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Chapter 22 - Plans for Learning

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 22: Plans for Learning

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    On the next day morning, Wen Xinya rose early at 6 am. She pulled the curtain that was embroidered with flowers and birds and gently opened the windows. An extended branch from the viburnum tree, beautiful with pure white flowers, appeared in front of her. Wen Xinya stretched herself out from the window and sniffed. She could smell the morning dew that carried a mild fragrance from the viburnum flowers. She felt refreshed as the fragrance captured her heart.

    She went to the bathroom to wash up after some light stretching. After 20 minutes she was in her tracksuit. She then went out from the back gate of the Mo Family’s bungalow and started jogging along the main road behind the bungalow.

    In her previous life, she smoked and abused drugs and alcohol, seriously degrading her health. After her rebirth, she knew better than anyone that health was the most important asset that one could have.

    After jogging for about an hour, Wen Xinya returned to the bungalow almost out of breath.

    After a bath and changing into new clothes, she heard Mother He calling her, “Young Mistress, breakfast is ready.”

    “I’ll be out in a while.” Wen Xinya looked at the young lady in the mirror. She looked young and healthy and had rosy cheeks after a good exercise. She smiled at her own reflection with satisfaction and stepped out of the room.

    Grampy and the rest were sitting around the dining table. Wen Xinya greeted everyone cheerfully. “Good morning, Grampy, Uncle Zhang, Mother He, Mother Jiang!”

    Old Master Mo saw her rosy cheeks and her beautiful eyes that gleamed with high spirits. He then commented with a smile, “Uncle Zhang mentioned you were up early to exercise. This is a very good habit. Maintaining a healthy body is good preparation for the fight ahead!”

    Wen Xinya stuck her tongue out. “Hmm, I know! Maintaining a healthy body is like having good capital for the fight ahead!”

    After breakfast, Wen Xinya accompanied Grampy on a stroll in the backyard. Though both remained silent, Wen Xinya enjoyed the peaceful ambiance.

    There was an indus tree in the backyard. The tree trunk had no burl, standing tall and huge. It had jade green leaves that branched out like a huge umbrella, looking majestic and magnificent. This indus tree had been through many seasons and remained sturdy. During spring and winter, its fallen leaves experienced the joy of integration with mother nature; during summer and autumn, it displayed its power of influence by providing shade under the heat. Indus tree knew the “leap year” and “autumn”. It also had a beautiful, legendary story. It was said that the Phoenix only landed on an indus tree. It was no ordinary tree.

    Old Master Mo asked, “Xinya, how do you see the Wen Family?”

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, “I will definitely return to the Wen Family.”

    “Do not force yourself. If you don’t wish to return you can stay with Grampy! Though Grampy might not be able to give you a huge amount of wealth, I will not provide you less than the Wen Family can. With Grampy’s care and protection, nobody from the Wen Family can bully you.” Old Master Mo looked at her innocent face, thinking how could he let his young granddaughter go back to the dragon and tiger’s den and suffer the fate of constant power struggle.

    Wen Xinya looked at Grampy with persistence in her eyes. “Grampy, I have already been to the dragon and tiger’s den. I will fight for what belongs to me. This is my principle in life and I will not give in easily by hiding behind your protection. I will become a tall and strong tree that no one is able to uproot. The people in the Wen Family can insult, ridicule, laugh or scold me. But I will prove to them that I am the one and only irreplaceable daughter of the Wen Family,” she said.

    She wanted those who had done her wrong to get what they deserved!

    “Great! This is how my granddaughter should be!” Old Master Mo felt consoled. If Wen Xinya had chosen to stay by his side, he would naturally continue to shower her with love and care. Now that she had chosen a different path, a path that would display her courage, he already perceived her differently.

    There was a sparkle in Wen Xinya’s eyes. “Of course! I am a tiger granddaughter who took after a tiger Grampy.”

    Old Master Mo couldn’t hide his laughter. “You little girl. Look at the way you’ve put it.”

    Wen Xinya replied, “You know what I meant.”

    Old Master Mo sighed. “Xinya, you are much stronger than your mother. She hated and avoided power-struggles, that’s why she ended up with nothing. It is only natural to compete for power in the human world. However, Grampy hopes that you do not lose your good heart in the presence of wealth and power. Do not be discouraged by failure, and do not become unscrupulous in order to achieve your goals.”

    “I’ll remember that, Grampy.” From her previous life experience, Wen Xinya understood the importance of the lesson Grampy was trying to teach her. In her previous life, she had a bad ending because she lost her good heart.

    Old Master Mo patted her hand with satisfaction. “What are your plans?”

    “I have drafted a plan for my own education. I want to complete my Secondary School Level Three’s studies in six months. In this way, I will be able to return to school in six months,” replied Wen Xinya.

    Old Master Mo frowned in doubt. “Within six months? Are you sure?”

    “Yes, I am absolutely sure!” Wen Xinya was confident in herself because she had already been through the courses for Secondary School in her previous life. Though her results weren’t excellent, but given a chance to learn again, she would be able to do it better this time. She had a good memory in her previous life, and she realized she had a better memory after rebirth. She was able to memorize simple articles just by reading them once. For articles with a higher level of difficulty, she might take two to three attempts before memorizing them. With the gift of good memory, it was almost like cheating.

    “Regarding learning, you can take it easy.” Though Old Master Mo hoped that she could achieve good results in her education, he didn’t want her to be over-ambitious.

    Wen Xinya looked at Grampy with confidence and sincerity. “Grampy, you gotta believe that your granddaughter isn’t so weak.”

    Seeing the firmness in her eyes, Old Master Mo recalled the natural charisma she displayed during dinner the previous night, thus his confidence in her grew. “Grampy believes in you,” he said.

    Wen Xinya saw the trust in Grampy’s eyes. It reminded her of how the Wen Family had rejected her. She started to understand and realize that if someone truly loved her, he would believe in her no matter what.

    Suddenly, Wen Xinya’s eyes glowed. “Grampy, why don’t you teach me about chess and music? In fact, I am very intelligent. Please give me some guidance,” she requested.

    Old Master Mo was taken aback by her ambition. “You want to complete three years’ worth of courses together with chess and music? That’s being too greedy. All these courses and activities take years to master and are best taught from a young age. You’re now overaged. If you can’t master anything, that is equivalent to not learning at all,” he said.

    Wen Xinya pulled Grampy’s arm coquettishly. “Grampy, setting big goals can greatly increase learning efficiency. I have to start learning as much as I can. Moreover, I am your granddaughter. Though I’m starting late, I have the intelligence. Who knows? I might be able to pick these skills up within a short time!”

    Old Master Mo finally gave in. “Since you have the intention to learn, I’ll teach you. You’ll realize what is called ‘hard work’.”

    Wen Xinya was elated and she kissed Grampy on his cheek.”Thank you, Grampy! You are the best!”

    Old Master Mo remembered that Yao-er growing up had not been this close to him. He was confused by Wen Xinya’s playful temperament.

    Right at this moment, Uncle Zhang walked towards them. “Master, Mr. Du is here. He is waiting for you at the living room,” he said.