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Chapter 35 - Young Xu Zhenyu

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 35: Young Xu Zhenyu

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    Wen Xinya managed to arrive at the airport at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Grampy's flight would arrive in another 30 minutes.

    She was waiting in the VIP lounge, looking outside through the glass window. An airplane was about to take off from the runway outside the departure hall. Once it left the ground, it flew diagonally to the sky and slowly disappeared into the clouds with only its silhouette visible from the ground.

    "Mother, it is true that I am at the airport to pick a friend. I did not go out to have fun…" It came from an impatient voice which sounded a little coarse due to puberty. However, it sounded manly and was actually quite charming.

    Wen Xinya was captured. She turned eagerly to look at the teenager from a short distance away. He had short hair dyed in grey and bright yellow, with a few long strands of fringe covering his forehead and eyes partially. The outer corners of his almond-shaped eyes were raised slightly, displaying a charming personality. He had a row of blinking ear studs on the outer loop of his left ear consisting of seven colors — black, silver, red, yellow, blue, green and magenta, further exhibiting his youth and rebellious character.

    Wen Xinya's vision suddenly became blurred with teary eyes. The vivid unsettling and rebellious character in her memory matched the silhouette of the teenager in front of her.

    He should be around 17-years-old this year!

    During those four years of companionship, he had accompanied her in her short lifetime, and it was the only warmth she could recall.

    "Mother, if you don't believe me, I'll get someone to talk to you." By now, the teenager was extremely impatient. He was holding his cell phone and looking around for someone to help when, suddenly, he saw Wen Xinya.

    The way this teenage girl looked at him was strange. She seemed to have mixed emotions of indescribable feelings. Though there were tears in her eyes, she gave him a warm smile while looking at him as if they had known each other for a long time.

    Without conscious effort, he walked towards this teenage girl and said, "Hey, help me answer this call."

    Wen Xinya wiped her tears with a smile on her face and took the cell phone from his hand. There were a few minutes of rumbling on the other side of the line. Then she replied, "This is indeed the VIP lounge of the airport. I am here to fetch someone…"

    After a conversation of about 10 minutes, the person on the other side of the line finally allowed her to return the cell phone to the teenager. Wen Xinya passed the phone back to him after keying a few numbers on it.

    The teenager took over the cell phone, relieved, and said, "Mother, do you believe me now?"

    After more rumbling from the other end, the teenager finally hanged up impatiently.

    Wen Xinya said with envy, "Your Mother is nice to you."

    The teenager replied while combing his hair, "She's always interfering over my matters. It's very irritating."

    Wen Xinya's face turned sour. "I did not have a Mother starting from a very young age. I don't know what it feels like to have a Mother."

    The young man pouted for a while, not knowing what to say. He then realized he had not thanked her for her help. "Oh yes, thank you for what you did earlier. My name is Xu Zhenyu. What's yours?"

    The Xu Family was a well-known military family in the Capital city. Xu Zhenyu's Grandpa, Old Master Xu, enjoyed a prestigious status, while his Father, Xu Wenfeng, was successful in his political career. Xu Zhenyu had an elder brother, Xu Zhenhao, who was also a politician. Hence, Old Master Xu had always wished for his youngest grandson to carry on their family's tradition as civil servants and serve the military. However, Xu Zhenyu was a disappointment to the family and was far from what his Grandpa had wished for. He loved hanging out with bad company at sleazy places like Black Sunday Bar, causing the Xu Family to worry.

    "My name is Wen Xinya!" Wen Xinya replied with a smile. In her previous life, she met Xu Zhenyu at Black Sunday Bar. At that time, he was there with his gang and she was there as well. His bad friends challenged him with some cocaine and he obliged, sniffing in the drugs through his nose.

    At that time, Wen Xinya was already heavily addicted to cocaine, and she was tortured every day by her drug addiction. When she saw another young teenager being coerced into taking drugs by his friends, she couldn't help feeling a strong impulsive and dragging Xu Zhenyu into an empty VIP room beside them.

    After the door was closed, she heaved a huge sigh of relief. With a serious face, she reprimanded him. "Are you really that innocent? You are courting death! Just because you accepted your friends' challenge you're going to pay for it with your life? Do you know what that stuff was? Do you really think you'll fly by taking a sniff or two?"

    Xu Zhenyu replied with tremendous anger, "You bitch! Who are you to interfere with my matter?"

    When he turned around and was about to leave, Wen Xinya grabbed his hand. "Hold on for another 10 minutes. If after that you still decide to carry on sniffing that harmful stuff, I will not stop you."

    After 10 minutes, Wen Xinya started having a drug seizure. She tried coping with it in the beginning, but as time went by, it became more and more difficult for her to control herself. Her entire body was curled up on the sofa, then she started rolling on the floor. It was so unbearable that she kept throwing things to distract herself. She lost all her dignity and grabbed onto Xu Zhenyu's legs, begging him…

    The scene of her drug seizure had scared Xu Zhenyu stiff. He just stood still as if he was in a deep trance, looking at her.

    After that, she hadn't seen him back in Black Sunday Bar for a very long time. The next time she saw him there was when he came specially to look for her, wanting to thank her for what she did for him.

    From then on, Xu Zhenyu stayed by her side. He understood her sufferings and devastation. When she had drug seizures he would stay by her side, and then even attempted to help her surpass her drug addiction. However, her addiction was so strong that he never succeeded. Since then, he had used all his savings to buy cocaine for her until he was caught for possessing illegal drugs. The Xu Family chased him out and he was sentenced to a term of three years in jail.

    After rebirth, she had the opportunity to meet Xu Zhenyu three years earlier. She was determined to not let him go down the same path again.

    Xu Zhenyu stared at her with his eyes wide open. Pointing at her, he asked, "You… You are the lost granddaughter of the Wen Family who wandered in the streets for past 15 years and only now returned to the Wen Family recently?"

    Wen Xinya nodded. "Mmm. Is there a problem?"

    Xu Zhenyu was tongue-tied. He replied after a while, "No… No problem!"

    Rumors were indeed misleading. They had described such a young beautiful teenager to be an unrefined street gangster full of vulgarity, who was seen to behave and talk rudely.

    "What would you do to show your appreciation for my help?" Wen Xinya slowly raised her head and look at him.

    Xu Zhenyu was offended. "It was just answering a phone call, it's not considered a big help. You have the cheek to ask me for a return of favor?"

    Wen Xinya replied plainly, "Haven't you heard of the saying ‘to return a small favor with huge gratitude'? If it wasn't for me, would you be able to stop your mum's questioning?"

    Xu Zhenyu was speechless. After a while, he said reluctantly, "Just tell me what you want from me!"

    Wen Xinya looked up and said, "I like the ear studs you're wearing on your left ear. I'll have them as my reward!"