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Chapter 65 - Are you threatening me?

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 65: Are you threatening me?

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    “Do you think it’s that easy to deal with that bitch Wen Xinya? Do you think we’re able to slip away unknown just because you got Yang Chongguang to create scandals about her?” The strange voice said, filled with disdain.

    Ning Shuqian broke into a sweat and shivered.

    “She already knew you were the one pulling the strings. She did nothing and pretended to be weak against the media, yet she plotted in the dark for Yang Chongguang to be caught up in gambling debts. Her motive was to make Yang Chongguang blackmail you for money and catch you red-handed. If I had not gotten rid of Yang Chongguang, do you think you would be sitting there safely?”

    Ning Shuqian got instantly terrified. “You’re lying. Wen Xinya is just a wench from the streets. She has just returned to the Wen Family with no backing and no foundation. How on earth would she be able to pull that off?”

    “Fool, did you think that a pretty wench without any capability would be able to live so safely until now? It’s precisely because she is from the streets that she knows so many vile people. Doing something like this would not even require much effort for her. Furthermore, don’t forget that she knows Second Young Master Xu, and meeting the people in his circle would not have been difficult. The Gu Family had a hand in the incident this time.”

    Ning Shuqian was in a frenzy. The person’s words brought her back to her senses. She recalled the things that happened when Wen Xinya returned to the Wen Family and realized that the person was right. What should she do now?

    “Wen Xinya knows you’re scheming to frame her. Did you think she would let you off? Sooner or later the Wen Family will become hers with the support of Old Mr. Wen. What can you achieve by then? What would you end up as? Can you fight against her with just you alone?”

    Hearing these words, Ning Shuqian became even more frantic. Wen Xinya alone was not a problem, but if she had the support of Old Wen she would have no chance against her.

    Old Wen was never fond of her. Back when Mo Yunyao died, Old Wen would not agree to let Haowen marry her no matter what. In the end, Haowen acted first and stole the family’s account to register their marriage at the bureau of civil affairs. They did not even hold a wedding.

    All these years, she was unable to give birth to an heir. As such, Old Wen was even more unhappy with her. Ever since Wen Xinya came back, Old Wen made things even more difficult for her.

    If Old Wen found out that she bribed Yang Chongguang to create scandals about Wen Xinya, he definitely would not let her off, right?

    The more she thought about it, the more worried Ning Shuqian became.

    “Wen Xinya is the only heir of the Wen Family, and the assets of the family will all belong to her alone in the future. Meanwhile, you did not give birth to anyone for the Wen Family and even brought a child from your previous marriage. What do you think you will end up as? Furthermore, you seduced her father while her mother was pregnant, causing her mother to die while giving birth. Do you think she will let you off easy?”

    The other party’s words hit the nail on the head. Ning Shuqian thought of Wen Xinya’s indifferent eyes that were the same as that of Old Mr. Mo. When they looked at you, it was as if they could see through your soul, making people shrink under their gaze.

    “The only person who can help you now is me. Think about it, Wen Xinya roamed the streets for 15 years and her foundations are not firm since she just returned to the Wen Family. Moreover, she does not have much power in the circle because she is still too young. If I were to help you, wouldn’t the assets of the Wen Family still be yours in the future?”

    Ning Shuqian’s breathing became harsher. Wen Haowen was headstrong and could not take on responsibility, hence he could not achieve any great success. Since she had Wen Haowen under her control, everything in the Wen Family would belong to her if she could get rid of Wen Xinya.

    “As long as we work together, I will give all the money of the Wen Family to you after we succeed. What do you think?”

    Ning Shuqian had always been cautious and was not tempted by the other party’s bait. “How can I trust you when people are willing to do anything for money. I don’t believe you are so kind as to give me the entire Wen Family’s assets.”

    “You have no choice but to believe me.”

    Ning Shuqian replied angrily, “That’s up to me to decide.”

    “What if I tell you I have Yang Chongguang’s phone with me, and that there is a recording of him blackmailing you?”

    “Are you threatening me?” Ning Shuqian’s eyes widened. She recalled the words Yang Chongguang said to her when pestering her that day, and she understood immediately. She cursed that sly fox Yang Chongguang in her mind for recording their conversation. Not only was he afraid that she would not give him the one million dollars, but he was also planning to blackmail her again in the future.

    Now that the recording was in the hands of that person, she would become the biggest suspect of Yang Chongguang’s death if the recording were to be leaked out.

    “Don’t say such words, I only want to build a partnership with you. There’s no need for any threatening. However, if you do not know any better, then that may not be the case.” The strange voice sounded even more horrifying with such malicious words.

    A chill ran down Ning Shuqian’s spine. Thinking of Yang Chongguang’s death, she felt suffocated. “How can I believe that your words are true?”

    “Since you do not believe me, then I shall play the recording for you. Tsk tsk… it’s hard to imagine that a gracious lady such as yourself have such a vulgar side.” The hysterical laughter from the strange voice sounded like a chainsaw, piercing her ears.

    Hearing these words, Ning Shuqian believed him. At that time when Yang Chongguang blackmailed her for money, she did not expect that he would record their conversation. As such, she did not care about her image and recklessly broke out into curses. Although she had married into a rich family for many years, she still retained her rude and bold commoner side. Thus, her scoldings were especially vulgar.

    Just then, her voice came through the phone, “Yang Chongguang, you bastard. You despicable villain. Did you forget that you promised to leave far away after receiving my money the last time and never disclose all the information? You motherfucker! Now that you’ve gambled and lost money, you came back to blackmail me. Do you treat me as your bank and think that you can take anything you want?”

    Ning Shuqian’s vision went dark and she almost fell to the floor. She gritted her teeth and said, “Fine, I believe you! Let’s work together.”

    “You’re smart indeed. Don’t worry, our partnership is for our mutual benefits. I would not do things that would not benefit you.”

    “Show me your sincerity if you want me to work with you. Give me Yang Chongguang’s phone. You cannot make a copy of the recording, much less disclose anything about me. You cannot harm me in any way. According to what you said, I want the money after we succeed.”

    “Yes, of course!”

    After the phone call, Ning Shuqian almost collapsed. It had been 15 years… She thought she was freed from that person, but that person was just like an evil spirit haunting her. Her only choice was to work with him.