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Chapter 29 - The Financial Genius Ouyang Feng

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 29: The Financial Genius Ouyang Feng

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    Ouyang Feng thought he had underestimated this young girl. She could remain calm even with the piercing look in his eyes. “Little girl, I can see from your dressing that you are from a well-to-do family. This is not a place you should be. Please leave!” he said.

    Wen Xinya could sense that Ouyang Feng was avoiding direct eye contact. “Ouyang Feng, would you believe me if I said I came here especially for you?” she said with a serious expression as if she truly meant it.

    There was a glimpse of hope in Ouyang Feng’s eyes. “You came for me? Why?”

    It was hard for Ouyang Feng not to believe her. She had just called out his name and seemed to know about his identity. Could there be such a coincidence in the world? However, he felt that she was just too young and innocent for him to believe that.

    Wen Xinya replied firmly, “That’s because you are a financial genius.”

    “You want me to work for you?” Ouyang Feng squinted his eyes and carefully looked at this young lady again. She remained calm and quiet, with great sincerity in her eyes. She had a sense of serenity in her that was different from the other daughters from wealthy families.

    “Yes, I have such intention in mind, but I will respect your decision,” she responded with composure, showing she would not force him to do anything against his will.

    Ouyang Feng was hesitant. He was wondering if he should place his bets on an underage teenage girl. On the other hand, he knew he had to repay his debts as fast as possible. Otherwise, the sum of money he owed would grow exponentially with compounded interests.

    Wen Xinya noticed his hesitation. She said with a smile, “If you agree to work for me, I will clear all your debts. What do you think?”

    Wen Xinya’s words had hit the nail. This was exactly what he needed. But he couldn’t accept the thought of having to work for an underage teenage girl. He looked at her innocently youthful face and sarcastically asked, “How old are you? Fifteen or Sixteen?”

    Wen Xinya realized what was holding him back. She slowly stood up and looked at him from her height. “Ouyang Feng, listen well. I am 15-years-old this year,” she said.

    With her eyebrows slightly raised and looking at him from the top, she displayed a sense of authority. Ouyang Feng saw a matured and rational soul from her eyes. He instantly knew that he shouldn’t judge this young lady by her age.

    Noticing he was a little off guard now, Wen Xinya added, “Ouyang Feng, rest assured that I am only interested in your talent in investment. I will not get you involved in any illegal activities.”

    This was indeed what Ouyang Feng was worried about. After hearing her assurance, he couldn’t find any other reasons to reject her. He took a deep breath and replied, “Young lady, are you aware that I am a jailbird? I just came out from prison and am currently on probation.”

    There were sorrow and pain from life experiences in Wen Xinya’s eyes. She looked at him coldly and said, “What does it matter?”

    Ouyang Feng was touched. Since his release from prison, she was the first person who did not despise him after hearing his unglamorous story. “Are you worried that since I have a bad record, I might give you endless troubles or might even betray you?” he asked.

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, “What I see in you is your capabilities. If I have decided to work with you, I will have to accept everything about you, including the troubles you mentioned. With regards to betrayal, I can only say that it is me who has to manage and control you. It’s not something you should worry about.”

    Ouyang Feng looked at this young lady with amazement. From her expression, she communicated such confidence, elegance, and authority. Though she was only 15-years-old, from her words he could sense that she was someone with intelligence and courage surpassing those around her age, with an extraordinary character. He found no reason not to agree.

    “Okay, I agree!”

    These few words carried firmness in them and were his assurance to her.

    “Hi, Ouyang Feng. I am Wen Xinya!” She looked at Ouyang Feng, who had bruises all over his face. Though she couldn’t clearly see his expression under his bruises, there was solidity in his words. She respected him.

    “Hi, nice to meet you!” Ouyang Feng stretched out his trembling hands. He seemed to have guessed her identity. The surname “Wen” wasn’t a common one. There were very few families in the Capital city with this surname, and there was only one Wen Family that was well known.

    And Wen Xinya… He vaguely remembered seeing her on the news. The lost daughter of the Wen Family who had led a wandering life for the past 15 years. She was the only rightful heir of the family. He suddenly felt lucky, feeling that he might have hit the jackpot.

    From his expression, Wen Xinya knew that he had guessed her identity. She stretched her hand towards Ouyang Feng. “A pleasant cooperation.”

    “A pleasant cooperation!” Ouyang Feng shook her thin, beautiful hand.

    With their deal official, it made him feel respected. It had also cleared his worries.

    Wen Xinya asked, “How much do you owe the illegal money-lenders?”

    At the moment, she could make use of the pocket money Wen Haowen gave her. If the amount exceeded what she could afford, she decided to borrow from Grampy. She was determined to recruit Ouyang Feng at all costs.

    “I had initially borrowed 50 thousand dollars from them. However, including compounded interests, the amount of debt has grown to three hundred thousand dollars.” Three hundred thousand dollars might be the tip of the iceberg to the daughter of the Wen Family, but to Ouyang Feng, it was a matter of life and death. He was nervous, thinking that this young lady might go back on her words.

    Wen Xinya sighed deeply. The future-to-be King of Investment was worth over billions 10 years later. Who would have known he would land himself in such a sorry state this day with a sum of three hundred thousand dollars. “Please rest assured, I will clear your debt for you,” she promised.

    “Thank you!” Ouyang Feng was grateful from the bottom of his heart.

    “No need to thank me. We are partners.” Wen Xinya looked at Ouyang Feng with a smile. With his capabilities, she did not want to appear superior in front of him.

    “Partners…” Ouyang Feng looked at her smile with sincerity.

    “What’s wrong?” Wen Xinya asked with confusion.

    “Nothing… Nothing! Thank you!” Ouyang Feng felt warmth in his heart.

    Wen Xinya lent him a hand and pulled him up. “Your injuries look serious. Let me send you to the hospital. We’ll discuss further details after you have recovered,” she said.

    Ouyang Feng was appreciative but he replied, “I can still walk on my own.”

    Many years later, when Ouyang Feng became a globally well-known figure, he recalled this day when he met Wen Xinya. This was how he described it: