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Chapter 28 - The Previous Person Who Tried to Molest Me Had His Hand Broken

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 28: The Previous Person Who Tried to Molest Me Had His Hand Broken

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    As Wen Xinya was strolling along the streets, she saw a public bus in front of the bus stop. She was reminded that she had been traveling on public transport for the past 15 years. How long had she not been on public transport since her rebirth?

    Wen Xinya thought really hard for a while. It was almost 10 years since she had taken public transport!

    She slowly grabbed the handle on the door and ascended the bus. Inside the bus, it was crowded with people and filled with a mixed stench from cigarettes, perspiration, and gas. She felt uncomfortable.

    She moved towards a less crowded area and stood there. When the vehicle started moving, she almost lost her balance and fell forward. Fortunately, she did not fall to the ground as she was holding onto the handle.

    Right at this moment, a creepy looking man moved towards her. He stood right behind her and grabbed the backing of the chairs, trapping Wen Xinya between his body and his arms.

    Wen Xinya slowly turned over and faced the man. “If you dare move forward an inch, I will destroy you!” she threatened.

    The man turned pale and panted heavily. A drop of sweat trickled down from his forehead. “My lady, no! Please! I won’t dare to, please remove your hands…” he pleaded.

    The man was scared stiff and didn’t dare move an inch. He slowly looked down at the hairpin between his legs. It had an extremely sharp edge. With just a slight push, it could almost penetrate his private part.

    “The previous person who tried to molest me had his hand broken and his private part severely injured.” Wen Xinya stared at him without moving her hands.

    The man could see the extreme coldness in her eyes, sending chills down his spine. He realized she was not kidding. His body became numb with fear and lost his grip on the chair, causing him to fall backward. At the same time, the bus made a turn and he fell right on the ground, knocking against the handle on the rear door.

    Wen Xinya was staring at him all this while.

    The man tried picking himself up with horror, but the bus had just arrived at the next stop and stopped with a sudden break, depositing him on the floor once again.

    Many in the bus saw the scene of him trying to take advantage of an underage teenage girl. Now they were gloating over his misfortune, mumbling to each other about how he deserved this.

    He dashed right out from the bus the moment the doors were opened.

    With a frown on her face, she found a seat by the window. The cool breeze of April blew gently on her face, easing her discomfort.

    The bus had come to its final stop. Wen Xinya alighted and found herself in a familiar environment. She was astonished! She was standing right in front of the street leading to the place where she used to live for the past 15 years.

    Life is full of coincidences. She was just strolling along mindlessly and hopped on a random bus, which took her to the place where it all started. She suddenly had the intention to return to the old place to take a look.

    With this intention, she followed the trail from the small lane as if her legs were out of her control.

    There were low-rise houses in bad shape along the two sides of the lane, with heaps of rubbish all over the place, causing a strong stench of mold to permeate the area.

    She had this unfathomable feeling. As if everything had just happened yesterday — a house full of alcoholic smell and irritable noises of quarrels and things being thrown around. And the physical abuse coupled with nasty scoldings. She remembered during the last day she was here, her evil adopted parents had wanted to sell her to the illegal money-lender, Brother Wu. Luckily the Wen Family got to her before that happened. Otherwise, she couldn’t imagine how her life would turn out.

    What happened to the evil adopted parents? Where were they now?

    Wen Xinya searched her memories from her previous life. Oh yes, the Wen Family had given her adopted parents a sum of money and forbid them to reveal any information about Wen Xinya. They were sent away shortly after, but she had no idea where the couple was sent to. She only knew that during the 10 years in her previous life, the couple had never appeared in front of her.

    “Ouyang Feng, you have another three days to clear your debt with Brother Wu. Otherwise, I will break your arms.” Followed by some sound of hitting and cursing.

    Wen Xinya looked over. She saw a group of stray teenagers with colorful hairstyles and weird clothing cursing viciously at a man and beating him up violently.

    She had seen too much of such scenes before and wasn’t surprised at all. However, the name “Feng” caught her interest.

    This “Ouyang Feng,” could it be the same “Ouyang Feng” she knew?

    “Let’s go!” One of the teenagers in black dismissed his gang after kicking Ouyang Feng a few more times.

    Wen Xinya walked out from the shade and came towards Ouyang Feng, slowly squatting beside him. She gently pushed him with her finger, asking, “Wei, are you dead?”

    Ouyang Feng was beaten brutally with blood covering his face. He looked horrible. Feeling the gentle push, he opened his eyes and saw a young teenage girl of around 15 or 16 years of age squatting beside him.

    Seeing that he was able to open his eyes, Wen Xinya asked with an innocent look, “Are you Ouyang Feng?”

    “Yes, I am Ouyang Feng!” He used his bit of last strength to push himself up, leaning against the wall. Squinting his eyes, he carefully looked at the teenage girl in front of him. This girl was wearing an expensive white dress with an embroidered design of branches with blossomed flowers. She looked so pure and elegant, with the innocence of a teenage girl. From her dressing, he could tell that she was from a wealthy family. At the same time, he was also curious why she was in the slums.

    “Are you the financial genius, Ouyang Feng?” Wen Xinya questioned. That’s right! She had known an Ouyang Feng who was a genius in the financial world, though she only read about him from the magazines and did not know him personally. At that time he already owned an investment company, which helped his clients trade internationally. To become his clients, they had to be of a certain level in their status rather than just being wealthy alone. The level of entry was high beyond imagination.

    In her previous life, she did not pay too much attention to any of his news, thus she did not know much about him. However, she vaguely remembered that he had started an investment company with a few friends during his younger days. After that, he was set up by his friends, who used the company for money laundering activities. This caused him to suffer a loss in reputation and he was jailed for three years. It was said that he had a good performance and behaved well in jail, therefore he was released one year before his sentence was completed. Due to his jail record, his life went downhill from then onwards. Looking at his current situation, it was most likely things didn’t go well for him after he was released from jail.

    Ouyang Feng’s eyes brightened from the earlier confused state. “How do you know my identity?”

    During the days where he studied abroad, he was known as the financial genius. Moreover, this nickname was only known to his overseas schoolmates. Within a year after graduation, he returned home and started a small investment company with his friends. And not long after, he was jailed because of his company’s involvement in the money laundering case. He had never thought anyone else would know about his nickname of “financial genius.”

    Wen Xinya’s face lit up with excitement. From Ouyang Feng’s expression, she could tell that this was the Ouyang Feng she knew. She looked at him sharply and replied, “I have my ways. You don’t need to know.”