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Chapter 53 - Stories of the Pas

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 53: Stories of the Past

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    Wen Xinya faced Xia Ruya with a forced smile. “Are you saying I should wait helplessly for my doom?”

    Xia Ruya retreated her gaze and said with a look of injustice, “That’s not what I meant. I just think that if you really are innocent, the truth will prevail. There is no need to waste your efforts on that baseless news.”

    Wow, look at that 180 degrees change in attitude. Wen Xinya put on an act and thought out loud. “I guess you are right. There’s nothing much I can do at this point.”

    Old Mr. Wen got up from the sofa and ordered., “Xinya, help me to the backyard for a walk!”

    Wen Xinya stood up with pleasure and supported him by the arm out of the living room.

    Wen Xinya looked at the viburnum tree in the backyard. It must have been its blooming season—the white flowers as pure as jade covered the branches fully, giving the viburnum tree a look of elegance and beauty.

    While taking a walk with Old Mr. Wen, Wen Xinya said, “Grandpa, I’ve sent you the tonic previously. Have you been eating them?”

    When she was asking Du Ruo for tonic remedies, she saw some healthcare remedies and requested for them. She then sent them to Mother Wang for her to help improve Grandpa’s health.

    Grandpa had very good health. In her past life when she died, he still remained healthy.

    Old Mr. Wen said with a soft smile, “Old Du’s remedies are really great, and they can’t even be bought by common folks. After you’ve spent so much effort to get them for me, how can this old man here not eat them?”

    The tonic created from those remedies did not taste bad, unlike the ones made from remedies passed around in markets with the disgustingly bitter Chinese medicine taste. Furthermore, the tonics were pretty effective. In just half a month of consumption, his sleep was visibly better.

    Wen Xinya smiled. “I wish Grandpa good health and longevity!”

    When Old Mr. Wen arrived under the viburnum tree, he raised his head to take in the amazing view of the pure white flowers that resembled butterflies gathering around the tree. Slowly, he said, “When one is old, he tends to think of the past. Recently, I’ve been recalling your appearance when you were just born.”

    Wen Xinya helped Old Mr. Wen on to the bench under the viburnum tree.

    Old Mr. Wen was in a daze. He said, “When your mother was pregnant with you, it was really tough for her. Her first four months were spent in bed, and she could not swallow meat even after six months. There were many times when she was close to a miscarriage, but your mother was really strong. She fought hard to keep you.”

    This was her first time hearing about her mother. Wen Xinya had mixed feelings for a moment. Thinking of the pain her mother had to go through during pregnancy while her father stayed by the side of another woman who was bearing someone else’s child, Wen Xinya harbored a deep resentment towards Wen Haowen for the first time.

    Old Mr. Wen continued, “Your mother went into labor half a month early. At that time, medical studies were not good enough. Although C-section was available in the country, it was deeply rooted in the minds of the people of Z country that only natural births were acceptable. On top of that, there were stories within the country about deaths resulting from C-sections in the past. Your mother insisted on giving birth to you naturally, and I did nothing to object…”

    Wen Xinya felt a surge of emotions hit her, and tears welled up in her eyes.

    “That day at ten in the morning, your Grandma and I personally sent her to the hospital when her water broke. Her stomach was in pain from that afternoon until eight in the morning the next day, and she suffered for a whole 18 hours. In the midst of it, I requested for C-section for her, but the doctors said that your mother’s condition was not suitable for surgery. Her only option was a natural birth. Even while waiting outside, every minute and every second was torture for your Grandma and I. How hard it must’ve been for her to pull through, all the while bearing such excruciating pain and torment.”

    Tears trickled down her face, but Wen Xinya pressed her lips together tight, refusing to let out a single sound.

    Old Mr. Wen sighed. “Your mother fought hard to give birth to you. Afterward, she went into a critical situation. She was bleeding profusely but nothing could stop it. The doctors wanted to send her to the emergency room, but she refused and insisted on feeding you a mouthful of milk, saying that only after drinking the mother’s breast milk could the child grow up to be healthy. At that time, I watched her hold on to her last breath to breastfeed you in that labor room. After you were done eating, a nurse carried you away as your mother was afraid that the stench on her would be inauspicious for you. I can still remember how you cried until your face went white when the nurse took you away. No matter what, nobody could calm you down, and you cried continuously for over half an hour.”

    Wen Xinya had a sudden flashback of her past life—excessive drinking, fighting, causing trouble, drug abuse, and everybody’s contempt towards her. Recalling the words Ning Shuqian said to her before her death, she was indeed the only blunder of her mother’s life. How can her of the past life face her mother, who fought and sacrificed her life out of the greatest motherly love?

    In her past life, she let not only herself down, but also her mother!

    Old Mr. Wen held her hand with wet eyes and continued, “I can still remember that day. After your mother finished feeding you the last mouthful of milk, she grabbed my hand so tightly that her nails dug into my flesh and entrusted you in my care. At that time, I promised her, and even took a vow, but…”

    Wen Xinya sobbed uncontrollably. In the short span of her life, her mother did everything she could and even overcame the impossible.

    A wave of hatred washed over her. When mom was carrying her, Wen Haowen stayed by the side of another woman. When mom was in difficult labor, where was he? In the sweet arms of Ning Shuqian?

    Mom, in this life, I will definitely send those two cheating bitches to hell to repent.

    Old Mr. Wen continued, “You were so scrawny when you were born. You weighed only 4.2 pounds, and was only this big!” Old Mr. Wen waved two fingers in the air — that length was only roughly the size of a little rabbit. “Your entire body was very pale and bluish because you stayed in the womb for too long during the difficult labor.”

    After a short pause, Old Mr. Wen said, “At that time, I overheard the doctors saying that this child had already committed a grave sin and that she would definitely lead a harsh life in the future. I thought then that our Wen Family child was a fortune and everybody would adore her. There was no way she would suffer in life. But…”

    Wen Xinya understood the reason why Grandpa brought up the past today. It meant that he was standing on her side and would support her decisions.

    Old Mr. Wen changed the subject and asked, “What do you think of the scandal this time around?”

    Wen Xinya replied hoarsely, “Grandpa, I was too careless this time and allowed people to make up stories to humiliate the Wen Family. But please, believe me, I will definitely find a reasonable solution.”

    “Are you confident?” Old Mr. Wen asked. He recalled the girl that remained calm and eloquent when facing the interrogations of his son and daughter-in-law alone. She was able to subdue their momentum single-handedly. Only someone with a clear mind would be able to pull off this feat.

    Wen Xinya nodded. “I still have to come up with a detailed plan, but there should be no problem.”

    Old Mr. Wen replied plainly, “If that’s the case, I will not interfere. Rest assured, I will help you settle everything in the Wen Family.”

    All Wen Xinya needed was this confirmation. She was afraid that despite her efforts to fight for the title of the Missus of the Wen Family, the family would have already abandoned her. “Thank you, Grandpa. I will not disappoint you.”