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Chapter 58 - I’m Definitely Going to Send Xinya Abroad

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 58: I’m Definitely Going to Send Xinya Abroad

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    Old Mrs. Wen interrupted Xia Ruya’s sentence with her eyes wide open. “Old man, what are you talking about? Did Wen Xinya said anything to you? I knew she was a curse to the family. What did Ruya do to offend her? Just because she didn’t like Ruya doesn’t mean that Ruya cannot come to the Wen family to visit us. Who does she think she is?”

    “Xinya did not speak ill of anyone in front of me. Even if she had voiced out her unhappiness to me, what’s wrong with that?” Old Mr. Wen took a deep breath and gave Xia Ruya a glance. Her words seemed harmless, but she spoke with a hidden purpose. Well, it made Old Mrs. Wen think that Xinya spoke ill of her in front of Grandpa.

    Xia Ruya was lost at Old Mr. Wen’s stare. She subconsciously lowered her head and said, “Grandpa… I understand. You’ve found your biological granddaughter and do not need me anymore. I… I understand. I’ll visit the Wen Family less frequently and not make Xinya unhappy. I… only wish to see Grandma more often. Grandma… has always loved me dearly.”

    If Wen Xinya was present, she would have looked at Xia Ruya as a really shameless person. Old Mr. Wen had already made it clear to her and she still said she would visit the Wen Family less frequently…

    Indeed, when Xia Ruya had just completed her sentence, Old Mrs. Wen immediately continued, “I don’t agree. Ruya has grown up by my side for the past 12 years. Even if you don’t want her, I still her. What right does Wen Xinya have to be unhappy about Ruya coming to visit me? As the Grandma in the family, do I have to act according to Wen Xinya’s wishes?”

    Old Mr. Wen realized that whenever Xia Ruya was present, he could not get his message across. Whatever he said, Xia Ruya would always refer to Xinya, thus deepening Old Mrs. Wen unhappiness towards Xinya. He did not bother to insist on his point further. “I’m not forbidding her of visiting us, I only said she should come less frequently. You’re aware of the recent scandal in our family. Who knows, Ruya might be an innocent party to be dragged into the whole episode?” he said.

    His words finally knocked some sense into Old Mrs. Wen. She agreed and also started to advise Xia Ruya to come to the Wen Family’s mansion less frequently. Xia Ruya became speechless and could not defend herself any further.

    Ning Shuqian was the mastermind behind the entire scandal incident. She was the one who manipulated the string of events and therefore would not get Xia Ruya involved. Xia Ruya had initially wanted to make good use of this opportunity to get into the good books of the two elderly. Once the Wen Family abandoned Wen Xinya, they would start to think about her who had grown up by their side for the past 12 years. Looking at the current situation, her plans did not seem to have worked.

    Xia Ruya left the Wen Family’s mansion with unsettled emotions.

    As the phone rang, Old Mr. Wen answered it. It was a call from Wen Corporation’s shareholders. The majority of these senior shareholders were the pioneers of the company. They had a very close relationship with Old Mr. Wen.

    “Old Wen, I don’t have any bad intentions. You have taken great efforts and finally found the only heir to the Wen Family. I’m certainly happy for you as a friend. Pardon my frankness but, with such an unfilial granddaughter with such an unglamorous past, she will bring a negative impact to your family from now onwards! I know kinship matters to you. Why don’t you just provide some financial support to her and fulfill your duties as a grandparent? Do not let her harm the reputation of the Wen Corporation which you’ve built spending your life’s effort. It took a great deal for us to make the corporation the great success of today. How can you bear to let it suffer? I suggest that you send her abroad, it will…”

    “Old Zhang, Xinya is only 15-years-old; she’s still a young kid. And kids can be rebellious at times. There’s a famous saying—the gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. Furthermore, she is my biological granddaughter. If I send her abroad, the media will again make a story out of it, saying that the Wen Family chose to abandon kinship over the benefit of our corporation.” He was clear-minded and was aware that it must have been an act by his son, instigating the shareholders to persuade him.

    Wen Haowen got home in a rush. He saw Old Mr. Wen and immediately informed. “Father, I have already secured an air ticket for Xinya to the United States this afternoon. I’ve also gotten her passport ready.”

    Old Mr. Wen hung up and stared at him plainly. “Who said we are sending Xinya abroad?”

    Wen Haowen looked at Old Mr. Wen with disbelief. “Father, Xinya’s scandal has already escalated to a state beyond our control. Why are you still protecting her? Do you know how much the share price of the Wen Corporation has dropped? If this continues, we will suffer even greater losses. The Board of Directors and the shareholders are all in agreement to send Xinya abroad. Please do not be stubborn and continue to disregard the Wen Corporation’s reputation and shareholders’ interests.”

    Old Mr. Wen took a sip of tea and replied, “The reason the share price took a dive was all because of the news between you and Ning Shuqian. Before that, the share price dropped but the shareholders’ interests were not affected.”

    Wen Haowen turned pale. He said in frustration, “Father, it all started from Xinya’s scandal. If it wasn’t for her, why would the media dug into our past?”

    “If you did not have a disgraceful history, there would be nothing the media could do.” Old Mr. Wen raised his head and looked at him with disappointment. He was already aware of how incompetent his son was. Previously it was because of his wife’s suggestions and ideas that helped him succeed within the Wen Corporation and thus become the Chairman of the Wen Corporation. Little did he expect him to become so irresponsible and shift all the blame to his own daughter.

    Wen Haowen turned pale and was speechless for a while. He then looked at Old Mr. Wen and said, “Father, no matter what you say, I am definitely going to send Xinya abroad.”

    Old Mr. Wen shook his hands. “Since you’ve already made up your mind, I shan’t stop you. Xinya is right at the Mo Family’s bungalow. Do as you deem fit!”

    Wen Haowen remembered his Father-in-law’s eyes—it had the power to make him panic in terror with one stare. He was always fearful and did not like to interact with his Father-in-law. “Father… You know about my Father-in-law. He…”

    Wen Haowen even wanted Old Mr. Wen to act on his behalf. This made Old Mr. Wen even more disappointed. If he did not have a sense of guilt or shame, why would he be afraid to face his Father-in-law? Old Mr. Wen stood firm on his grounds and said, “I have never wanted to send Xinya abroad. Since it’s your decision, you should settle it on your own.”

    Wen Haowen started speaking in a softer tone. “Father, my Father-in-law has always blamed me for Yunyao’s death. He will definitely not want to see me. Please just help me once!”

    Old Mr. Wen was agitated at the mention of Mo Yunyao. “How could Yunyao’s death have nothing to do with you? It was because she found out about your affair with Ning Shuqian that it traumatized her and she had to deliver two weeks earlier!”

    Wen Haowen was guilty. He tried redirecting the topic of the conversation and replied in anger, “Father, you’re being selfish. You’re disregarding the corporation’s and the shareholders’ interests.”

    Old Mr. Wen stood up and said before going to the second floor, “Wen Xinya alone is not able to harm the Wen Family’s or the corporation’s interests.”

    Wen Haowen kicked the tea table with rage. “Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, do you think I’m unaware of your intention to groom her into the Wen Family’s heir? I will never let you succeed,” he exclaimed.

    Everything in the Wen Family belonged only to him!