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Chapter 37 - What Kind of Boys Do Girls Like?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 37: What Kind of Boys Do Girls Like?

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    Xu Zhenyu threw his cell phone on the floor. He was angry that they were not even willing to pay the bill for once. He was always the one paying the bill every time they had parties and felt that he was being taken for a ride.

    Right at this moment, Han Mofeng walked into the VIP lounge with his luggage. He was a radiant, handsome man wearing a light purple shirt. “Yo, Xu-er, what happened to you? Why are you so angry? This is the latest luxury diamond cell phone from Savelli and it costs over a hundred thousand dollars, but you’re throwing it on the floor? Such a naive rich guy.”

    Xu Zhenyu got even angrier. He kicked the cell phone even further away and said, “You’re right! I am a damn naive rich guy.”

    Second Young Master Xu stomped out of the VIP lounge furiously. This was the first time he was ridiculed by a woman. No… it should be a young and ignorant kid. And he was feeling bitter about it.

    What Xu Zhenyu didn’t realize was that he was really affected by the way Wen Xinya looked at him earlier. He felt that he even if he couldn’t give her a good impression of being a matured man, he didn’t want her to feel that he was just another naive wealthy teenager.

    While Wen Xinya was pondering how she could change Xu Zhenyu, her words had unintentionally offended him and he was already on the path of changing to what Wen Xinya had hoped him to become.

    Han Mofeng quickly chased after him with his luggage. “Why are you so angry? What is it this time? Your mother interfered in your matters? Your Grandpa lectured you? Or did you father beat you with his leather belt again?”

    Second Young Master Xu couldn’t be bothered to respond. He was deep in his thoughts over what had just happened. It mattered a lot to him when Wen Xinya said he was naive. It was just a small favor he asked from her to answer a phone call, but not only did she ask to be compensated with a valuable diamond ear stud, she even despised him and called him naive…

    Han Mofeng did not get a reply to his questions. He then attempted to talk sense into him again. “I have been telling you that you are someone who doesn’t realize how fortunate you are. Do you know how many people are born into this world without parents to take care of them? Or, even though some have parents but they are not fulfilling their duties as parents. Your family loves you dearly. It’s natural for them to be worried about seeing you hanging out with bad company in the Capital city.”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly recalled that earlier Wen Xinya had mentioned she had lost her mother at a very young age… He swung his head hard, thinking he must be insane to keep thinking about her and getting upset over what she said.

    Xu Zhenyu remained silent. Previously, whenever Han Mofeng talked about this subject, he would always interrupt him with impatience. “Xu-er, seriously, the bad company you hang out with, they are a bunch of good-for-nothings. It doesn’t do you any good to be with them. Do you know you have become a well-known idler in the Capital city and some even call you a street gangster.”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly stopped walking. Han Mofeng, who was right behind him, didn’t manage to stop in time and slammed himself hard into Xu Zhenyu’s back, hurting his nose. He complained while stroking his nose. “Oh Second Young Master Xu, why are you behaving oddly? After making me wait for over 30 minutes at the airport, you even ignore me when I talk to you. Now you suddenly stopped walking and even hurt my nose. I should be the one who is frustrated…”

    Second Young Master Xu stared at him. “You know how the people in the Capital city look at me?”

    Han Mofeng was intimidated by his stare and quickly nodded. “Yes, I know! Who in the Capital city doesn’t know that Second Young Master Xu is a loafer? You are not young anymore. How could you continue to waste your life away by slacking…”

    Xu Zhenyu was shocked. He realized it wasn’t only her who despised him. It was him who had already earned a bad reputation in the Capital city!

    Han Mofeng had a weird feeling about Xu Zhenyu. It seemed like something had happened, causing him to behave oddly today. “Second Young Master Xu, what happened to you?”

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly looked up and asked him, “Han Mofeng, do you know what kind of boys do girls like?”

    Xu Zhenyu had a strange look on his face. Han Mofeng asked, “Second Young Master Xu, are you thinking about girls?”

    Xu Zhenyu clenched his teeth, furious at his question, and replied, “You are the one who’s thinking about girls. Your entire family is thinking about girls. Stop asking me stupid questions and just answer me!”

    The more he tried to protest, the more guilty he looked. Han Mofeng looked at him as if he had made a great discovery. “Second Young Master Xu, I thought the seven ear studs were your precious possessions. You’ve always refused to let us see or touch them. Why is one of your diamond ear studs missing? Did you give it to your little lover?”

    The image of Wen Xinya wearing the ear stud on her ear suddenly appeared in his mind, causing his ears started to blush. To conceal his emotions, Xu Zhenyu angrily stared at him. “No! Who… Who… Who has a little lover?”

    Han Mofeng fixed his vision on Xu Zhenyu’s ear and slowly moved closer to examine. “The missing one is ‘Kissed by a Rose’. That was your favorite. You said the red diamond was attention-capturing, that’s why it matched your handsome look.”

    Xu Zhenyu’s anger was brewing inside. He grabbed Han Mofeng’s shirt and pulled him closer. “Can you answer my damn question? Why are you spouting nonsense?”

    Han Mofeng realized Xu Zhenyu’s eagerness. He answered in a serious tone, “Girls like boys who are tall and with a good built that can give them a sense of security, and also boys who are devoted and successful with their careers. It would be perfect if the boy they like is a hero.”

    At this moment, Xu Zhenyu imagined a soldier in his mind. Soldiers perfectly matched that description—tall and well-built with a sense of security, well paid and successful in their careers. And most importantly, people looked up to soldiers as their heroes who protected their homeland. It was a perfect match…

    And he remembered Grandpa always telling him about how macho he was in his younger days and how he always attracted girls easily. Girls must have a liking for soldiers!

    It was natural that Xu Zhenyu thought about soldiers when he heard Han Mofeng’s description. He was born into a family with a military background and started hearing stories about Grandpa being a soldier and him taking part in wars. He had seen and interacted with soldiers much of his life and had a strong association with soldiers.

    Looking at Second Young Master Xu who was deep in his thoughts, Han Mofeng felt something was not right. “Hey Xu-er, did you really fell in love with someone? Who is that? How about introducing her to me and I’ll give you my opinion?”

    Xu Zhenyu glanced at him. “Stop bothering me and get lost!”

    Seemed like it was true. Han Mofeng thought this wasn’t a good sign. He had intended to call and warn Mother Xu to inform her of what was happening later on. What if Xu-er had fallen in love with someone who was unsuitable for him?

    Xu Zhenyu wasn’t aware Han Mofeng had already seen through him and soon his family would also find out!