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Chapter 42 - You Are Not Even Worthy to Be Her Sidekick

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 42: You Are Not Even Worthy to Be Her Sidekick

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    After Grampy returned, Wen Xinya’s learning schedules were even more packed than before. She was now learning at a professional and practical level, as compared to the basic entry level she started with some time ago.

    After dinner, she was reading a book titled “Essays from the Pool of Dreams.” There were 17 main categories in the pool of dreams, including geographic, history, chess and music, business, personal development, and more. This was one of her favorite books.

    Her phone started ringing. Wen Xinya took a look and saw that it was a call from Xu Zhenyu. She answered without hesitation. “Hello, Second Young Master Xu. Are you looking for me?”

    There was total silence on the other end of the line. Wen Xinya’s heart sank. She was worried if something had happened. “Second Young Master Xu, please say something!”

    “Wen Xinya, today…” Xu Zhenyu stammered.

    Wen Xinya heaved a sigh of relief after hearing his voice. “What’s that about? If you have something to tell me, say it! Don’t stammer like a little young lady,” she said furiously.

    Xu Zhenyu was initially hesitant to make this call. When he heard Wen Xinya calling him names, he was suddenly filled with courage. “Who is behaving like a little young lady? I am a real man! A real man!”

    Wen Xinya was tickled by his tone of voice as he tried to act manly. “You are too short to be a real man. Any real man who is as small-sized as you wouldn’t want to call himself a real man.”

    Xu Zhenyu could not stand being ridiculed by her. He unconsciously looked downwards at his chest that had no muscles. “Though I don’t have six-pack abdominal muscles, I have something in between my legs which you don’t. That makes me a real man.”

    Wen Xinya shouted into the phone angrily, “Xu Zhenyu, you bastard! Stop trying to be a gangster!”

    Xu Zhenyu was shocked by her screaming. There was a tone from the phone. She had hung up on him. He suddenly realized he did not have the chance to tell her about the reason he was calling, and immediately dialed her again.

    After a few rings, the line was cut off again. He did not give up. Even after a long ring, still, no one answered the call. He continued trying…

    After five consecutive tries, his call was finally answered. Wen Xinya told him angrily, “Xu-er, you better be calling me for something important.”

    “What… what are you doing?” Xu Zhenyu asked in a stammering voice.

    Wen Xinya got furious again at his question. “Xu-er, do you think everyone is as free as you? Why don’t you spend more time studying instead of only caring about having fun all day? Whenever you get into trouble, your family will stand up for you. Or when you run out of pocket-money, all you need to do is to ask them for more. I am not as free as you and I do not have time to play with you.” Obviously, Xu Zhenyu got distracted again from his intention of the call by her shouting.

    “I wanted to tell you, today’s my birthday. I have booked a VIP room in the Ninth-Heaven with my friends for a gathering. Since you are not free, then forget about it.” Xu Zhenyu hung up.

    He was enraged by Wen Xinya’s words. He got so angry that he slammed the phone on the ground and punched hard into the wall of the washroom. He thought he must be mad to be calling Wen Xinya.

    In her eyes, he was a wastrel from a wealthy family. He only cared about having fun and would not do anything seriously.

    “Xu-er, you have been inside the washroom for almost half an hour. Are you alright? Everyone is waiting for the birthday boy.” As Han Mofeng opened the door of the washroom he saw Second Young Master Xu leaning against the wall. He wondered what he was thinking about.

    “Oh, nothing! I’ll go over now.” Xu Zhenyu bent down to pick up his cell phone. He pressed a button to see if it was still working. Fortunately, the phone was built strong enough to withstand the fall. Otherwise, he would have to buy a new cell phone.

    Han Mofeng looked as he stared at his cell phone and blinked his eyes, then threw his cell phone on the floor again to vent his anger. Who was he angry at this time? “What happened to your cell phone?”

    Xu Zhenyu put the cell phone into his pocket with composure. “Nothing, I dropped it accidentally.”

    Han Mofeng did not believe him. Xu Zhenyu seemed to have changed into a different person ever since he met him at the airport that day. He seldom hung out with his gang of wastrel friends anymore. The Xu Family was so happy that they prayed and made offerings to their ancestors every day.

    Han Mofeng thought he must have been in love with some girl whom he had never met before. But after observing for some time, he had never seen Xu Zhenyu behaving intimately with another girl, nor did he try to get close to any other girls.

    Both of them returned to the VIP room. Everyone in the room was chatting.

    “We don’t know what kind of person that Young Missus Wen from the Wen Family is. It’s a pity for Xia Ruya. I have seen her previously around here. She is an elegant and pretty lady. More importantly, she is a kind-hearted person.”

    “I heard that Young Missus Wen used to be a street gangster. She did not even complete her Secondary School studies. When she returned to the Wen Family, she continued behaving in an unrefined manner and is a complete shrew. She speaks with profanity and is always getting into fights. The Wen Family had intended to send her abroad to prevent her from being a disgrace to the family. However, Old Mr. Wen wasn’t agreeable, so she ended up staying at her Grampy’s place.”

    “I think the Wen Family wouldn’t want to acknowledge such a disgrace as their granddaughter. It’s been two months already and they have yet to make any announcements to the public.”

    “That’s for sure. It’s just a case of a wild sparrow lucky enough to get into the Phoenix’s nest. She will never become a Phoenix herself…”

    “What did you say? Repeat what you said if you dare.” Xu Zhenyu dashed into the VIP room and grabbed the young lady who was talking earlier. He gave her a hard punch on the face.

    “Xu-er, what are you doing? What did she do to offend you and why are you beating people up?” Han Mofeng immediately went up and tried to stop the fight.

    These words “wild sparrow” conquered Xu Zhenyu’s mind. He could not think rationally. He gave the young lady another hard kick. “If Wen Xinya is a wild sparrow, what are you? You are not even worthy to be her sidekick.”

    Han Mofeng finally understood that Wen Xinya was the reason for Xu-er being so angry. She was the Young Missus Wen who had just returned to the Wen Family. Weird… When did Xu-er meet Wen Xinya? Was Wen Xinya the girl Xu-er had been secretly in love with?

    Everyone else also tried to mitigate the situation. “Xu-er, Ruoyin was not aware that Young Missus Wen is your friend. She was just blabbering some nonsense. Please do not take it to heart. Today is your birthday and you should be happy. Let’s not spoil the day over some trivial matters.”

    Xu Zhenyu was a stubborn man. Though he was being held back, he raised his leg and gave another kick. “Get lost, you witch! Stop spouting nonsense here!”

    Jiang Ruoyin was brought up as a pampered young mistress. She had never been beaten nor humiliated. She covered her face in tears and ran out of the VIP room.

    The ambiance in the VIP room became quieter after her departure.

    Xu Zhenyu was still unhappy over what happened. It wasn’t the first time he heard someone bad-mouthing about Wen Xinya. He finally understood why she was always working hard to prove herself and preventing others from looking down on her. Now… he felt fortunate for having a happy and supportive family. And she, who was less fortunate, had to put in a lot more hard work to prove herself and fight for her own happiness.

    At this thought, Xu Zhenyu was no longer angry over Wen Xinya’s words from their conversation earlier.