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Chapter 67 - The verdict has been passed

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 67: The verdict has been passed

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    On 22nd of May, Wen Xinya brought to court and sued Changjiang Press Media and a dozen other media press companies for defamation and reporting fabricated news about her.

    Wen Xinya’s attorney was the top-performing lawyer from Chaofan Law Corporation. Gu Junlin, Xu Zhenyu, and Zhou Tianyu attended the trial as witnesses, and Old Mr. Wen and Old Master Mo sat in the spectator’s gallery to observe the hearing.

    During the hearing, the attorney representing Wen Xinya cited a list of charges against Changjiang Press Media and a dozen other media press companies, accusing them of defamation towards his client. He showed a medical report that was extracted from Wen Xinya’s health check-up before she returned to the Wen Family. From the report, Wen Xinya was in good health condition, and there was no evidence of her taking any psychoactive drugs to enliven her mood. Chaofan Law Corporation had also investigated Wen Xinya’s past, and they concluded that, though Wen Xinya was part of a street gang, she did not do the ridiculous stuff the newspaper printed.

    According to her attorney, Wen Xinya was underaged. Thus, it was unreasonable for the media to use her past wrongdoings for such extreme accusations. He was able to bring across his points convincingly, causing everyone in the courtroom to feel empathy towards Wen Xinya.

    After a series of discussions amongst the judge and the panel of jurors, based on what Wen Xinya’s attorney had presented, the judge ordered the defendant parties to provide new supportive evidence to prove that the past articles they had reported were based on valid grounds.

    “This verdict has been concluded. The plaintiff Wen Xinya sued Changjiang Press Media and a few other media press companies for defamation and creation of fabricated reports. The defendant was unable to provide evidence to support that their news reports are based on valid grounds. Thus, the Supreme Court will announce that the defendants are guilty.”

    “According to Chapter 120 and Chapter 134 of ‘Country Z’s Human Rights Law,’ the Court orders the defendants to stop any misleading reports that will continue to defame the plaintiff’s reputation. This order is to be carried out with immediate effect.”

    “The plaintiff’s attorney has requested Changjiang Press Media and the related media press companies to compensate his client with a sum of 5 million dollars for publishing misleading reports with no true evidence, causing harm to her personal reputation, together with another sum of 5 million dollars as compensation for the mental sufferings caused to the client. The Court orders the total amount to be paid in full by the defendants within a period of three months. The plaintiff’s attorney and the appointed law firm will have full rights to facilitate the debt collection from the defending companies.”

    The panel of jurors had found Changjiang Media Press and the other press media companies guilty and liable for this compensation.

    After the hearing, for a performance better than expected, Wen Xinya gave the Chaofan Law Corporation’s attorneys hugs and handshakes to thank them for their efforts. It was said that the law was nothing more than human relationships. Her attorney was able to stimulate the emotions of the judge and panel of jurors by making use of the fact that she was underaged and the implications this matter had on other influential figures in society. Therefore, she was able to receive a considerable amount of compensation money.

    The result was not what Old Mr. Wen had expected. He was not involved in this incident nor did he render any help to Wen Xinya, but she was able to handle it so well. “Good! Good! Good! Xinya, you have not disappointed Grandpa at all.”

    Soon after, Wen Xinya walked out of the Supreme Court building accompanied by Old Mr. Wen and Old Master Mo. There was a huge crowd of reporters already standing by outside, and when they saw her, the crowd swamped over and surrounded them, flashing their cameras all around them.

    “Young Missus Wen, please share a few comments for your thoughts and feelings regarding this incident of your scandals.”

    Wen Xinya stood in the middle of the crowd and remained calm. Though only of a young age, she displayed an unwavering aura. As she looked at the crowd of reporters in front of her, her eyes glittered like the stars in the night sky. She coldly replied, “If no one offends me, I will not offend anyone. For those who have offended me, I will avenge a hundred times. This is my principle.”

    Such arrogant words stirred more emotions in the crowd of reporters. “Missus Wen, regarding this scandal incident, it even involved your father, Wen Haowen, and your stepmother, Ning Shuqian, and the exposure of their past. Please share how you feel about it.”

    “That happened in the previous generation. I, as the daughter, have no right to comment about it.”

    “Missus Wen, you’re still wearing the ear stud Xu Zhenyu gave you. Please explain your relationship with Xu Zhenyu.”

    Wen Xinya paused, her face turning pale. There was a chillness in her eyes as if they were able to pierce through any obstacle. “Which media company are you from?” she asked while staring at the reporter who asked the question.

    “I… I am a reporter from Daily News Magazine Company…” The reporter replied, then shivered in fright. He was intimidated by Wen Xinya’s aggressiveness and quickly reported his company’s name.

    “Listen well. The reason for me wearing the ear stud from Xu Zhenyu is purely because we are very close friends. Oh yes… You are getting old and your memory is becoming poor. How can you understand the relationships between youngsters?”

    At such a remark, it triggered laughter from the crowd. The ambiance was not as tense as a while ago. The reporter who was ridiculed by Wen Xinya blushed. He was only 35-years-old. Yes, only 35-years-old.

    Wen Xinya continued in a serious tone, “I do not hope to see anyone continue to make use of my relationship with Xu Zhenyu to slander or report fabricated news about us. Just like my Grampy said, the media workers are empowered with the huge responsibility of bringing the truth to the public. They should be sending positive messages to the public instead of looking to gain from the benefits of creating false and fabricated reports.”

    These reporters were smart. Wen Xinya’s scandal had started from the relationship between her and Xu Zhenyu, and the entire episode had ended just as it hit its peak. No one dared to bring up any questions relating to the topic again.

    “Missus Wen, after leading 15 years of a wandering life, you have finally returned to the Wen Family. However, the Wen Family did not make any official announcements of your return. Also, you have recently moved to your Grampy, Old Master Mo’s place to stay. What’s the reason for that?”

    The Wen Family had remained silent ever since the start of this scandal and did not make any clarifications to the public. It was no wonder everyone had to make wild guesses.

    When Wen Xinya was about to respond, Old Mr. Wen interrupted with a deep tone in his voice. “Xinya is the Wen Family’s own flesh and blood, and she’s also the only heir to the family. This is an undoubted truth. The only reason we have not announced her return to the public is that I had planned to organize a banquet event on the 28th of next month to formally introduce her to the media and the public. She has just returned to the Wen Family not long ago and requires some time to adapt herself. If I had made any announcements earlier, that might have caused her unnecessary stress. I hope the public will stop making any wild guesses on this topic.”

    Old Mr. Wen was the head of the Wen Family. Thus, his words spoke with authority and carried tremendous weight. His answer captured the reporters’ emotions, causing the cameras to flash non-stop.

    This caused the corner of Wen Xinya’s lips to raise and smile slightly. However, the smile disappeared very quickly. “The main reason I moved to stay with Grampy is that I am the only kin Grampy has now. I have wanted to show him filial piety on my mother’s behalf. Another reason is that I wanted to take this opportunity to catch up on my studies and all the things I have missed out during my earlier years. By staying with Grampy, I can learn a lot from him, so that I can live up to my title of ‘the Young Missus Wen from the Wen Family.'”

    Old Mr. Wen watched how Wen Xinya behaved when facing the reporters. She was able to handle it well and had a great demeanor. She was careful with her words and did not say anything that might cause disgrace to herself or the Wen Family. She… had performed even better than he had expected.