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Chapter 50 - I Must Teach These Sons of Bitches a Lesson

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 50: I Must Teach These Sons of Bitches a Lesson

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    Xu Zhenyu was dead drunk last night and fell into a deep sleep. In the morning, he was awakened by the loud ringing from his cell phone. He found it a nuisance and went back to sleep as soon as he turned it off.

    However, the other party did not give up. When he could not get through on Xu Zhenyu's cell number, he called through the landline number in his room. Second Young Master Xu had a bad headache. He removed the phone from the charging unit and there was finally peace in the house again.

    He thought he was finally able to catch some sleep before suddenly there was a loud knocking sound on his door. Second Young Master Xu got furious and kicked his blanket aside. He walked to the door and opened it. Then he started shouting, "Who is the one being so damn inconsiderate? Do you know the worst thing you can do is to disturb others from their sleep early in the morning?"

    Han Mofeng pushed a stack of newspapers and magazines into his arms. "Take a look at these. See if you can go back to sleep after reading them."

    Xu Zhenyu still looked confused. He gave Han Mofeng a stare of suspicion and took a look at one of the magazines—the notoriously spoiled brat from the Capital city vs the misbehaved daughter from a wealthy family who has been missing for 15 years!!!

    Following were numerous photographs of him and Wen Xinya behaving intimately. Because of the camera's angle, it looked as if they were in an intimate relationship and were behaving inappropriately in public. The article further described what a spoiled brat he was and they even showed indecent photographs from his past. Birds of the same feather flock together. This magazine was obviously making use of his notorious image to ruin Wen Xinya's reputation.

    Xu Zhenyu's face turned pale. He furiously flipped through one magazine after another, and then he continued to look at the newspapers for the same report. Almost all newspapers and magazines had similar content. They were all making use of his negative image to ruin Wen Xinya.

    "What nonsense is this? This is ridiculous!" Xu Zhenyu threw the stack of newspapers and magazines to the floor in anger. Then he behaved madly and torn it all into small pieces. "These media reports are twisting the facts. They are all out to hurt Xinya. What has she done to offend them? How could they bombard Xinya with the use of such negative words?"

    Han Mofeng tried to console him. "Xu-er, calm down. You can't solve a problem by throwing a tantrum."

    "How can I calm down? What wrong has Xinya done to deserve such bad treatments? I must teach these sons of bitches a lesson…" Xu Zhenyu ran downstairs like a gust of wind.

    Han Mofeng chased after him and caught him by his arm. "Xu-er, don't act recklessly. Why don't you give Xinya a call?"

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly came to his senses. He grabbed the cell phone from Han Mofeng and started dialing. The line was engaged. He did not give up and kept trying…

    The commotion caused by Han Mofeng and Xu Zhenyu alarmed the Xu Family. Mother Xu came over worriedly and asked, "What's wrong? Why are you throwing a tantrum early in the morning?"

    The Xu Family had seen the news this morning as well. However, they were not affected by it as it was common for Xu Zhenyu to appear notoriously in the news headlines. Though it seemed a little more serious than usual, they only felt that the media was making use of Xu Zhenyu to hurt Wen Xinya, thus they did not mind about it.

    Han Mofeng replied helplessly, "We held a mini party at the Ninth-Heaven Club last night to celebrate Xu-er's birthday. The Young Mistress from the Wen Family who was lost for the past 15 years, Wen Xinya, was there too. Xu-er seemed to like her a lot. We were all drunk and Xinya helped Tianyu sent everyone back. Then she sent Xu-er home as they were the last to leave. Little did we expect…"

    Han Mofeng's words left everyone in the Xu Family speechless.

    Xu Zhenyu was still calling Wen Xinya's cell number. Though the line was engaged, he kept trying. He paced up and down in the living room impatiently and pulled his hair furiously.

    After a long time, the call was finally connected to Wen Xinya's line. When he heard her voice, his throat was stuck and he could not speak.

    It was his negative image that gave the media a chance to attack Wen Xinya and thus impacted her reputation badly. He had never expected his past behaviors as a spoiled brat would cause harm to someone else. Furthermore, it was someone he cared about.

    Hearing Wen Xinya's voice from the phone, he had a strong sense of guilt. He could not bring himself to face her anymore and hung up after a deep sigh.

    Han Mofeng was concerned. "Did you manage to get through to her?"

    Xu Zhenyu was vexed and pulled his hair. "Yes, it got through!"

    Han Mofeng asked curiously, "Why didn't you speak up? Is it that Xinya was angry with you? Did she scold you?"

    "Nope, she didn't. Instead, she turned over and comforted me. She assured me she would handle the matter herself and asked me not to worry. She also wanted me to stay at home to wait for her updates." Xu Zhenyu suddenly started screaming and stood up from the sofa. He then kicked and toppled the tea table in front of him.

    Old Master Xu was angered by his actions and shouted, "Are you crazy? After experiencing this incident, you should be reflecting on your mistakes instead of throwing tantrums at home. Is that what you're only capable of? Look at her, even a 15-year-old young lady wants to stand up for herself. Look at the state you're in now."

    Xu Zhenyu stood motionlessly. He fell into a state of trance after being reprimanded!

    Old Master Xu was concerned and worried for him. He continued, "Look at all the troubles you've caused in the past. That young lady was defamed by the media and got into this state all because of you."

    That's right! It was all because of him. It was him who behaved childishly and gave a chance for the reporters to capture them on camera, thus landing Xinya into this mess.

    He was the one who got Xinya's reputation damaged!

    Xu Zhenyu suddenly dashed out of the house.

    Han Mofeng knew that he was going to do something impulsive. He ran after Xu Zhenyu and tried to stop him. "Xu-er, can you calm down please?"

    "I'm a good for nothing. I'm not capable enough. Now I've created this mess and have to hide behind a girl who is going to solve the problems caused by me. Even if I can't stand up for Xinya, at least I can do something for her by confronting these newspaper offices and media companies!" Xu Zhenyu said angrily while pushing Han Mofeng's hand aside.

    Old Master Xu was furious at his recklessness. "Come back right now, you brainless idiot. Have you ever considered what further harm you might be causing to that young lady from the Wen Family by your actions? Are you trying to push her towards the edge?"

    Indeed, Old Master Xu's words finally knocked some sense into Xu Zhenyu. He stopped advancing forward and then screamed like a trapped animal. "That means there's nothing I can do? What exactly shall I do to help Xinya?"

    Old Master Xu sighed. "You are not to be totally blamed. Someone was out to get Wen Xinya, and they were just making use of your notorious past to achieve their goals. Don't go anywhere and don't even think of meeting her. She is their only target, let's see how she'll handle the situation. Let me give a few of my newspaper editor friends a call and see if they can help to stop reporting about this incident."

    Xu Zhenyu was rash indeed. He did not consider properly what further impact he might cause. Fortunately, his Grandpa managed to talk some sense into him. "Thank you, Grandpa. Let me give Xinya a call to see what she plans to do and also ask her if there's anything I can do to help."

    Old Master Xu nodded in satisfaction. Xu Zhenyu was finally starting to think rationally. He started to gain interest in the Young Mistress from the Wen Family who had led a wandering life for 15 years. Han Mofeng was a sensible child. If Han Mofeng acknowledged Wen Xinya as a close friend, then she must be someone with a good character.