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Chapter 55 - I Heard Oyster Is a Treasure for Man’s Kidneys

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 55: I Heard Oyster Is a Treasure for Man’s Kidneys

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    Si Yiyan brought Wen Xinya to the port of a town in Jin City, where fishing boats of various sizes, large and small, were docked. Many tourists wandered along the shores, buying seafood directly from the fishermen on board of the boats. The fishes were still alive and kicking, and the shellfish were all freshly caught. Wen Xinya watched in astonishment at the scene in front of her.

    Wen Xinya excitedly said, “I didn’t know there was still a place like this in Jin City.”

    Si Yiyan replied, “Not only are the seafood here fresh, but the fishermen also have their own recipe for cooking them which cannot be found anywhere else. The government is preparing to develop tourism at this location.”

    “Let’s go and try the seafood here.” Wen Xinya was feeling hungry. She did not eat much of the snacks in the car earlier since she was saving her stomach for lunch.

    “Okay!” Holding her hand, Si Yiyan led Wen Xinya to an old-looking but huge fishing boat by the port. He jumped on board the boat and held his hand out to Wen Xinya who was standing on the shore.

    Wen Xinya looked at the hand in front of her—thin calluses covered it, and the ones on the thumb and index finger were slightly thicker. Her heart shrank a little. Only people who used guns often would have hands with thicker calluses on these positions.

    Si Yiyan waved his hand and said, “Give me your hand! I’ll support you up to the boat since you are wearing high heels.”

    Wen Xinya pulled back from being lost in thought and placed her hand on Si Yiyan’s. His palm was huge, almost wrapping her entire hand in it. It was also really dry and slightly hot. She felt as if her entire heart was heating up from being held by his hand.

    With a tug, Si Yiyan pulled her up onto the boat. The boat started to rock and she staggered along with the swaying motion. Si Yiyan wrapped an arm around her waist and pressed her against his chest.

    Wen Xinya subconsciously put up a struggle and took in a deep breath. The salty and humid air of the beach mixed with the stench of fish made her feel a little uncomfortable. After she greedily inhaled the fresh bamboo-like scent on his body, she felt better.

    “Do you get seasick?” Si Yiyan thought of this question out of a sudden. He blamed himself in his heart for being so careless to forget such an important thing.

    Wen Xinya pondered for a moment before saying, “I don’t think so. I won’t get seasick from riding a yacht.”

    In her past life, she did not get seasick from riding yachts. However, she did not know if these types of boats would affect seasickness.

    “That’s great! The sun is still pretty hot outside, let’s go into the cabin.” With a smile on his face, Si Yiyan slightly embraced Wen Xinya and supported her on the fishing boat.

    “This is the first time I’m on a boat like this, it feels so new. It would be much better though if the boat didn’t rock so much!” The boat kept swaying from time to time and, it being her first time on something like this, Wen Xinya could not adapt to it. She could not stand steadily and had to lean on Si Yiyan, allowing him to embrace her.

    “Since you just got on board, it will be a little hard to adapt. It will be better after a while!” Si Yiyan brought her into the cabin. Although the cabin was a little old, it was spick and span.

    Wen Xinya sat on a stool beside the table in the cabin. Once her butt touched a solid surface, she felt much better than before. Whenever the boat rocked, she also felt much more secure.

    “The seafood that the lady boss on this boat cooks is the best in this town,” Si Yiyan introduced the famous seafood place to Wen Xinya after they sat down.

    Just then, the lady boss wearing a blue-printed cotton shirt came over with a warm smile and said, “Ninth Master, the dishes are ready. Should I serve them now?”

    The lady boss’ gaze naturally landed on Wen Xinya gently, yet it felt as if she was sizing her up.

    Si Yiyan replied, “Serve them!”

    Just as the lady boss was preparing to leave, Wen Xinya turned to Si Yiyan and said with a wide grin, “May is the best time to eat oysters! Add a portion of lemon oysters to his order.”

    The lady boss looked over to Si Yiyan with an even brighter smile on her face.

    Si Yiyan gave Wen Xinya a quick doting glance. This rascal was scheming to take revenge for him making moves on her in the car just now.

    After the lady boss left, Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan with a forced smile and said, “I heard oyster is a treasure for man’s kidneys. It will nourish the kidney and support Yang energy. It’s said that there is a small town in France where the men have to eat an oyster practically every morning. According to statistics, the men in the town are all very energetic and the wives all live a harmonious life. The male sex function can last until an average of 70 years old and above.”

    Si Yiyan watched her speak with a straight face and could not help but laugh. “Are you reminding me to reserve my energy?” He slowly approached her ear and said with a soft laugh, “Don’t worry, I will definitely follow your suggestion in the future and eat an oyster every morning. I’ll reserve my energy and strength for the sake of our future… life.”

    Si Yiyan’s soft laughter was like the sound from a Chinese zither, the Guzheng. It was sweet and sentimental, with a certain charm to it. Although he omitted it and did not say a word in between, Wen Xinya could guess that he was referring to the word “Marriage”. Her face turned beet red in a flash. Not only did she fail to tease him, but he also turned it around and used it against her. This sort of feeling was embarrassing indeed.

    “Oyster nourishes Yin and blood, eating more will benefit your body.” Although teasing this rascal was really fun, Si Yiyan decided not to be too greedy.

    Wen Xinya changed the topic hurriedly. “Have you been here before? The lady boss seems to be close to you.”

    Si Yiyan explained happily. “My mother loves seafood. When I was young, my father brought me here a few times before.”

    At this moment, the lady boss served the dishes. Wen Xinya looked at the food on the table-popcorn clam, spicy stir-fried crab, grilled big prawns with garlic, smoked salmon… All sorts of seafood that looked, smelled and tasted good. She was so in awe that she almost forgot to blink.

    “Don’t just stare, hurry and eat!” Si Yiyan took a prawn and carefully peeled it.

    Wen Xinya immediately took up a pair of chopsticks and stuffed her mouth with a slice of salmon. “The meat is fresh and tender and has such a smooth texture. This is tastier than the ones in a five-star hotel.”

    Si Yiyan peeled two prawns and dipped them in the sauce before placing them on the plate in front of Wen Xinya. Afterward, he took a crab and started peeling it.

    Wen Xinya accepted it straight away.

    The lady boss continued to serve a few more dishes. Wen Xinya frowned and cried out, “Si Yiyan, just how much did you order! How can the two of us finish all of these?”

    Si Yiyan explained, “The seafood here is great, and since there are very few opportunities to come here, I’ve ordered a little of everything for you to try. If you cannot finish, just leave it. It’s best for you to just enjoy the food.”

    Wen Xinya furrowed her brows and said, “Si Yiyan, I heard that wasting food in army camps will get you punished.”