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Chapter 33 - The Well Known and Sought After Attorney, Cheng Ziyi

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 33: The Well Known and Sought After Attorney, Cheng Ziyi

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    After making the decision to start an investment firm, Wen Xinya actively sought knowledge in this area. With the help of the financial genius, Ouyang Feng, it became much easier for her. Qiu Yifan also did a re-evaluation on her mother’s real estates and stocks. They were worth about fifty million dollars.

    Ouyang Feng did not disappoint her as well. He completed the required business proposal within three days. Even Qiu Yifan praised, saying that the proposal was well done. Qiu Yifan was able to apply for a loan from the bank with this proposal. Though the paperwork was tedious, Qiu Yifan had everything under control. Things were progressing smoothly as Wen Xinya had expected.

    “Let’s name the company ‘Lanxin’!” Wen Xinya suggested. In her previous life, the next 25 years spent in the Wen Family after her return, she was still the street gangster Zhang Xiaolan. Though she was renamed Wen Xinya, she had been Zhang Xiaolan for another 25 years! In this lifetime, she could only be Wen Xinya. She wanted to use her past experience as a reminder, to become independent and stronger in this lifetime.

    Ouyang Feng had no objection!

    Now they had to decide on the business address and the company’s registration. Wen Xinya pointed out a location within the Capital city on the map. “This will be the location of our company.”

    Ouyang Feng frowned. “This area is near the West Coast and is a little remote. I think it would be more convenient to set up our company in the business district area.”

    Wen Xinya smiled but remained silent. Though this was a remote location, she was aware that the Government would be announcing a new project for building the East-West train route in May next year. This new line of train stations would greatly increase the valuation of the lands in the West Coast area, almost making it into a land of gold. And with this new train line, there will be increasing numbers of new commercial buildings in the area connecting to the Southern part. The location she pointed was the conjunction between the Western and Southern parts, which would become the golden commercial district in the near future. There couldn’t be a more suitable location than this.

    Wen Xinya was hoping Ouyang Feng could quickly earn enough capital for her to acquire the land in the West Coast area so that she could profit from the rise in valuation.

    Ouyang Feng looked at her expression. She seemed to know something that he wasn’t aware of. He asked with confusion, “We have enough capital. Why don’t we choose a better location?”

    Wen Xinya looked at him with a serious look. “Ouyang Feng, our country’s economy is progressing, and this helps the development of the city. The theme of a developing city is ‘convenient’ and ‘economical’.”

    Ouyang Feng wasn’t convinced. He looked closely at the map again. There seemed to be a hidden meaning in her words, but he wasn’t able to understand. It was too bad that he didn’t have the power to predict the future like Wen Xinya, who was given the opportunity of rebirth.

    Now that most of the company’s setup was done, Wen Xinya was relieved. “Regarding the new company, I’ll leave it to you to manage. Tomorrow Grampy will return from the Southern City. When he’s back, my learning schedule will be packed and I might not have enough time. If you have any law-related queries, you can look for Qiu Yifan,” she said.

    Ouyang Feng nodded. “Please do not worry. I will take care of the remaining tasks.”

    After Ouyang Feng left, Wen Xinya went over to Chaofan Lawyer Corporation after informing Si Yiyan. She had made an appointment to meet another attorney who was introduced by Qiu Yifan at 2 o’clock.

    Wen Xinya arrived at Chaofan Lawyer Corporation at ten before 2 o’clock. “Good afternoon. How can I help you?” asked the receptionist with a sweet smile.

    Wen Xinya replied, “I am looking for Attorney Cheng, Cheng Ziyi. I have an appointment with him at 2 o’clock.”

    “Please wait for a moment. I’ll call Attorney Cheng for confirmation.” The receptionist was a little surprised. The great Attorney Cheng was no ordinary lawyer. He was a well known and sought after attorney, and he was extremely selective on clients who can meet his criteria.

    Wen Xinya nodded. She had learned about this Attorney Cheng Ziyi, knowing that he was one of the top four lawyers in Chaofan Lawyer Corporation and had expertise in criminal cases. He had a good track record of not losing a single case and had a high prominence in the industry.

    The receptionist hung up the phone. “Hello, Missus Wen! Attorney Cheng is available now. Let me show you the way to Conference Room Number Four.”

    The receptionist led Wen Xinya to the third floor through an escalator. Then they arrived at Conference Room Number Four. Cheng Ziyi was already sitting in the meeting room with a stack of documents in his hands, waiting for her.

    Wen Xinya knocked the door lightly twice before walking slowly into the Conference Room.

    “Sit!” Cheng Ziyi was busy looking at the documents and did not even take a glance at her.

    For others, they might find him arrogant and unreasonable. But as for Wen Xinya, she could feel that he took pride and was serious about his work. She walked towards the round table and sat down, then randomly picked a law magazine from the shelf and started reading.

    “What would you like to drink?” Cheng Ziyi asked while still flipping through the documents in his hands.

    “Tea, please. Thank you!” Wen Xinya replied with a smile.

    Cheng Ziyi pressed the intercom button on the telephone on top of the round table. “Chen, bring me a cup of hot tea.”

    Cheng Ziyi was looking at the file for a money-laundering case of a partnership company that happened during 2008. This was the reason Wen Xinya came for.

    Cheng Ziyi was around his 30s. He was quite good-looking, wearing a dark blue shirt with two buttons unbuttoned at the chest level, revealing his bronze-colored skin. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to the elbows, showing his muscular forearms, fully displaying the charm of a mature man.

    Cheng Ziyi placed the file on the table. “I have read through the case and studied it carefully. There shouldn’t be any major problems submitting this case for an appeal. However, I would like to see the main involved party to find out more details from him. And I may even be able to discover new evidence.”

    “Thank you, Attorney Cheng, for agreeing to help me.” What a diplomatic answer! Wen Xinya could detect from his tone that he wasn’t too keen on taking up the case. His capabilities were overkill for such a small case. The reason he agreed to do so was probably out of goodwill towards Qiu Yifan.

    “I would like to know, what are your views on this case?” Cheng Ziyi looked straight into the young lady’s eyes, who was only 15-years-old. He had found out from Qiu Yifan earlier that she was working with Ouyang Feng to set up an investment company. That was why she requested his help to appeal on Ouyang Feng’s behalf, hoping to help erase Ouyang Feng’s criminal records.

    Frankly speaking, he admired the decisiveness and determination of this young lady. What appealed to him, even more, was her identity as the missing granddaughter of the Wen Family and the only grandchild of Old Master Mo. He also had great respect for Old Master Mo, that was why he had agreed to do Wen Xinya a favor.

    “I only needed to know if Ouyang Feng was innocent. I know Attorney Cheng is someone who stands by your principles. You wouldn’t allow someone to make his own gains by making use of the loopholes in the law system.” In other words, Cheng Ziyi too believed Ouyang Feng was innocent. That was why he agreed to take on the case. He would definitely do his best, and a small case like this wouldn’t be difficult for him. In fact, her opinion on the case didn’t matter at all.

    “You are indeed extraordinary,” replied Cheng Ziyi with a smile. When Qiu Yifan approached him earlier, he was curious as to why Qiu Yifan would agree to help a young teenage girl who was only 15-years-old. It couldn’t be solely based on the relationship between the Qiu Family and the Mo Family. Qiu Yifan told him that this young lady was extraordinary and it was interesting working with her.