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Chapter 60 - Were You Secretly Following Me?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 60: Were You Secretly Following Me?

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    Si Yiyan watched as the black car that Wen Xinya was in drove into the basement carpark of Black Sunday. He then made a call on his cell phone. “How’s the progress of the task I’ve assigned you with?”

    “Rest assured, Ninth Young Master. I’ve carried it out exactly the way you’ve instructed and coordinated well with Young Master Gu and Young Missus Wen’s plan. Everything is going according to plan.”

    “Mm! I know! You must ensure the safety of Young Missus Wen. I don’t wish to see her getting into any accidents at Black Sunday.” After finishing his sentence, he hesitated for a while, as if afraid that his instructions were not clear enough. He repeated, “No accidents at all. Have I made myself clear?”

    The voice on the other end of the line replied in a stern tone, “Ninth Young Master, please don’t worry. I have opened a secret passageway for Young Missus Wen in Black Sunday. Her safety will not be compromised.”

    “Well done!”

    After hanging up, Si Yiyan leaned back on the chair and rested.

    Though the Gu Family had connections to the owners of Black Sunday, the power behind it was far more complicated and beyond their imagination. They could not possibly overpower it. Xinya had acted bravely in this matter. However, what she did not know was that a slight mindless mistake could land her in grave danger.

    But she seemed to be well aware of the power behind Black Sunday. She had made the necessary arrangements and were able to plan a strategy to avoid potential threats and dangers. This greatly surprised him. If she was not someone who frequented this place, how would she know so much about Black Sunday’s hidden rules?

    This was a question that boggled his mind.

    While he was still deep in his thoughts, Wen Xinya walked out of Black Sunday. He tapped the horn.

    The sudden high pitch sound from the horn pierced through the silence of the night.

    Wen Xinya subconsciously turned over and saw Si Yiyan’s silver Cayenne parked by the roadside, waiting for her. The silver body of the Cayenne subtly glowed under the dim lights in the dark.

    After boarding the car, Wen Xinya tilted her head and look at Si Yiyan. “How did you know I was here? Were you secretly following me?” she asked. At this point, she squinted her eyes in the faint light and started to look serious.

    Si Yiyan replied with a frown, “I saw you going out late in the night. I had wanted to ask you, but by the time I was outside, you had already boarded another car. I was worried and tried calling you, but your cell phone was turned off. I had no choice but to follow you here.”

    Wen Xinya seemed to accept his explanation and calmed herself. She responded plainly, “It was nothing serious. The person who fetched me was Gu Junlin. He’s a nice guy. The Gu Family has some connections to the owners of Black Sunday, therefore I was in safe hands.”

    Si Yiyan nodded and said, “Xinya, the owners and the power behind Black Sunday are complicated and far beyond your imagination. I suggest you avoid coming here often.”

    He spoke with a serious and concerned tone. Wen Xinya pondered for a while and realized that Si Yiyan must have had some connections with Black Sunday. After hearing his advice, she started to give it some serious thought and knew that it was not appropriate for her to make use of Black Sunday to deal with Yang Chongguang.

    Black Sunday was known for its vice activities. This showed that the group of people behind its operations did not have integrity. Her identity as the Young Missus Wen would also create opportunities for rumors against herself.

    “I understand. I had not given it serious consideration for this matter.” She thought she knew much about this bar based on her frequent visits in her previous life, but what she knew was only the tip of the iceberg. By executing her plans without much consideration was indeed a reckless decision.

    Si Yiyan stopped speaking after that. She was an intelligent girl and would be able to understand the seriousness of the matter quickly.

    After a while, Si Yiyan turned over and looked at her. She was lying on her seat and had fallen asleep.

    Even though she was asleep, she was frowning. He assumed that she was tired and vexed over the scandals. Though she was putting up a strong front and seemed to have dealt with the matter maturely with everything under her control, she was just a 15-year-old teenager. She must be weary under the challenge of the media.

    Si Yiyan parked the car by the roadside. He lowered her seat gently to allow her a more comfortable rest. Then he removed his jacket and put it on her. After dimming the lights inside the car he lowered his own seat. The original small gap between the driver’s and passenger’s seats disappeared as if they were lying together on the same bed.

    Under the dim lights, she looked calm and peaceful as she continued sleeping. There was beauty in the silence.

    Si Yiyan leaned towards her lightly and gently kissed her forehead. The mild fragrance lingered in his nose and made him excited. He slowly moved his lips downwards from her nose, and then to her lips. He kissed lightly on her lips as if a dragonfly touched the water and retracted immediately.

    Si Yiyan lied down beside her, watching her sleep. He had a sense of satisfaction and suddenly felt that his life was complete.

    As time passed, probably due to the strong desire in his eyes, Wen Xinya could feel someone watching her. She grew conscious and slowly opened her eyes. She could see a pair of beautiful eyes that contained passion and satisfaction and an irresistible aura that contained mixed emotions within at the same time.

    Si Yiyan saw her waking up. He spoke in a low tone with some slight disappointment. “You woke up? I noticed you had fallen asleep earlier. I parked the car by the roadside so that you could have a better rest.”

    “How long was I asleep?” Wen Xinya asked with a light voice. It was probably because she had just woken up, her voice was not as crisp as usual. She sounded a little childish and lazy.

    “One hour and five minutes,” answered Si Yiyan. While she was asleep, he almost counted every second. Every moment he spent with her was very precious. It was as if he wanted to record every cherished moment and store them into his memory.

    “Send me back to the Mo Family’s mansion! The bed at home is the best.” Wen Xinya tried adjusting herself. Her body was stiff and uncomfortable. She could subconsciously feel that something happened during the sleep that she had missed, but she did not know what it was.

    “Okay!” Si Yiyan raised both of their seats.

    Wen Xinya suddenly realized what was bothering her. It felt like they were lying together on the same bed! At this thought, she blushed and her heart beat faster.

    She started frowning. Ever since that day when Si Yiyan expressed his intention towards her when he sent her to Grandpa Du’s medical house she felt she was getting closer to him, and it felt natural. When she thought about it, they had spent some happy moments together.

    She did not like this feeling that rendered her out of control!

    It seemed like Si Yiyan was someone who could handle relationships well—he knew exactly when he should advance or retreat. It would be best for her to keep a distance from him from now onwards.