Xinya with a wide smile, "Welcome, Miss Wen!"

    Wen Xinya nodded lightly.

    The shop assistant then looked at Xia Ruya, wondering about her identity. Wen Yuya gave the shop assistant a hard stare and said in an arrogant tone, "What are you looking at? Though Sister Ruya is not part of the Wen Family, she is still the prestigious daughter of the owner of the Xia Emporium Group. She is still much worthier than you."

    The shop assistant remained calm with a smile on her face. But she knew in her heart that the Xia Emporium Group and the Wen Corporation were far apart in terms of size and wealth.

    Xia Ruya felt a little embarrassed. She signaled for Wen Yuya to stop and tried turning the attention back to Wen Xinya, saying, "Xinya, do you have in mind which type of clothes you like? Do you need any recommendations?"

    Wen Xinya shook her head. "I'd like to decide on my own. I can make better choices of clothing that suit me best."

    In such a situation, Ning Shuqian had to display her demeanor as a stepmother. She said in agreement, "Sure, go ahead and make your own selection. We are here to help if you need us."

    Ning Shuqian was harboring the intention of letting Wen Xinya make a fool of herself. After all, what good of a choice could a green and inexperienced boorish bitch make?

    Wen Xinya nodded and started walking towards the shelves to choose an outfit for herself and quickly found a light-blue mini-skirt that she liked.

    The shop assistant exclaimed, "Miss Wen has a very nice curvy figure that captures attention, especially your legs! They display all the gracefulness that a woman should possess. I've never seen such a perfect pair of legs!"

    Wen Xinya wasn't tall and slim like Wen Yuya, nor was she as voluptuous as Xia Ruya, but she had a nice bone structure, a long neck of a swan, and a rounded, petite shoulder. Though she was not as busty as she should be at her age, she had an attractive slim waist and a young and innocent aura.

    She had a pair of long slim legs that glowed and looked as pure as ivory. She was able to carry herself well in these legs and they brought out the sexiness in her.

    It reminded Ning Shuqian of Mo Yunyao, and she suddenly felt a sense of unconcealable fear. Trying to remain in her usual gentle outer self, she remarked. "This outfit looks really nice on Xinya!"

    In the beginning, Wen Haowen had chosen to marry Mo Yunyao over her. Mo Yunyao had a better family background and was more presentable and prettier than Ning Shuqian. After Ning Shuqian entered the Wen Family as Haowen's wife, the media made numerous comparisons between the two. Therefore, Mo Yunyao was her most hated person.

    The shop assistant tried to be sensitive. She wasn't sure if the compliment was directed to Wen Xinya or the outfit.

    Xia Ruya bit her lip in abomination. She then said with reluctance, "Xinya is indeed beautiful." She could sense Wen Xinya's beauty when she first saw her. However, at that time Wen Xinya was behaving in an unrefined manner and bad temper. This behavior was a mismatch to her beauty. Now that she was a changed person, Xia Ruya felt a strong sense of shame.

    Wen Yuya criticized. "The saying that ‘the clothes make the man' is true indeed. Even if worn by a mother hen, such a beautiful outfit would still be able to bring out the elegance in her."

    Little did Wen Yuya expect that a bitch like Wen Xinya could look stunning after dressing up. She felt a strong hatred and jealousy in her heart.