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Chapter 10 - The Mysterious Man

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 10: The Mysterious Man

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    Retro long dresses were simple and elegant. They looked fresh and enchanting. Wen Xinya was immediately attracted to this batch of long dresses. She chose a light-green colored dress with peach-blossoms of her size and went on into the fitting room.

    Wen Xinya got changed and came out very quickly. The shop assistant couldn't believe her eyes. Green was such a seductive color, but it matched Wen Xinya so well that it was as if it was custom-made just for her. The dress brought out the class and charm in her. The shop assistant added, "You look nice! Adding some matching accessories should make it better. Please wait a while, let me pick a few accessories to go with this dress."

    The shop assistant came to the accessories section that was right beside the rest area. She saw the VIP customer who came in the morning. He was standing at the accessories section browsing around.

    That customer looked dark, cold, and malicious, thus the shop assistant kept a distance from him. She didn't even have the courage to look up at him in the eyes.

    She secretly stared at his hands. He had nice long fingers with some long fingernails. From his actions, these fingers looked hard and felt as if there were some unlimited powers hidden within.

    Within a couple of minutes, the man had already selected at least five pieces of accessories, including headwear, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

    The shop assistant caught herself drifting and suddenly realized she was here to pick up some accessories for Miss Wen. She then hurriedly resumed her actions to pick the accessories from the shelf.

    Jo-ramst was a brand that carried nostalgic clothing that followed Country Z's traditional style. It also had a lot of matching retro-styled jewelry and accessories. Therefore, this brand was extremely popular amongst the ladies of the upper class. Moreover, the jewelry shop owned by the Wen Corporation was also well known internationally. Both their articles of clothing and jewelry were often sold in matching pieces. The shop assistant focused her attention on the shelf that displayed jade. She thought:

    "Give these accessories to Miss Wen," said the man in a thin but powerful voice, sounding distant.

    "Yes!" The shop assistant took over the tray of accessories. When she looked up at the man, he had already left the rest area through its glass door. She watched the back of the man slowly disappearing away from her as he moved away in steady steps.

    Who was this man? What was his relationship with Miss Wen and why did he choose the accessories for her?

    The shop assistant examined the accessories in the tray. These pieces were the main selection for the current season. They were sold in this shop because it was the shop with the top sales in the entire country.

    Selecting matching accessories to go with the outfits was one of the successful sales strategies used by the Wen Corporation. On the one hand, it attracted customers. And on the other hand, it also helped to promote new jewelry. Therefore, this branch had the opportunity to display the most expensive and newest selection of each season's trend.

    This shop even carried one of the most expensive jewelry that the entire corporation had on sale—the pigeon-blood ruby.

    The shop assistant returned with the tray of accessories in a daze. Miss Wen was already trying a second outfit. It was a yellow long skirt, with a white petals design. She looked so pure and innocent, exactly like what a 15-year-old should be.

    "Miss Wen, a man has selected these five pieces of accessories on your behalf. Please see if you like them," said the shop assistant while putting the tray on a white marble table with a light-purple orchid design.

    Wen Xinya asked curiously, "Man? What man?"

    The shop assistant said with a puzzled look on her face, "He was quite tall, and had a very decent and simple look. I'm not sure who he is, but he doesn't seem to be an ordinary man."

    Wen Xinya just returned to the Wen Family. For the past 15 years, she had only seen gangsters and lower-income people who were always slogging away, not including those from her previous life. After hearing the shop assistant's description of the man, he seemed to be someone with wealth and influence. Wen Xinya thought it was unlikely that she knew someone with such status. Therefore, she didn't give extra thought and focused on the accessories in the tray.

    There it was, the pigeon-blood ruby sitting right in the tray. It looked like the ruby was covered in bright red pigeon's blood, glowing and as bright as a burning flame. The burning flame effect was greatly enhanced by the way it was polished.

    These pieces of jewelry added up to 10-carat of gems. Combining the cost of all these earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet, and the most expensive pigeon-blood ruby, they were worth a total of 10 million plus dollars…

    Wen Xinya's heart sank. She knew the prices of these pieces of jewelry was much more than she could afford.

    After taking a quick glance, she looked away and said, "Just help me find some simple accessories."

    The shop assistant suddenly recovered from her trance. She realized she had made a big mistake. She knew that if Miss Wen had wanted all the five pieces of jewelry, she would have a hard time explaining to the management. Although this shop belonged to the Wen Corporation, Miss Wen would still have to pay for the items she bought. Even if she was given a 50% discount, these few pieces would still have cost a bomb. She would not be able to make such a big decision on the shop's behalf.

    She then selected some other matching accessories that could match Wen Xinya's status.

    Wen Xinya was pretty satisfied.

    Apart from outfits, Wen Xinya also selected matching shoes and bags to go with.

    When Ning Shuqian received the bill from the cashier, her face turned as black as coal, because she was the one to foot the bill. The billed items included clothing, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, perfume, and a hat. It cost her over two hundred thousand dollars even after a 50% discount.

    She turned to look at Wen Xinya who was still hanging out at the perfume area. Grinding her teeth with anger, she passed her credit card to the cashier for payment.

    Wen Yuya was mad too. "Father gave you a credit card this morning, didn't he? Why don't you pay the bill yourself?" she reprimanded.

    Wen Xinya looked sorry and uncertain as she replied, "I am not sure as I have just returned to the Wen Family. Father had asked Aunt Ning to get me new outfits this morning. Grandpa also asked Aunt Ning to take care of me. I…"

    As Ning Shuqian noticed that the employees of the shop were watching, she then instantly told Wen Yuya off. "Yuya, how can you say that? Although Xinya isn't my birth daughter, there is nothing wrong with me buying things for her as a stepmother. Quickly apologize to your sister."

    Wen Yuya was full of hatred. She looked at Wen Xinya and apologized reluctantly, "I… am… sorry!"

    Wen Xinya gave a cold smile without saying anything. She kept challenging Wen Yuya not because she felt that she was stupid, but because she had a quick-witted mother.

    Xia Ruya tried to break the awkward silence by saying, "Xinya has just returned to the Wen Family, so I guess she hasn't bought any daily necessities. Let's go to the female section and see if there's anything she needs."

    Ning Shuqian appreciated Xia Ruya's quick thinking. Xia Ruya was indeed a sweetheart to the Wen Family. She grew up in the family and always knew when to do the right thing. It was no wonder Grandma liked her so much. Ning Shuqian added, "Of course, let's go to another shop. Although she is the eldest daughter of the Wen Family, she shouldn't be only wearing brands that belong to the Wen Corporation."