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Chapter 36 - Wealthy People Are Naive

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 36: Wealthy People Are Naive

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    These seven ear studs were Xu Zhenyu’s beloved possessions. Each of them had a natural diamond on it and they were worth a lot. During the process of acquiring them, he had spent all his savings and even had to rob from the Xu Family members. In her previous life, he sold all these precious ear studs in order to buy more cocaine for Wen Xinya.

    Xu Zhenyu was angry and reacted like a provoked cat in fight mode. “Whatever for? I should give them to you just because you like them? Do you know how much these seven precious ear studs cost? They’re worth more than 20 million dollars! This is unreasonable, I can have you arrested for conning.”

    Wen Xinya casually picked up her cell phone and started playing games on it. “So you don’t intend to return the favor? You don’t show appreciation to someone who helped you when you were in need and want to arrest me instead! Do you still consider yourself a man?”

    Xu Zhenyu’s face was flushed with anger. “Of course I am a man! I’m just giving a casual remark, I have no real intention of arresting you. It’s not that I do not wish to return the favor, it’s just that your request is too unreasonable,” he stammered.

    Wen Xinya stepped forward and stood right in front of him. “How is my request unreasonable? Is it that you are unable to fulfill my request, or did I make you act against your conscience or do an illegal act?” she said in an aggressive tone.

    “No, but…” Xu Zhenyu was slowly forced into the trail of thought she wanted him to be in, but he just felt that something wasn’t right. Her aggressive tone and the sparkle in her eyes made him feel guilty, with his heart rate increasing. He uncontrollably thought of the scene earlier when she looked at him with her teary eyes, making him feel sorry for her. It seemed like she had the right to demand anything from him.

    “If not, then… give them to me!” Wen Xinya stretched out her fair palm as if everything was normal.

    Everyone Xu Zhenyu knew, including his bad friends, was always extremely polite towards him. Even his Grandpa, parents and elder brother showered him with love and care. In his entire lifetime, he had not been treated this way nor seen anyone talk to him in such an aggressive tone. He was caught in a trance and obliged to her request before he realized what he was doing. “Just one?” He asked.

    “Mmm-hmm!” Wen Xinya held her palm closer to him.

    Xu Zhenyu looked at her palm; it was fair and as pure as jade with long, thin fingers. Her fingernails had clear nail polish and were well maintained, reflecting a beautiful, healthy pinkish color…

    He started taking deeper breaths with a rising heart rate as his ears started to blush.

    Raising her eyebrow, Wen Xinya asked, “What? You can’t bear to give it away?”

    Flustered, he removed the red diamond ear stud and placed it on her palm. He then spoke in a fierce tone to attempt to conceal his agitation, “Who said so? It’s just an ear stud. I’m giving it to you now.”

    While still in panic mode, his finger brushed against the tender skin of her palm, feeling soft and smooth. As his heart almost jumped out from his mouth, the blush spread from his ears to his face.

    “I can see your sincerity, so I shall accept it gracefully.” Wen Xinya happily received the ear stud. She took a closer look and had a sense of unspeakable mixed emotions. He gave the same red diamond ear stud to her as a gift in her previous life. But… she used it to exchange for cocaine when she couldn’t control her urge.

    Though she had asked for it, she acted as if it didn’t matter to her, making Xu Zhenyu feel disgusted. “Aren’t you the Missus Wen from the wealthy Wen Family? You got excited over a red diamond and behaved like someone who’s green and inexperienced in the world.”

    “You’re right! I’m green and inexperienced!” Wen Xinya didn’t mind his sarcastic remark. She removed the ear stud on her left ear and replaced it with the red diamond ear stud Xu Zhenyu gave her.

    As Xu Zhenyu suddenly remembered her identity, he turned his face away in embarrassment. Then, as he peeped at her again and saw that she wasn’t looking at him at all, he froze, not knowing how to react. Looking at the new bloody red ear stud glowing on her ear, he saw it matched her style perfectly, enhancing her charm and enchantment.

    “You, you…” He pointed at the red diamond ear stud, trembling. He became so nervous that he was unable to continue with his sentence. He got this red diamond ear stud at his sixteenth birthday, but now it belonged to someone else.

    “Now this red diamond ear stud belongs to me. Don’t ever think of getting it back.” Wen Xinya gave him a hard stare. She assumed he must have regretted giving it to her and had the intention of asking it back.

    “I… I did not… have… the intention… of asking it back!” Xu Zhenyu stammered while trying to complete his sentence. He suddenly drooped his head and didn’t dare look her in the eyes.

    “It looks nice on me!” Wen Xinya was admiring herself, looking at her reflection through the cell phone.

    Xu Zhenyu subconsciously raised his head to look at her again. He realized she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen.

    She wasn’t like any girls he had seen in his entire life—she was not stern like his mother, nor was she like those young girls from the wealthy families who were always trying to act elegantly at all times. And she was absolutely unlike those girls who hung out at sleazy bars, always dressed scantily with thick makeups and strong perfumes, eagerly preying on any men they saw.

    “You are so gullible! Are all wealthy people naive? I only helped you by answering a call and you willingly gave me a diamond ear stud that’s worth a few million dollars. There must be a lot of bad company around you trying to get into your good books, trying to to get some easy monetary benefits from you.” Wen Xinya looked at the watch on her wrist. Realizing Grampy’s flight had landed, she left the VIP lounge and walked towards the VIP passageway to wait for Grampy’s arrival.

    Xu Zhenyu’s distress suddenly disappeared. No one had ever dared talk to him this way. It caused his body to tremble with fear. He’d never expect her to look at him this way, full of sarcasm and criticism. When she left the lounge without looking back, he started to doubt himself.

    Right at this moment, his cell phone rang and interrupted his thoughts. As soon as he answered the call, the person on the other side of the line started rumbling. “Hey Xu-er, what happened? I thought you had agreed to pick me up at the airport? My flight landed 20 minutes ago and your line was occupied. Why aren’t you here yet? Are you with your bad friends? I’ve told you many times that these people are only after your money, they are not your true friends. You’ll soon get into trouble if you continue to hang out with them…”

    Xu Zhenyu grew impatient again. He felt cold from within, as if a pail of cold water had been poured over him. “Han Mofeng, will you shut up? I am at the VIP lounge of the airport right now.”

    The phone rang again soon after he hung up. This time, there was deafening disco music with screams of a party in the background. “Hello, Second Young Master… You said you would join us soon at the disco after fetching a friend. Why aren’t you and your friend here yet? I have booked the most expensive room with the best hostesses. Who’s going to pay if you don’t show up? Don’t expect me to pay the bill for you.”