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Chapter 16 - Xinya, Would You Like to Go Abroad?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 16: Xinya, Would You Like to Go Abroad?

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    "Father!" Wen Xinya cried while holding back her tears. She had already experienced in her previous life the heartless treatment from the Wen Family. She thought she wouldn't mind this time, yet she couldn't help but feel a strong sense of humiliation, anger, and resentment.

    What wrong have I done? I was not given any opportunity to prove myself before I was condemned.

    Wen Haowen saw how plain and simple Wen Xinya dressed, and the charm and poise she possessed. The tears welling up in her eyes was as clear as the morning dew. The movement of her quivering eyelashes was like petals of a flower exposed in the cold wind of winter. She looked helpless and pitiful. He was reminded of his late wife, as if she was there standing outside the study room hearing every word he said. He instantly felt at a loss.

    However, that feeling of loss was quickly replaced by anger. "The adults are talking, why are you eavesdropping at the door? You have no manners," he reprimanded.

    Wen Xinya closed her eyes slowly. A drop of tear fell from her eyes onto her cheek and then slid down onto her lips. She could taste the bitterness and pain…

    She told herself, this would be the last time she'd shed a tear for the Wen Family.

    When she finally opened her eyes, she saw brightness with some refraction from the tears, like dew from the snowflake. She bitterly said, "Yes, I have no manners indeed. That's because of you… because the Wen Family has never raised and taught me before."

    Therefore you have no right to blame me for it!

    Wen Haowen interpreted her words and expression. He became even angrier. "You ungrateful child! Is there anything wrong with me lecturing you as your Father?"

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, "Father has every right to lecture me."

    Wen Haowen's words instantly lost power in her plain and calm reply, as if punching a piece of cotton. He swung his arms backward and stomped off.

    The door of the study room was opened once again. Old Madam Wen barged out in anger and saw Wen Xinya standing by the door. "All because of you, the Wen Family has not had any peace. Are you happy now?" she asked coldly.

    Wen Xinya was flustered. She replied while shaking her head. "Grandma, I…"

    Just when Old Madam Wen was going to continue with her lecture, they heard the voice of Old Mr. Wen from the study room. He sighed. "Xinya, come on in!"

    Wen Xinya gave Old Madam Wen an apologetic look and walked into the room dropping her head. "Grandpa, you haven't had your breakfast yet. I have brought it here for you," she said.

    Old Mr. Wen saw sorrow on her face. She was acting with caution as if she was an outsider. He knew she heard their conversation. "I have no appetite. I'm not having breakfast," he answered.

    After some consideration, Haowen's suggestion to send Xinya abroad wasn't a bad one, even though his original intention was selfish and ruthless, and it might actually be beneficial to both the Wen Corporation and Xinya. The education system abroad was indeed better than the local one. Letting her receive education abroad and experience a different culture might do her good. It could also be a good chance for Old Mr. Wen to see if she could grow and transform into the true Wen Family's daughter, and hence be the Wen Corporation's heir.

    Wen Xinya lowered her head. Her eyelashes quivered and she remained silent.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed. "Xinya, would you…"

    Would you like to go abroad?

    Wen Xinya looked up at her Grandpa abruptly and interrupted. "Grandpa, I heard from Mother Wang by chance that I have a maternal grandfather. Grampy. I think I would like to meet him."

    It seemed like Grandpa was already shaken. He sounded as if he was asking for her opinion, but in his heart, he was almost convinced by Wen Haowen's suggestion. It was hard for Wen Xinya to get Grandpa's approval and support, thus she couldn't let Ning Shuqian create more obstacles by sending her abroad. Staying with her Grampy for a while might be a way out.

    Wen Haowen and Ning Shuqian's original intention was to send Wen Xinya abroad. However, they didn't manage to convince Grandpa, thus Ning Shuqian would definitely try other methods to get rid of her. At the thought of what Ning Shuqian did to her in her previous life, doing all she could to chase Wen Xinya out of the Wen Family, she felt bitterly disappointed and tired of having to constantly raise her guard. This probably would also give her an opportunity to avoid Ning Shuqian for the time being.

    After saying that, Wen Xinya felt a little more courage on her own decision. She looked at Grandpa and repeated her intention, "Grandpa, I would like to stay with Grampy for a short period of time."

    From the memory of her previous life, Wen Xinya knew that her father was very afraid of her Grampy. Many had fear and respect for Grampy too, for he was highly regarded in the literary world. If she stayed with her Grampy, Wen Haowen wouldn't dare to insist his way on Wen Xinya. And no matter how scheming Ning Shuqian was, she too wouldn't insist on her way without Wen Haowen's support.

    Grandpa had an even greater sense of guilt towards Wen Xinya's for her understanding and making approaches to give in. If Ning Shuqian continued to hatch any evil plans in the future, Grandpa would be more decisive and firm, and not let her have her way easily.

    Old Mr. Wen was taken aback. The silence went on for a while, until he took a deep breath and then replied, "Okay, your Grampy called me a few days ago, saying he wanted to see you. But I rejected him as you had just returned. I was planning to let you meet him after some time when you're settled. I've not thought about…"

    He did not continue. Wen Xinya did not mention anything about the earlier conversation in the study room, so he wouldn't bring it up either. Although Old Mr. Wen had the intention to send her abroad, he would still respect her decision. Now that she had suggested that she wanted to stay in the Mo Family, he would definitely give his approval.

    "Thank you, Grandpa! Mother Wang told me I was Grampy's only kin. I had always wanted to visit him. Now my wish has come true," said Wen Xinya with a smile, but her voice was shaking with sadness and tears in her eyes were being held back. It was as if her tears had strong determination like her, welling up in her eyes without falling down.

    She was saving her Grandpa from embarrassment despite her own bitterness. Old Mr. Wen had mixed feelings for his granddaughter. He said, "It's great that you can accompany your Grampy. He only had a daughter, but ever since your mother passed away, he has no other family. Previously, he and Ru… also weren't close at all."

    "I will accompany Grampy more often and show filial piety to him on Mother's behalf," she said with resentment in her voice. She was able to see things from a different perspective after rebirth. In her previous life, it was Ning Shuqian, Wen Yuya and Xia Ruya who pushed her towards a path of no return. If the Wen Family hadn't placed the priority of their interests and benefits over everything, she could have a different outcome.

    Old Mr. Wen felt consoled. "You are a good child!" he said.

    Wen Xinya continued to fight her tears in silence.

    Looking at her drooping head and shoulders, Old Mr. Wen felt a sense of injustice. "Your Grampy is a very knowledgeable man, I am sure you will learn a great deal from him," he continued, as if trying to further convince himself.

    "I… I know!"

    Old Mr. Wen pulled her into his arms, fondling her head and saying, "I am old and useless. There are many things in the family that I have no say anymore, hence letting you suffer. Let me get Mother Wang to start packing for you. I'll send you over to Grampy later."

    Wen Xinya just returned to the Wen Family. She was well aware that she had not done anything to impress her Grandpa yet. And Grandpa had doubts if she could really ditch her past and live up to everyone's expectations, becoming the true Wen Family's daughter. So he had chosen to abandon her temporarily.