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Chapter 62 - The Death of Yang Chongguang

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 62: The Death of Yang Chongguang

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    She finally came to see him after a long time. His lifeless heart came back to life in a moment. He looked at her in the phone. She had lost a lot of weight again and her cheeks were sunken, but she was still beautiful.

    “I’m sorry, because of me, you…” She cried uncontrollably over the phone and would not stop apologizing to him. Her eyes dripped with tears, spilling onto his heart. … They flooded his entire world. He had never seen tears as pure as hers, they were the most beautiful things in the world, glittering and crystal clear. He wanted to reach out his hand to touch and even taste them.

    From then on, she had never returned to see him.

    Three years later, he was released from prison. As he went back to the city without looking back at the place where he had suffered for three years, he saw the news that was everywhere: The Missus of the Wen Family died from a drug overdose!

    At that moment, his world came crashing down on him. “She is not dead. She must’ve known that today is my release and is playing a prank on me.”

    He only believed that all these were the truth when he went to the hospital morgue to find that nobody had retrieved her body.

    In the hospital morgue, he met a man who had come to collect her body as well. That man sighed and said, “She had quit drugs for three years. This was considered impossible since she had already been taking drugs for around eight years, yet she persevered. She’s the strongest and most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. She told me that she thought nobody in this world cared about her, but there was someone who gave her his everything. As such, she could not burden him any longer. In these past three years, I’ve watched her quit drugs little by little. She’s only had three months left before she would have succeeded, why would she suddenly overdose on drugs?”

    Three years… So that is why she did not visit him in the past three years. She wanted to show him a new her after he was released from prison.

    He knew that once she had set her mind to something, she could do anything. After hearing that man’s words, his suspicions grew and he started to dig into her death.

    Soon after, Old Mr. Wen died from a stroke, Old Madam Wen went crazy and was sent to an elderly care center, and Wen Haowen ended up in a vegetative state after an accident. The Wen Family was almost completely destroyed.

    Making use of this opportunity, Xia Ruya grasped 25% of the shares that belonged to the Wen Family and became the largest shareholder of the Wen Corporation. Ning Shuqian took hold of 10% of the shares and became the shareholder of the Wen Family.

    Subsequently, the Xia Family devoured the Wen Corporation bit by bit until the Xia Family completely took over. With her billionaire status, Xia Ruya married her fiance Xiao Jingnan. Their prosperous wedding caused a great sensation in the world.

    He started to investigate Xia Ruya, Ning Shuqian, and Wen Yuya.

    The truth he found out drove him crazy!

    Ning Shuqian, Xia Ruya, and Wen Yuya were the ones who ruined her.

    They devised for her to lose her chastity at the age of 15, have nude pictures of her taken, have her kidnapped and injected with a large number of drugs causing her to be addicted, drugged her and arranged for three men to sleep with her, took down porno videos of her…

    Along with the piles of other little things they had done, he was unable to scrutinize them all!

    He felt like a ball of crushed paper that was rolled into a ball inch by inch. That bone crushing pain was like water drowning him, causing him to be filled with evil thoughts.

    A blast of loud alarm rang suddenly. The nightmare that Xu Zhenyu was in broke into pieces, and his consciousness came back little by little. He sat up on the bed hurriedly, squeezed the clothes on his chest tightly, opened his mouth and took in deep breaths.

    Droplets of sweat formed on his forehead as he breathed heavily, deep and husky. In the night, it felt especially lonely.

    The phone’s ringing got on his nerves.

    He felt as if he was still deep in the nightmare, unable to escape. The bone-crushing pain he felt in the dream left him breathless despite him being already awake.

    The dream is obviously not real!

    Yet, everything he had felt was so vivid! It felt as if everything had happened before.

    Out of the sudden, he felt a chill ran down his spine. He then realized that the pajamas that he was wearing were drenched in sweat because of his nightmare.

    He laughed at himself and shook his head. What you think about in the day, you will dream of it at night indeed. However, Xu Zhenyu did not know that the dream had already started to change his way of thinking from this moment onwards, changing his destiny.

    He took the cup of water on the cabinet at his bedside and drank it. Once his head was clearer, he finally answered the call, “Hi, this is Xu Zhenyu.”

    “Second Young Master, Yang Chongguang committed suicide.” The voice through the phone said with unease.

    Xu Zhenyu’s face darkened. “What did you say?”

    “Yang Chongguang jumped off a building and committed suicide. I followed your instructions and instigated him to try to get money. As expected, the first person he called was Ning Shuqian. He asked Ning Shuqian to give him a million dollars or he would reveal the fact that she bribed him to create scandals about Wen Xinya. Ning Shuqian was afraid and promised to give him a million dollars. However, she asked for some time and he promised to give her a day. Yang Chongguang received a call and left hurriedly just now, and I tailed him from behind. As I arrived at Qingfeng Tower, Yang Chongguang was already in the elevator, heading towards the roof. By the time I rushed up there, he had already jumped off the rooftop.”

    “Listen to me, call the police now and leave there immediately.” After saying that, Xu Zhenyu quickly hung up the phone, took a random shirt and left the house in a hurry.

    He took a car from the garage and headed towards Qingfeng Tower. He gave Wen Xinya a call, “Xinya, Yang Chongguang committed suicide.”

    Wen Xinya sat up from the bed in a sudden and asked, “What’s the matter?”

    Xu Zhenyu gave a recount of the situation and said, “Somebody has already called the police. I am now rushing to Qingfeng Tower.”

    “Do not go near Qingfeng Tower!” Wen Xinya instructed instantly.

    “I know! Xinya, I’m sorry. I did not arrange everything properly and ruined your plan.”

    With her sharp instincts, Wen Xinya felt that the incident was not that simple. “We still do not know exactly what happened, so don’t blame yourself yet. I believe this is not as simple as it seems.”

    A thought lit up in his head. Xu Zhenyu replied, “Are you saying that Yang Chongguang did not commit suicide?”

    “Everything about this incident is strange. Clearly, somebody planned for this to happen. That person calculated so precisely, making use of the elevator to separate Yang Chongguang from the man you sent to tail him. There was no way for us to guard against that.” Wen Xinya explained.

    Xu Zhenyu was also aware that something was off. He replied, “I will ask about the exact situation again and give you another call.”