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Chapter 43 - Why Pretend to Be a Non-Drinker?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 43: Why Pretend to Be a Non-Drinker?

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    After Xu Zhenyu hung up on her, Wen Xinya rushed over and checked the calendar. It was May 15. Indeed, it was Xu Zhenyu’s birthday.

    She quickly changed into a green enchanting dress that had pictures of white intertwined branches. She looked youthful and elegant in this dress.

    She randomly grabbed a pearl accessory and her sling bag. She was ready to go out.

    “It’s late and you are still going out?” Old Master Mo was concerned. He was sitting on the sofa in the living watching television. He saw that she was all dressed up and even brought her sling bag along.

    Wen Xinya nodded. “Mmm, today is my friend’s birthday. He has a gathering at the Ninth-Heaven and invited me along.”

    Old Master Mo trusted her and was not worried that she would visit some sleazy places late at night. “Let me ask Uncle Zhang to send you there.”

    “Thank you, Grampy!” It was comfortable living at Grampy’s place. The only problem was accessibility. Now that she was still underage, she could not apply for a driving license yet. Though she could take someone else’s driving license to drive, she was aware of her unique identity. And since she had just returned to the Wen Family, everyone was watching her closely. She was in the spotlight of the media’s attention, the slightest mistake would easily be blown up by the media.

    Ninth-Heaven was a Club for the upper-class society. The Club would not allow anyone without any status to enter. There were even different gradings of statuses! Ninth-Heaven represented nine grades! There were affluent figures from the business world, political officers, and some of the low profile wealthiest men in the city.

    Uncle Zhang sent Wen Xinya to the Ninth-Heaven. It was a Club for members only. Anyone without a member’s card would not be allowed to enter unless he was accompanied by a member and entered as a guest.

    Wen Xinya gave Xu Zhenyu a call and it was answered very quickly. “I am at the entrance of Ninth-Heaven and I cannot enter without a member’s card. Come and fetch me,” said Wen Xinya.

    Xu Zhenyu was taken aback, and it took him a few seconds to react. “Wait there, I am coming out to get you.” Then, he dashed out of the VIP room at the speed of the wind.

    Everyone in the VIP room was confused at Xu Zhenyu’s inconsistent behavior. “What’s wrong with Xu-er today? A while ago he was sitting at a corner drinking alcohol all by himself. It didn’t look like his birthday at all. And now he disappeared again like a gust of wind.”

    Mo Hanfeng made a guess. “I think one of his friends has arrived!”

    Within moments from the conversation, Second Young Master Xu was leading an elegant and youthful young lady into the VIP room. The girl was wearing the latest dress from this season owned by Jo-ramst shop that belonged to the Wen Corporation. The dress was beautiful and enchanting. From the collar down there were pictures of white intertwined branches with blossomed flowers that extended all the way down.

    Second Young Master Xu looked happy. He held Wen Xinya’s hand and introduced her. “This is my friend, Wen Xinya.”

    Everyone in the room froze in shock after this introduction. Just a short while ago, Xu Zhenyu had just beaten another girl because of Wen Xinya. Now Wen Xinya unexpectedly appeared in front of them.

    What turned out to be even more shocking to them was that Wen Xinya actually looked very different from the rumors they heard previously. She did not look like someone who behaved in an unrefined manner and definitely did not look like a shrew!

    Wen Xinya smiled and greeted. “Hello, everyone!”

    Han Mofeng remained calm. He introduced himself. “I am Han Mofeng, a good friend of Xu-er.”

    The Han Family and the Xu Family had close relationships. Old Master Han and Old Master Xu used to work in the same political committee. In her previous life, Han Mofeng detested Wen Xinya because of her relationship with Xu Zhenyu. He even had numerous arguments with her. Because of Wen Xinya, the relationship between Xu Zhenyu and Han Mofeng turned sour. When Xu Zhenyu went to jail, Han Mofeng paid a last visit to Wen Xinya and gave her a slap on the face. She had never seen him after that.

    “Nice to meet you!” Wen Xinya greeted him. She did not hate Han Mofeng at all. She knew all he did was for Xu Zhenyu’s good. Even when their friendship turned sour, Han Mofeng did not give up on him. In fact, Wen Xinya admired Han Mofeng for being a loyal friend.

    After Han Mofeng started rolling the ball, everyone else introduced themselves as well.

    Wen Xinya soon remembered everybody in the VIP room and was also aware of some of their backgrounds. A few of them were Xu Zhenyu’s close friends who grew up together with him. Some were Young Masters and Young Mistresses from affluent families. Everybody in the room came from an affluent family.

    The happy look on Xu Zhenyu’s face was pretty obvious, and everyone could guess that something was going on between them. They started to be friendlier to Wen Xinya.

    Second Young Master Xu held the microphone and started speaking. “Xinya just returned to the Wen Family. Please take care of her and give her your guidance. I, Xu-er, personally thank everyone for that!”

    Everyone consented.

    Wen Xinya had a special identity. She did not have an opportunity to interact or associate with the upper-class society in the Capital city. She was thankful to Xu-er for this opportunity.

    “May I suggest that we punish the latecomer with three glasses of wine. She was late and made our Second Young Master Xu wait. He had to sit in a corner and drink by himself. Do you agree?” Han Mofeng placed three glasses in a straight line and started pouring red wine into each of the glasses until they were filled to the brim.

    “Hey, Han Mofeng, are you trying to make things difficult for Xinya? This is her first time joining our gathering. Moreover, she’s just a girl. How could you give her such a harsh punishment?” The girl who was sitting beside Wen Xinya stared at Han Mofeng in discontent.

    The girl who spoke up for Wen Xinya was Zhou Tianyu. During her introduction, Wen Xinya could see that she was a kind-hearted, beautiful and intelligent girl, with a strong sense of righteousness. She had a very good feeling about this girl.

    The Zhou Family was into politics. However, Zhou Tianyu’s grampy was from a military background. Though not as influential as the Xu Family, Zhou Tianyu’s grampy also held a high-rank in the military force. She lived with her grampy from a very young age, thus she was also very close to Xu Zhenyu as they grew up together. Zhou Tianyu focused on linguistic studies. When Xu Zhenyu went to jail in her previous life, Zhou Tianyu was already a well-known diplomat officer.

    “That’s right! Xinya is a girl, how can you give her such a harsh punishment? Do you know how to behave like a gentleman?” Second Young Master Xu kicked Han Mofeng.

    Han Mofeng laughed. “Unlike Xu-er, I don’t know how to be a gentleman. He knows best. Xu-er, why don’t you be her hero and drink up on her behalf?”

    “No way! If Second Young Master Xu drinks on Xinya’s behalf, then it cannot be only three glasses of wine. He should drink at least six glasses of wine to make it a fair deal. Don’t you agree?”

    “Yes! Six glasses of wine. And the wine glasses should be filled by Xinya to show her sincerity!”

    “Red wine is good. White wine would be even better.”

    Everyone in the VIP room was in discussion. It was a happy ambiance.

    Wen Xinya was a good drinker. Just a few glasses of red wine would not knock her out easily. But when everyone was talking like that, it made her feel as if there was something going on between her and Xu Zhenyu.

    “Why pretend to be a non-drinker? You used to be a street gangster, right? I heard people saying street gangsters get into fights, smoke, and drink as well. How can drinking just a few glasses of wine be a difficult task for you?” When everyone was talking happily, a sharp and irritating voice interrupted.