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Chapter 11 - Sorry, I Dont Really Know How to Use Cutlery and Nearly Hurt You

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 11: Sorry, I Don't Really Know How to Use Cutlery and Nearly Hurt You

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    At this moment, a lady in her mid-thirties dressed in a blue suit hurried into the store. The shop assistants greeted her one after another. "Hello, Manager!"

    The woman nodded, commanding the shop assistant who was previously serving Wen Xinya. "Take the five pieces of jewelry that Miss Wen had seen previously and wrap them up. In a while, we will send them to the Wens' mansion for Miss Wen. She must receive them personally."

    The shop assistant was surprised, suddenly realizing that the total cost of the five accessories would amount close to a million dollars. What did the manager mean by wrapping them up? Even with thoughts like these, she was not slow, quickly wrapping the valuable pieces of jewelry up exquisitely.

    This was when Ning Shuqing had already paid, and the cashier was handing over the receipt to Ning Shuqing. Ning Shuqing instructed the shop assistant to deliver the things to the Wen Mansion. Although she was distressed, she could use this chance to ask Haowen for reimbursement. At the same time, she could portray herself as gentle and generous in front of Old Mr. Wen, so she had to perform well today.

    Then, the shop's manager walked over elegantly. "Missus Wen! How come you have the time to come here today?"

    Ning Shuqing was a regular of this store, so she was very acquainted with the store manager, Li Mengjie, who was a competent woman. Ning Shuqing did not dare to look down on her. "Today's main agenda was to accompany Xinya shopping for some clothes."

    As she spoke, she pulled Wen Xinya closer and introduced. "This is our Wen Family's eldest daughter, Wen Xinya. She just returned to the Wen Family a few days ago."

    Li Mengjie smiled and reached out. "Hello, Miss Wen. I'm this store's manager, Li Mengjie."

    Li Mengjie sized up the Miss Wen in front of her, who was wearing the goose-yellow gauze skirt she just bought. The hem of the long skirt was sewn with light blue flower patterns, bringing about a sense of delicateness and vigor. She paired her outfit with an apple-green jade ornament, portraying an aura of certainty.

    Li Mengjie subtly glanced at Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya. Wen Yuya had a tall frame, choosing to play the beautiful character, looking much older than she actually was when she dressed up. Xia Ruya took the elegant path of grandeur, dressing appropriately but lacking the youthfulness a 15-year-old girl should have.

    When one dresses according to their age, one puts themselves in a position that suits them best. This Miss Wen is not simple-minded!

    Wen Xinya was not bothered by Li Mengjie's evaluation of her, gently shaking the tip of her hand and greeting her back. "Manager Li, hello!"

    "Next month we will have a new batch of the latest designs. Miss Wen, be sure to come and take a look." Li Mengjie announced.

    "Of course!" Though she had no idea why this store manager was so attentive towards her, naturally, she did not know how to reject such a friendly invitation.

    Li Mengjie watched Wen Xinya leave the store with an odd expression on her face. Long after they had left, she finally turned to her employees and instructed. "The next time Miss Wen is here, take the utmost care in serving her needs. There is no room for carelessness."

    With regards to the drama happening within the Wen Family, it had already started circulating within their social circle. Everyone was extremely curious about the legitimate eldest daughter of the Wen Family.

    Her 15 years of history was dug out by people, and even the high society could differentiate between rumors and the truth were spreading about Missy Wen's unruliness, bad temper, and extravagant habits. She was not like the other young daughters of wealthy, classy families. She was more like a little hooligan of the streets. She was just a fraud.

    However, it was apparent that the rumors were not true. If the Miss Wen now and the Miss Wen from before were to stand together, one with an appearance of grace, the other with a spirit of elegance, which is to say which is the better one? Only those with an excellent eye would be able to tell.

    To be able to be that person, Miss Wen's value as a person naturally rose.

    Dawdling for a while, Ning Shuqian brought Wen Xinya to a western cuisine restaurant. Wen Xinya eyes lit up with ridicule. In the morning she avoided embarrassment, but now this?

    Looking at the cutlery and the 70% cooked steak in front of her, Wen Xinya laughed and said to Xia Ruya, "Ruya, I just returned to the Wen Family and have yet to learn how to use western cutlery. Do you mind helping me cut the steak?"

    Xia Ruya had to present herself as a gentle and kind person at all times so she would not refuse her.

    Xia Ruya's face stiffened a little, then smiled. "Sure!"

    The knife in Ning Shuqian's hand paused for a bit, as she lifted her head to look towards Wen Xinya. Her gaze was soft as dawn, but when she felt her gaze on her, she turned slightly towards her. In her eyes, there was a shocking coldness.

    Ning Shuqian withdrew her gaze. How could a 15-year-old young girl have such a scary gaze? It must be her imagination. With that thought in mind, she looked at Xinya with her peripheral vision. Sure enough, this time, Wen Xinya had taken up the knife and fork and was copying Xia Ruya exactly.

    Wen Yuya's eyes were filled with disdain. "The dignified Miss Wen cannot even cut up a steak by herself. She doesn't even know a single thing about western etiquette. This is beyond hilarious."

    At this, the knife in Wen Xinya's hand actually slipped and flew towards Wen Yuya!

    Ning Shuqian was greatly shocked and shouted. "Yuya!"

    Wen Yuya was so shocked that all the color drained from her face. In her panic to dodge, she accidentally brushed the cup in front of her onto the floor. The loud sound echoed in the profound western restaurant in seconds. Even though there were not many people around in the afternoon, there were still a few tables filled, and the commotion had attracted everyone's attention immediately.

    Wen Yuya burned a bright shade of red, but then saw that the knife that had made her cower in fear was stuck right in front of her. Under the crystal lights, the refraction of the blade shone harshly.

    Wen Yuya panicked and looked at Ning Shuqian with a wronged expression. Ning Shuqian turned pale. She was quite sure that Wen Xinya, that little b*tch, did it on purpose. "Xinya, how could you be so careless? What if the knife landed on Yuya's body and hurt Yuya?"

    Wen Xinya looked at Wen Yuya with eyes filled with regret. "Aunt Ning, I'm really sorry. I'm not good with the cutlery, so with a slip of the hand, I nearly hurt Yuya. I hope you will not mind." She then turned to Wen Yuya with a sincere look and said, "Sister Yuya, I'm sorry."

    "You obviously did it on purpose," said Wen Yuya angrily.

    Xia Ruya hurried to comfort her. "Sister Yuya, don't you love the steak from this restaurant? The steak is turning cold, and when it's cold, it will not be as good."

    Wen Yuya was prepared to say something, but the look in Ning Shuqian's eyes stopped her.

    After being played by Wen Xinya like that, a western meal that was originally delicious tasted like wax in the mouth now. The soft, comfortable sofa felt as uncomfortable as though she was sitting on needles. She would never dare to bring her to another western restaurant.

    At this time, Xia Ruya had cut up the steak and served it to Wen Xinya. "Xinya, do you want me to teach you western etiquette?"

    "No need, in two days Grandpa will arrange an etiquette instructor for me." Wen Xinya hid a sense of warning in her voice. Yesterday, Xia Ruya still provoked her about everything. Today, it was evident that she was on the same team with Ning Shuqian and her daughter, but afterward, she acted like a bystander, taking no sides. Now she was even voluntarily offering her help? It looks like she had underestimated her.