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Chapter 40 - Ruo Ruo from the Du Family

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 40: Ruo Ruo from the Du Family

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    After speaking, as though afraid she would reject, the car had already turned around and left. Wen Xinya noted the car license plate number: RexS99999. This special license number was rarely seen in the city. Rex was the English name Rex when translated to Mandarin, it meant king, ruler, or emperor. The five nines that preceded meant Nine-Five. In ancient Country Z, Nine-Five was usually meant to refer to a king or a ruler!

    Who is he exactly, that he could unscrupulously use the English word Rex and even dared to arrogantly use five nines for his car plate number?

    He looked as though he had gracefully walked into her life, but in reality, he had aggressively and overbearingly barged into her life.

    His identity was shrouded in a heavy black fog, blurring her vision and confusing her. Her gut feeling was telling her that he was dangerous and that she should not be near him and maintain a good distance from him.

    She thought of her past life when she loved a man so deeply. She gave him her everything but all she ever received from him was a heartbreaking betrayal. It was at that time that she gave up on herself.

    Having a second chance at life, she never thought of accepting a man, to let him barge into her life. However, Si Yiyan was different. He never sought her permission before aggressively conquering her life. It was as though her rejection, faced with such intense aggression, was turned into a weak attempt.

    Wen Xinya shook off her own confusing thoughts, refusing to think about the annoying problems of love and feelings! In this life, she was not going to let love chain her down again. There were many, many things that she had to do.

    Wen Xinya remembered the first time she came to Grandpa Du’s medical house and was shocked that it was actually an isolated mansion located at the mountainside of Mt. Ling.

    “You thought that a ‘medical house’ was an actual thatched cottage, didn’t you?” Uncle Zhang said with a laughter, trying to tease her.

    Wen Xinya was tongue-tied. Looking at her confused expression, Uncle Zhang burst out laughing. He even told Grampy when he returned to the Mo Family. And then Grampy told Grandpa Du about it. On the same day, Grandpa Du deliberately called to tease her, “If you like a thatched cottage, I’ll have one built right beside my mansion someday.”

    “Miss Xinya, you’re here. Please come in!” The servants from the Du Family liked to call her by her first name. She was aware that Grandpa Du did not like what the Wen Family had done to her. They had forced her to stay at the Mo Mansion. That was why he instructed the servants to greet her by her first name only.

    “Mother Hao, I’ll help myself. Please carry on with your work!” Wen Xinya felt at home and was comfortable at the Du Family. She did not feel like a stranger at all.

    “Mother Hao, do we have a visitor?” Suddenly, from the living room came a sweet, warm voice, as if it was coated with honey.

    Mother Hao hurriedly replied, “Oh, it’s Miss Xinya.”

    Wen Xinya raised her head and saw a young girl with curly and messy black hair. She was in white pajamas, and on it was printed pictures of cute bears. She came down from the second story in a pair of cotton bunny-eared slippers. This girl was Grandpa Du’s granddaughter, Du Ruo.

    Grandpa Du’s son, Uncle Du Zhong, favored western medicinal practice and did not follow Grandpa Du’s path of career. And because of his busy work schedule, Uncle Du had a divorce when Du Ruo was 5-year-old. Du Ruo was brought up by Grandpa Du. She was influenced by him and had a great interest in Chinese traditional medicinal practice. That made Grandpa Du extremely happy. However, when Du Ruo grew up, she diversified into the faculty of Chinese health and nutritional practice. Grandpa Du was not happy with her decision but could not do anything about it. Every time when he spoke about Du Ruo, he had a sense of regret.

    “Xinya, you’re early today!” Du Ruo walked towards her with a happy mood. Her eyes were still half-closed as if they were covered with mist, probably because she had just awakened.

    “Nope. It isn’t that I came early, it’s you who have woken up late today. The sun is already high up in the sky.” Wen Xinya could not help but pinch her beautiful cute little cheek.

    Du Ruo yawned. “A few days ago, Grandpa had a patient. He brought a book about anti-aging secrets of the ancient maids from the palace, and also another book about health maintenance secrets. I have begged Grandpa for a very long time before he agreed to lend me the books. I was busy studying them, that’s why I had to stay up late,” she said.

    Wen Xinya was well aware that if Du Ruo was learning a new recipe, she would study and work hard till she neglected her meals and sleep.

    Du Ruo forced herself awake. “Oh yes, Grandpa has gone out early in the morning to see a patient today. Please go to his study room later. He has prepared the materials for your learning today.”

    “Okay, I know!” Wen Xinya nodded. After a few visits to the Du Family, Grandpa Du had not spent time teaching her personally. He only asked her to read a few medical books by herself. After reading, she would look at the medicine glossary written by Grandpa Du to learn about the different Chinese herbs and medicines. She had a fantastic memory and had already managed to memorize more than half of the information.

    Du Ruo jumped into Xinya’s arms and wrapped her arms around her neck. She then said playfully, “Xinya, my dear Xinya. Did you bring me some of the rose cakes made by Mother He? I have been waiting for it the entire week.”

    “Little greedy cat.” Wen Xinya pinched her nose and smiled. “Quick, let go of me. I’m suffocating.”

    Du Ruo let go of her, but then grabbed her arm and shook it. “My dear Xinya, I’ve called you yesterday to remind you to bring some for me. Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about it?”

    Du Ruo had a beautiful and sweet face. No one could stand it whenever she spoke in a playful tone. Wen Xinya pulled out an exquisite foldable lunch box from her bag and passed it to her. “See? The princess’ wish is my command.”

    “Ah! Xinya, I knew you were the best.” Du Ruo received the lunch box happily and opened it immediately. Inside the box were some gorgeous lovely pieces of cake with beautiful rose decorations on top of them. They looked delicious.

    Wen Xinya watched her eat the pieces of cake happily. She asked, “Ruo Ruo, do you have any recipe that helps maintain cardiovascular and overall health?”

    In her previous life, Grampy died from a severe heart attack. In this lifetime, she had intended to learn more about Chinese traditional medicine knowledge from Grandpa Du so that she could help Grampy improve his overall health.

    “I don’t have any specific knowledge on that topic. However, I might have kept some ancient recipe that can help you. Let me go find it shortly. Oh yes, who are these recipes for?” Du Ruo replied while enjoying the piece of rose cake on her hand at the same time.

    “Grampy has poor cardiovascular health. I wish to help him improve his condition.” Wen Xinya said in a serious tone. In her previous life, she learned that Grampy had died from a heart attack that was caused by blocked arteries.

    Du Ruo suggested with sincerity. “Grandpa Mo is in good health. He doesn’t need to fix any heart problems. I have a few recipes here for making Chinese medicinal cuisines that I have studied them. These recipes bring good results. Grandpa Mo is old in age and indeed needs to improve his overall health. By consuming Chinese medicinal cuisines, it’ll be easier for him to absorb all the required nutrients.”

    Du Ruo was more knowledgeable than her in terms of health maintenance, therefore she gracefully accepted her suggestion. “Well, thank you very much,” Wen Xinya appreciated her help.

    Du Ruo waved her hand and answered, “Don’t need to thank me. It doesn’t require much effort on my part. Moreover, Grandpa Mo had always been good to me and treated me like his granddaughter. I should also show some filial piety to him.”

    Grandpa Du and Grandpa Mo were close friends, thus Du Ruo visited the Mo Family frequently. Though Grandpa Mo had a cold temperament by nature, he treated her very well. When she knew Grandpa Mo found his own granddaughter, she was very happy for him to finally have a family companion.