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Chapter 51 - Have You No Shame Coming Back to the Wen Family?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 51: Have You No Shame Coming Back to the Wen Family?

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    With such an incident, Wen Xinya definitely had to account for her actions to the Wen Family. After her call with Xu Zhenyu, she gave the information obtained from Si Yiyan to him and assigned him a task. Finally, Wen Xinya prepared for her visit to the Wen Family.

    “It may be hard to explain yourself to the Wen Family. Let me accompany you!” Old Mr. Mo’s expression turned dark on the mention of the Wen Family, clearly detesting the idea of meeting them.

    “Grampy, I will eventually have to face the Wen Family. I can deal with this by myself.” Wen Xinya understood that ever since the death of her mother and her very own disappearance, Grampy had never set foot into the Wen Family again. After her father’s marriage with Ning Shuqian, Grampy was even more unwilling to have any ties with the Wen Family.

    Although Old Mr. Mo was delighted that she was so decisive, her tendency to take everything into her own hands upset him. “Don’t forget, you are only a 15-year-old underaged girl. Hiding behind the back of your family in the time of need is normal.”

    “I understand, Grampy. I know my limits. Going home alone is just to test Grandpa’s attitude. His opinions will decide my next steps to resolve this incident,” Wen Xinya said, revealing her true motives.

    Old Mr. Mo could not help but sigh. He may be concerned for her, but there was no need for him to worry over this child who had such a meticulous personality at such a young age. “I see. I will let Uncle Zhang send you there.”

    “Okay!” Wen Xinya nodded.

    Uncle Zhang brought her to the gates of the Wen Family house. This was the first time she returned to the old mansion since leaving and staying at Grampy’s place for over a month. A surge of an unfamiliar feeling caused her demeanor to become even more indifferent.

    Wen Xinya entered the living room. Grandpa was reading the newspaper on the sofa, Ning Shuqian and Grandma were chatting at the side, and Wen Yuya was by Father’s side talking to him.

    “Grandpa, Grandma, Father, Aunt Ning, I’m back.” Wen Xinya greeted them faintly.

    Ning Shuqian was the first to speak up. “Xinya, welcome back!”

    Wen Xinya nodded lightly and turned her gaze away after giving her a look filled with hidden meaning.

    Old Madam Wen looked at her in displeasure and said, “Causing such a scandal after living at the Mo Family for a few days. What an utter disgrace to the Wen Family. Have you no shame coming back here?”

    Old Mr. Wen glared at Old Madam Wen. “Why would Xinya have any shame coming back to the Wen Family? Is this not her home? Is she not part of the Wen Family?”

    Old Madam Wen stared back into Old Mr. Wen’s eyes, but she did not dare to challenge him. She mumbled. “Our Wen Family does not have such a disgraceful granddaughter.”

    Old Mr. Wen could not be bothered with her. He smiled warmly at Xinya and said, “Xinya, come to sit beside Grandpa.”

    In just a short period of time since he last visited her at the Mo Family, Xinya seemed to have changed a little, becoming even more composed than before.

    Wen Xinya walked over happily and sat beside Old Mr. Wen.

    She lifted her head to meet the malicious gaze of Wen Haowen sitting opposite her and returned it with a sweet smile.

    Wen Haowen stared at her coldly and threw the newspaper in his hand at her face. “You have already returned to the Wen Family and is no longer the street thug you were before. Every action of yours represents the reputation of Wen Family. How dare you be so negligent? How dare you let people write such degrading news about you, ruining the name of the Wen Family along with it.”

    Wen Xinya removed the newspaper from her face, her indifferent expression reaching its limit.

    Old Mr. Wen reprimanded. “What are you doing? Xinya is just sitting here, yet you refused to listen to her explanations. Not only that, you lashed out at her. Is this how a father should be like?”

    The color drained from Wen Haowen’s face. “Father, when I went to the company this morning, everybody there was talking about her. They even brought up our mistake of acknowledging Ruya from a long time ago. Is the Wen Family not disgraced enough? This is all because of you, if you did not insist on bringing this spawn of the devil home, none of this would have happened. It’s fine if you brought her home because you took pity on her who has the Wen blood coursing through her veins. However, you rejected my suggestion to send her abroad, which led to this day. Our entire Wen Family is humiliated along with her.”

    Old Madam Wen added, “Haowen is right, it was indeed the Wen Family’s fault for Xinya’s 15 years of suffering on the streets since birth. However, she is not suited to be a real wealthy missus. Why don’t we compensate Xinya with a sum of money and send her abroad, and take it as a completion of family duty on our part.”

    Old Mr. Wen slammed the table. The cups on the table trembled. “Only you can say such heartless words.”

    Old Madam Wen rebutted. “How am I being heartless? This is also for the sake of Xinya. How is it any good for her to be under the attack of the media? Does she not want to retain her humanity!”

    Wen Xinya glared coldly at the Wen Family faces filled with the intent to hurt her for their own benefits. Nothing could shake her heart anymore. After her reincarnation, she became more emotionless.

    Old Mr. Wen took a deep breath and turned to Wen Xinya beside him. “What’s with the news on the papers?”

    Wen Xinya calmly explained. “I met Second Young Master Xu at the airport by chance when I went to fetch Grampy after his seminar at the Southern City. Yesterday was his birthday, so he booked a VIP room at Ninth-Heaven and invited a group of friends for dinner. I was there as well. After the meal, everybody was drunk, so I had to send Second Young Master Xu home. That’s all.”

    Wen Haowen smashed a magazine in front of her face in rage. “Such lies. You guys were so intimate in the photos, that is clearly not ‘all’.”

    Composed, Wen Xinya placed the magazine neatly on the table. “After facing the media head-on so many times you should know their tactics of manipulating the camera angles, Father. Second Young Master Xu was drunk. Although me helping him into the rental car was intimate, you seem to have forgotten that both Xu Zhenyu and I are underaged, Father.”

    Wen Haowen was rendered speechless. However, Ning Shuqian stared intently at Wen Xinya’s left ear. “Xinya, the newspaper mentioned that the ruby on your ear was a gift from the Second Young Master Xu. Seeing as to how expensive it is, even if a friend had given you such a valuable item, you should not have accepted it.”

    Wen Xinya beat around the bush in an attempt to prove her relationship with Xu Zhenyu. She said with a faint smile, “Xu Zhenyu owed me a favor, so he gave me this pair of earrings as compensation. Everybody knows it is difficult to repay a favor. Him repaying with such a valuable ear stud is no wonder.”

    Wen Yuya said furiously, “What about the earrings you gave to Second Young Master Xu? Don’t tell me it’s not yours! I know that was an accessory bought from Jo-Ramst. Don’t even try to deny it.”

    Wen Xinya looked straight into Wen Yuya’s eyes. “Yes, the earrings were indeed mine. It was nothing but a birthday present for Second Young Master Xu.”