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Chapter 59 - Black Sunday

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 59: Black Sunday

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    Black Sundar Bar was a well-known money-squandering bar. Just by looking at the bar’s exterior, one would not know there were other ongoing vice activities inside, including prostitution, gambling, and drugs. One must have insider connections to be able to access them. This was no longer a secret in the Capital city. However, people refrained from talking about it, largely due to its mysterious background.

    A car stopped over at the basement level four carpark of Black Sunday. As the door opened, Gu Junlin got out of the car from the driver’s seat. He went over to the passenger seat and opened the door for Wen Xinya. “We have arrived,” he said.

    “Thank you!” Wen Xinya said with a smile and got out of the car.

    The Gu Family was an affluent family within the Capital city. It was said that the family had good connections with the National Security Department. Therefore, they were well respected by both the government and underworld figures. Gu Junlin had rendered a tremendous help to Wen Xinya for her plans this time.

    Wen Xinya had realized the importance of being well connected in society. Connections to the right people would be the deciding factor for her victory.

    Gu Junlin brought Wen Xinya into the Black Sunday through another entrance, leading them directly to a secret Surveillance Room in the bar.

    Xu Zhenyu and Han Mofeng were sitting in the room watching the surveillance screen.

    Wen Xinya passed the desserts made by Mother He over to them. “The desserts made by Mother He are the best. This is the reward for your hard work.”

    Xu Zhenyu always liked desserts. Looking at the desserts, his eyes gleamed. “Xinya, you know me best.”

    Having known him for two lifetimes, how could Wen Xinya not know what he liked. She turned over and looked at Han Mofeng. “What is the situation?” she asked.

    Han Mofeng signaled her to look at the surveillance screen. He said, “We are near to deployment. Under our setup, he borrowed some money from the illegal money-lenders yesterday and seems like he’s going to lose it all again.”

    Wen Xinya looked at the screen. It showed a wretched man around his 40s. This was the Chief Editor of Heavenbright Press Media—Yang Chongguang.

    From the information Si Yiyan provided her, it showed that Yang Chongguang was an addictive gambler. So she discussed with Xu Zhenyu and together they set up this trap. Xu Zhenyu was very well-connected and very quickly was able to lure Yang Chongguang into the trap by getting him to gamble at the Black Sunday through his connections.

    The Gu Family also had connections to the owners of the Black Sunday. Therefore, Gu Junlin was able to help them arrange this setup. For the first two days, Yang Chongguang was on a lucky strike and won almost ten million dollars. It was a common characteristic in gamblers—winning was never enough for them and they would want more. Moreover, Xu-er had arranged someone to instigate him to return for more. Therefore, Yang Chongguang got addicted very quickly. From the third day onwards, he started getting unlucky but his losses were minimal. On the fourth day, he had lost it all.

    Yang Chongguang had lost a huge some of his own money, plus the original amount he had won initially. How could he give it up? Under the encouragement from that person whom Xu-er had arranged, Yang Chongguang became hot-headed and started borrowing from illegal money-lenders. By now, he had lost more than what he could afford to pay.

    Sweat was all over his face. He could not sit still and kept fidgeting in his chair. He was struggling to keep his eyes open as he had spent a few sleepless nights on the gambling table, trying to focus his attention on the cards in the croupier’s hands.

    The croupier was distributing cards to the players.

    Yang Chongguang got excited and leaned forward on the gambling table, holding the three cards in front of him tightly. He slowly flipped the first card by its corner and revealed an Ace card. The sheepish eyes started to gleam with enthusiasm.

    Suddenly, he realized he was giving away through his excitement and consciously peeped at his opponent who was sitting at the opposite end. Then, he acted to keep himself expressionless. However, his trembling hands could not cover up his nervousness.

    Yang Chongguang slowly flipped and looked at the second card. When he saw that it was a Three, he almost jumped from his chair in exhilaration. He quickly placed the card face down.

    He started leaning back against his chair and kept wiping the sweat on his face with a handkerchief. Deep inside, he was screaming: Two. The last card must be a Two. It must be a Two…

    Yang Chongguang flipped the last card with his hands still trembling. When he saw that the last card was a Two, he threw the cards in his hands to the middle of the table with elation. He laughed loudly and exclaimed, “I have Three straights. Haha. You’ve lost!”

    His opponent turned his cards over calmly and placed them in the middle of the table. “I have Three straights too. My apologies, the points on my cards were slightly bigger than yours,” he said.

    Yang Chongguang stared at him with disbelief. “That’s impossible. How could your cards triumph over mine?”

    The man signaled for him to look at the cards on the table.

    Yang Chongguang subconsciously turned to look at his opponent’s cards on the table. It was indeed Three straights—a Two, a Three and a Four, which triumphed over Yang Chongguang’s cards. He fell back onto his chair in despair. “It’s over. I lost it all. Over. Everything’s over…”

    Wen Xinya looked at Gu Junlin and raised her thumb. “The conman you found is indeed formidable. The amount he wins or loses is all under my control. This conman can accurately perform according to my requests.”

    “These are professional conmen trained by the casino.” Gu Junlin glanced at the surveillance camera monitor as he spoke.

    Wen Xinya opened her eyes wide in surprise. She was obviously not familiar with the operations of the casino behind the scenes and was shocked by Gu Junlin’s words. “Does that mean the casino has been cheating?”

    Gu Junlin raised his almond-shaped eyes and replied in a low, suggestive tone, “The casino will not interfere if someone wins money within its set limit. However, it will not allow anyone to step beyond its boundary. A casino is a business that will never operate at a loss. It’s an unspoken rule in the industry. Therefore, a little gambling is delightful, but heavy gambling might cause serious injuries.”

    Wen Xinya totally agreed. “There are rules and boundaries for every industry.”

    Hearing her words, Gu Junlin smiled and took a packet of cigarettes from his bag. He put a stick of cigarette in his mouth and then took a box of special-made matchsticks to light up his cigarette. A bluish flame appeared on the end of the matchstick, seemingly from the dark world.

    The bluish flame brightened up before him, highlighting the contours of his face. He had such a perfect profile and beautiful features with a slight devilish charm. He was a sexy boy and had the exact characteristics of an evildoer!

    Xu Zhenyu looked evil too. But in comparison with Gu Junlin, he was miles behind!

    Gu Junlin seemed to notice her observing him. He smiled at her and raised his eyebrow flirtishly in response.

    Facing his flirtatious response, Wen Xinya, who had a soul of a 25-year-old, was able to withstand the seduction from this bad boy. She just glanced back at him plainly and knocked gently on the table. “Give a call to the illegal money-lenders and get them to start collecting debt from Yang Chongguang. Tell them to use some vicious methods on him. The objective is to make him so frightened that he gets nightmares in his sleep. Oh yes, do arrange for someone to monitor his activities so that he cannot escape.”

    Han Mofeng nodded.

    Wen Xinya turned to look at Xu Zhenyu and said, “Arrange for someone to instigate Yang Chongguang at a suitable timing and encourage him to borrow money from Ning Shuqian with some threats. When a person is pushed to a corner, he will not have any sense of morale. Moreover, he is just an addicted gambler with no integrity. We must get ahold of photographic evidence to show the relationship between Ning Shuqian and Yang Chongguang.”

    She had done all this work to get to the mastermind behind Yang Chongguang.

    “Okay!” Xu-er looked at Wen Xinya with mixed emotions. When dealing with a situation like this, she was able to handle matters rationally. As for himself, he had lost his cool earlier and felt a sense of shame because his actions could not even be compared to a girl like Wen Xinya. This almost hurt his dignity as a man.