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Chapter 26 - Who Dares to Grab It Away from Me?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 26: Who Dares to Grab It Away from Me?

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    After Ning Shuqian comforted Wen Yuya, she turned to look at Wen Xinya with warmth in her eyes. “Xinya, I apologize to you on Yuya’s behalf. She is just an outspoken child. Please do not hold it against her,” she said.

    Wen Xinya replied with a fake smile, “It is my fault. I have caused unnecessary worry to Aunt Ning and Sister Ruya since my return to the Wen Family. Please don’t hold it against me.”

    Compared to the ill-mannered Wen Yuya, Wen Xinya displayed a kind-hearted and easy-going temperament. This was the appropriate demeanor for the true daughter of the Wen Family. Ning Shuqian felt uneasy as if she had swallowed a fly. She could see the meanness in Wen Xinya’s eyes.

    It seemed like someone was praising Wen Xinya. Xia Ruya raised her head and saw Wen Xinya trying to conceal her smile, but continued to look pitiful. Xia Ruya immediately tried switching topics. “Xinya, there are quite a few new launches this month. In fact, the shop assistant just showed us a few pieces of long dresses that suit your size. They were asking about why you didn’t come with us. And what a coincidence, here you are!”

    Wen Xinya glanced at Xia Ruya. She really knew when to make advances and when to retreat. “Oh! Really? I will give it a try later,” she responded.

    Ning Shuqian looked at Xia Ruya with gratefulness and said, “Xinya, go on and try them out. If you like any of these dresses just ask the shop assistants to wrap them up for you.”

    It seemed that Ning Shuqian was hinting that she would be footing the bill. Wen Xinya thought she would be stupid not to take advantage. She replied without hesitation, “Thank you, Aunt Ning.”

    Wen Xinya turned around to make her selection.

    Ning Shuqian looked at Wen Xinya’s back with bitterness in her eyes.

    “Mother, why are you paying for her again?” Wen Yuya stared angrily at Wen Xinya who had her back facing them, wanting to swallow her alive.

    Ning Shuqian pulled her to the resting area where no one was around and explained to her with a frown, “How many times have I told you not to clash with Wen Xinya directly? You just won’t listen. Think about it, when have you ever successfully took advantage over her? Every time it was me who had to step in to save you after suffering a humiliation. Why can’t you just remember what I say?”

    Ning Shuqian did not want to have such a conversation with her daughter in a public place like this. However, she was also afraid that Wen Yuya might do further silly things later on. Thus, she had no choice.

    Wen Yuya felt sorry for herself. “Mother, didn’t you told me she was just another ‘fake Missus’ who just returned to the Wen Family and I wouldn’t have to care about her. Why are you asking me to leave her alone now?”

    “I didn’t expect this little bitch to be so difficult. I think there is something going on with her. Do you remember when she just returned to the Wen Family she was a rough and unrefined little girl? Her words and actions were full of vulgarity. We just had to be a little nice to her and she would treat us like her benefactors.”

    Wen Yuya agreed. “Mother, you are right. I feel there’s something weird going on with her too. She used to be simple-minded and believed in whatever I said. I even managed to trick her to go to Black Sunday without any difficulty! Soon after she seemed to become a totally changed person. Now she always goes against me in everything I say, as if there is great enmity between her and us.”

    At this instant, Wen Yuya suddenly got closer to Ning Shuqian. “Mother, do you think she knows something she shouldn’t?” she asked.

    “Impossible!” Ning Shuqian replied with firmness. In her mind, she suddenly recalled the scene where Wen Xinya left the Wen Family’s mansion. Wen Xinya whispered these words into her ear, The question is, “when”?

    “But, if she didn’t come to know of anything that she shouldn’t have, why the great enmity toward us? Previously it was still alright…”

    Ning Shuqian turned her head and look towards the fitting rooms’ area. She saw Wen Xinya wearing a light purple dress. Light purple represents mysterious and elegance. She looked even more radiant in this dress. Ning Shuqian suddenly felt she wasn’t able to read this person’s mind.

    She regretted her earlier suggestion to send Wen Xinya abroad. This gave her an opportunity to go to the Mo Family instead. Though if Wen Xinya continued to stay with the Wen Family, Ning Shuqian knew she would be unhappy living with her under the same roof, but at least she would be able to monitor and be aware of everything she did. Now that she was sent to live with the Mo Family, she had completely broken free from Ning Shuqian’s control.

    At the same time, Xia Ruya was also quietly observing Wen Xinya. She was graceful, calm and had a classy charisma. She was also decisive and had a good sense of taste with the clothes she chose, which were good fits for her and matched her style. Only someone who was used to shopping with such luxury brands over time could make such good choices.

    When she had just returned to the Wen Family, her behaviors were unrefined and rough. She acted exactly like how a street gangster would behave. Why the sudden change? Could it be that she was just putting an act previously?

    If this was true, then Wen Xinya would turn out to be a very scheming person.

    Wen Xinya tried one outfit after another. For those that fitted her nicely, she asked the shop assistants to add to her shopping cart.

    Women’s love for shoes was far stronger than for jewelry. This was the same for Wen Xinya. She noticed a pair of high-heeled shoes on display. It had a beautiful design without any accessories, its light golden surface glittered and looked glaring under the lights from the chandelier.

    “Miss, please get a size 34 of this pair of shoes for me to try on,” said two different voices.

    Wen Xinya turned over and saw another teenage girl a few steps from her. She was around 16 or 17 years of age, wearing a pink princess dress. She had light brown curly hair with a princess’ perm and a butterfly knot. Though she was pretty, she had a bad dressing sense. Wen Xinya thought she looked very familiar but just couldn’t recall who she was in that moment.

    The shop assistant replied with a worried look on her face, “There’s only one pair for each of the sizes. Why don’t the two Missus look around for other designs?”

    “I just want this pair, who dares compete with me?” The young teenage girl was arrogant. She gave Wen Xinya a hard stare.

    Wen Xinya originally didn’t have any intention to fight with her over a pair of shoes. However, her behavior was unacceptable. Wen Xinya felt she was openly challenged by this teenage girl and she would become a laughing stock if she were to give in. “Please get me the pair of shoes to try on,” she said.

    With such a commanding tone, it was hard for the shop assistant to say “no”. Right at this moment, the shop assistant who served Wen Xinya previously came over. She said with a smile, “Missus Wen like this pair of shoes, you have good taste! This is the latest design from the Wen Corporation.” After saying that, she turned to the first shop assistant and told her, “Wang, go get the correct size for Missus Wen to try it on.”

    “Yes, Sister Yang!” Wang glanced at Wen Xinya with fear.

    The teenage girl in pink looked at Wen Xinya and finally realized who she was. “So you are the Missus Wen who had a wandering life for the past 15 years and chased my younger sister out of the Wen Family once you returned!”

    Wen Xinya had a sudden flash of memory and remembered who she was. She was Xia Ruxue, the half-sister of Xia Ruya. In her previous life, Xia Ruxue had tried making things difficult for Wen Xinya under the influence of Xia Ruya. She even got some gangsters to abduct Wen Xinya. It was because of her thick makeup that Wen Xinya didn’t manage to recognize her immediately.