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Chapter 64 - Mysterious man

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 64: Mysterious man

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    Bright light and darkness fused and collided, suddenly reminding Wen Xinya of Lucifer. The fallen angel Lucifer who became the Devil — Satan. The King of Darkness…

    While she was sleeping, Wen Xinya had a weird dream.

    She dreamed of a really pretty flower bud, producing a white beautiful glow. It was swaying with its slim body, so gentle and enchanting.

    Si Yiyan stood in front of the flower bud wearing a black shirt. His features were defined, his lashes were long and stunning, and his lips were beautiful. He stroked the flower bud gently with his fingers, so gentle as if he was handling a rare treasure.

    Suddenly, he ran his fingers along the flower bud and snapped it in two. It landed into his slender hand.

    When she woke up, Wen Xinya sat on the bed and recalled her talk with Si Yiyan the day before about the flower buds. She quietly laughed at herself for dreaming of something she had talked about.

    However, what did the dream meant when Si Yiyan retrieved that flower bud?

    Wen Xinya shook her head abruptly and said, “Who cares what it meant, it was just a dream. How foolish, to fret over a dream.”

    After she regained her composure, Wen Xinya saw the earring on her dressing table. She hesitated for a moment before picking it up and wearing it on her right ear. The earring held a fresh symbol, clearly not just a simple accessory. It must have a special use at a different place.

    At the thought of Si Yiyan’s mysterious identity, Wen Xinya frowned.

    In the meantime, she received news from the private investigator she hired. Ning Shuqian was very careful with her actions. It was difficult to track her call history because of the memory card she used in her phone. Furthermore, whenever she made bank transactions, she was sure to deposit in investment companies before transferring them. She left no tracks behind such that nothing of use was found.

    Although Wen Xinya was disappointed, it was within her expectations. If Ning Shuqian was so easy to deal with, she would not be Ning Shuqian.

    Meanwhile, there was quite a stir for the past two days. The Chaofan Lawyer Corporation announced to the public that they had accepted the case from the Missus of Wen Family, to press charges against Heavenbright Press Media and ten other press media for severely damaging her reputation. They had already submitted the necessary applications to the court.

    On the other hand, nobody really cared about the news of Yang Chongguang’s death.

    The media kept making calls to the Mo Family in hopes of interviewing Wen Xinya. However, Wen Xinya rejected every call from the media, and even more so their wish to interview her.

    Her unyielding attitude made the media understand the severity of this incident.

    As the development of the situation was far from their expectation, Wen Xinya’s action caught the attention of people from all walks of life. The Missus of the Zhou Family, Zhou Tianyu, showed her support openly. She even revealed the fact that it was the birthday of the Second Young Master Xu, Xu Zhenyu, that night. He had invited a group of friends who he had good relations with to Ninth-Heaven for a gathering where everybody ended up drinking too much, and she was the one who requested Wen Xinya to bring the Second Young Master Xu home.

    The young master of the Gu Family, Gu Junling, also testified to that point. He even mocked the media for being used by someone, insinuating that there was somebody out there wanting to make use of the Second Young Master Xu’s bad reputation to create scandals about Wen Xinya.

    A few well-known celebrities in the showbiz discussed the news of Wen Xinya’s fake scandals and expressed their sympathy towards her. They even hinted that Wen Xinya was just an underaged girl, and it made their heart ache that the media would use such malicious writings to oppose a child. They also made an appeal that a child should grow up without a worry, and not suffer attacks from the media which are detrimental to their growth.

    Words like these aroused many people’s sympathy. Everybody was a parent to their own child. Nobody would be able to take it if their own child was put under the spotlight because of scandals created by the media just for going to a friend’s gathering.

    Some celebrities mentioned the news and expressed their disappointment towards the current state of the media, citing that they have lost the basic conscience and quality that a media worker should have.

    Old Mr. Mo said during a discussion with his friend about the current state of the media, “The role of the media is to deliver culture and news. Its true responsibility in the society is to deliver culture and news accurately as fast as possible to the people. They should not make use of the platform to create baseless news for their own benefits and monetary gains.”

    The words of Old Mr. Mo garnered the attention of the central media. The head of the country’s media publicly announced that media news worker had to deliver news and culture to the public strictly with no errors. He even stated that the current state of the country’s media would be reformed, and the decision had already been approved by the central members.

    After Old Mr. Mo called out the country’s media, the central members all learned to be frightened and cautious.

    For a period of time, the public opinions all leaned towards the underaged Wen Xinya!

    At this time, Chaofan Lawyer Corporation handed evidence to the court. The court accepted them and announced that the trial would be held on the 22nd of May.

    Looking at the newspaper in her hands, Ning Shuqian almost tore it up viciously out of rage. She had spent a million dollars for Yang Chongguang to create scandals about Wen Xinya so that she would be abandoned by the Wen Family and be condemned by everybody. However, Wen Xinya turned the tides so easily.

    She was indignant!

    She took out her phone, prepared to call Yang Chongguang to promise to give him a million dollars. She wanted to appease him first in order to prevent him from leaking any information out of fear when Wen Xinya pressed charges against him.

    Just then, she saw the news on a suicide by jumping off a building on the newspaper. The picture on the article was Yang Chongguang. In shock, she grabbed the newspaper instantly and read it in detail.

    A man from Z country, Yang Chongguang jumped off the Qingfeng Tower and committed suicide yesterday night at 1 a.m. due to large debts from gambling!

    No, that was impossible. Yang Chongguang just called her yesterday to blackmail her for a million dollars, how could he just commit suicide like that?

    Ning Shuqian was happy but worried. She was happy that there was no need for her to give him a million dollars since he was dead. Also, she would never have to suffer from his continuous blackmails or the fear that he would disclose the fact that she was the one who instructed him to create scandals about Wen Xinya. What she was worried about… was Yang Chongguang dying just like this. Would it implicate her?

    With this, a sudden thought flashed across her mind. She pressed a number on her phone in a frenzy, and the other party picked up the phone instantly. She fired a question, “Did you send people to kill Yang Chongguang?”

    “A traitor like Yang Chongguang deserved to die.” The voice on the other end of the phone was very strange. It was so hoarse that it was painful to hear. Clearly, that person was using a voice changer.

    “What’s your motive for killing him? Let me tell you, don’t even think of dragging me into this.” Ning Shuqian cried out softly. She thought that she had already escaped from the other party’s clutches, but she did not expect him to be hiding in the dark.

    “I’m helping you, otherwise you’ll end up dead without knowing why.”

    Ning Shuqian felt a sudden bad feeling. “What do you mean?”