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Chapter 39 - Affixing a Seal to Declare What Belongs to Me

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 39: Affixing a Seal to Declare What Belongs to Me

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    It was Sunday and pretended Wen Xinya to visit Grandpa Du at his Medical Hall to learn from him about Chinese medicine, but Uncle Zhang was busy that day and couldn’t send her, thus she planned to take a taxi on her own. Once she stepped out of the Mo bungalow, an Italian handmade customized RexS9Lucifer car came over and stopped right beside her.

    The warm rays from the morning sun shone through the leaves and glittered on the black car. It was as if the dotted rays were dancing on the car’s surface.

    It wasn’t just simply black. There was a hidden power within the black. It was able to absorb all the light and heat without any reflection. That was the mysterious energy in the black color.

    The window of the car wound down slowly. It was Si Yiyan on the driver’s seat. “Let me send you to Old Du’s place,” he said.

    “There’s no need to trouble you. I can take a taxi there.” She was shocked to realize that the driver was Si Yiyan. Lucifer means Star from the Dawn in Latin (A rising star in dawn). That meant it represented the next brightest spacial body in the universe at dawn apart from the Moon—Venus. It represented the Messenger of Light! The highest authority amongst heaven’s angels.

    But… Lucifer had another meaning. The fallen angel Lucifer who became the Devil—Satan. He was the King of Darkness.

    She could expect… what kind of identity suited the owner of such a car.

    “This is a private residential area. There are no taxis around. If you want to catch one you have to walk about 15 minutes to the main road.” Si Yiyan noticed that she was wearing a light blue casual blouse, making her look youthful, and she was obviously prepared to walk the distance to hail a cab.

    “Please go ahead if you are busy. Walking is a good exercise for me.” Wen Xinya tried to reject him in a nice way. He was wearing a black shirt. It made him looked mysterious and dangerous.

    Black is an extreme and mysterious color. It sends a hidden message of unspeakable power behind it, representing the fear and sadness of death. It signifies a spirit of unlimited imagination and is the King in the world of colors.

    It represented power and strength too. It can be serious yet elegant, mysterious yet passionate. It can also be a dull and heavy color, implying death and disaster is near.

    Si Yiyan opened the door and got down elegantly. He walked to the other side of the car and opened the door for her. “I have nothing important at the moment. Get in the car!”

    She was trying to avoid direct eye contact with him and reject him nicely with her words. It displayed her calmness and intelligence. But… how would he allow her to reject him?

    Under his persistent, she ran out of excuses and finally boarded his car. She behaved coldly towards him and said in a reluctant tone, “I don’t care if you have any ulterior motive for staying at Grampy’s place. If you dare harm Grampy, I will not let you off even if it costs my life.”

    Si Yiyan put his hand on the steering wheel and started the engine. He looked at her expressionlessly. “Why do you not think that I have an ulterior motive for you?”

    “How is that possible?” Wen Xinya immediately rejected the idea semi-consciously. She was just a 15-year-old teenager who had previously led a wandering life. While Grampy was an influential figure in the literary world. This was a powerful position and status anyone would want to make use of.

    “How is that not possible?” Si Yiyan had a smile on his face. He tilted his head slightly towards her and looked at her with a glitter in his eyes.

    Wen Xinya was at a loss and panicked. She turned and looked at the other side to avoid eye-contact with him. “The only thing that’s valuable about me is my identity as the granddaughter from the Wen Family. You have a unique identity, and might not find any worth in my connection to the Wen Family,” she said.

    “The Wen Family, I do not care about them. It’s you that I care about.” Si Yiyan turned the steering wheel with force and the car changed direction abruptly. It came to a green path. The sound of the car wheels braking was deafening. Then the car came to a halt.

    Everything happened suddenly. Wen Xinya was pushed forward from her seat by the force of car’s turning. Si Yiyan used the side of his body to secure Wen Xinya back in her seat. Now his body was half leaning on her, with one hand on her shoulder and the other holding her hand tightly. They were in close physical and eye contact.

    “What are you doing?” Wen Xinya turned pale and was trying to recover from her shock. One of her hands was pressing against Si Yiyan’s chest. She was still thinking hard about what he said earlier. What did it mean when he said it was her that he cared about?

    The red lines in Si Yiyan’s eyes slowly appeared. His eyes were cold and enchanting. However, there was passion and warmth hidden within. When he looked at her, his passion seemed to be guiding her soul and inviting her for a dance.

    When he looked at you in such close proximity, it seemed like you are the only focus in his world. Wen Xinya almost couldn’t catch her breath and did not know how to react. At this moment, she panicked and all she wanted was to escape. “I… I want to leave now.”

    With one hand on her shoulder, he pushed her down with his strength and pressed her against the seat with his body, so there was nowhere for her to escape. He then moved closer and kissed her suddenly.

    Wen Xinya opened her eyes wide. She was so shocked by his actions that she did not know how to react.

    Si Yiyan’s lips were tightly sealed against hers. He remained motionless as if affixing a seal on her. It was a very bright and clear seal.

    Wen Xinya slowly recovered from her trance. She could feel his body weight pressing on her. She was feeling suffocated. There was a sharp pain in her chest and her bones were stiff. She was like a stone that was thrown into the ocean, unable to control her movements at all. She summoned all her remaining strength to the hand that was pushing against his chest, struggling to get out of that situation and break the physical contact between their lips.

    Si Yiyan seemed to be satisfied after successfully affixing a seal on her. He finally let go of her and said, “Now do you finally believe that I have an ulterior motive in you?”

    Wen Xinya blushed and her heart rate increased— . Her emotions were at their peak. The moment she regained freedom, she gave Si Yiyan a slap as a reflex action.

    Si Yiyan did not dodge. “I have affixed a seal on your lips, and you left a mark on my face. From now on, we belong to each other,” he said.

    Si Yiyan’s words angered Wen Xinya but made her embarrassed at the same time. “You are a beast! I am an underaged teenager. I’m only 15-year-old this year, how could you…”

    Si Yiyan started the car without hurry. “Affixing a seal to declare what belongs to me. I will wait for you to grow up!”

    “You…” Wen Xinya suddenly banged the door and shouted, “Stop the car! I want to leave now!”

    Si Yiyan smiled as he stopped the car slowly by the roadside. “Here you are. I’ll drop you here and you can go up by yourself.”

    Wen Xinya panickedly opened the door and got down immediately. Si Yiyan added, “I will pick you up at 5 o’clock.”