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Chapter 68 - If you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll sue you for slander!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 68: If you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll sue you for slander!

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    On the same day, numerous newspaper and media companies published articles to apologize to Wen Xinya, saying that they would discontinue any ungrounded reports or related news regarding her previous scandalous news.

    Once these apologies were made, Xu Zhenyu got hackers and the navy to spread them. Very quickly, it had reached almost every known website and blog on the internet.

    The news that caught the most public attention was the comment made by Old Mr. Mo.

    Everyone that had shown interest was expecting the arrival of the banquet event and the official announcement of Wen Xinya’s return.

    On some blog posts, somebody even commented with huge emotions. “Wen Xinya V5. The media is getting out of hand. They’re just dumping any reports, disregarding the public’s right to be aware of the truth. Are they treating us like a dumping ground? Why hasn’t the National News Agency stepped into this matter?”

    “How ridiculous! She’s just an underaged teenager. How could the media do this? They described it as a scandalous event over a simple dinner with a friend! I’m wearing a bracelet on my wrist now, and it’s a gift from an ex-schoolmate. Teenagers’ friendships are pure and direct. Why do the adults have to look at it in such a complicated way? We hope that the media industry would allow more breathing space to the younger generations, and not use their dirty thinking to bring insult to pure relationships.

    “This is my opinion on the entire episode of this scandal — someone had an ulterior motive and intentionally made use of the media to harm her, who had been leading a wandering life for the past 15 years. Even though she returned to the Wen Family, they made no official announcements of her return. If Wen Xinya fell into an abyss of rumors and scandals, her status as the ‘Young Missus Wen from the Wen Family’ would be greatly impacted. Guess who are the ones that will greatly benefit if that happens?”

    “Stepmother! Stepsister!”

    “Stepmother! Stepsister!”

    And the same comments came flooding in from below.

    As Wen Yuya was looking for news updates on Wen Xinya’s scandals and court case, she saw these floods of comments on social media. When she saw the news and found out what happened, she turned pale with anger, almost slamming her cell phone on the floor.

    She angrily replied to the same blog post and added her comment. “If you continue to spout nonsense, I’ll sue you for slander!”

    The owner of the blog instantly replied, “I did not refer to any names nor said it was you. If you’re guilty and like to make assumptions, well, that’s nothing to do with me! Go ahead and sue me for slander. See if you can successfully take me to court and write you a public apology, or compensate you 10 million dollars.”

    The readers continued commenting below. “Are you the stepsister? It was said that Wen Xinya and yourself are always against each other. I’ve read what you posted in your social media platform previously. You said she was an unrefined person.”

    After seeing these comments, Wen Yuya regretted her impulsiveness in replying to the posts earlier. She immediately checked her previous social media posts, planning to delete any comments she made about Wen Xinya.

    Before she even had time to take any actions, Wen Yuya’s social media account was found by someone. She had made numerous comments about how uncouth and badly behaved Wen Xinya was. They even took screenshots of what she said and posted them on the current discussion group. Some even proceeded to share these screenshots to their friends.

    At this time, people were talking about how Wen Xinya and Wen Yuya argued at the entrance of Pearl Mall. There was even a video clip of what happened in Jo-ramst.

    “Oh my God! I have never seen anything like this, or is it me who isn’t able to catch up with the times? How can an adopted daughter act with such arrogance and disregard toward the family who’ve brought her up? Look at the way she ridiculed and insulted the true Missus Wen. What is most shocking to me was that the stepmother chose to remain silent. She had always tried to portray a generous and kind image in public, but I think she’s just as wicked as Snow White’s stepmother.”

    “Hey the previous commenter, don’t be amazed. In today’s society, wicked stepmothers treating their stepdaughters nastily is a real common sight. That particular Miss Third-party must have made plans 15 years ago. When the original wife of the Mr. Heir of X corporation was pregnant, she took the chance to seduce Mr. Heir and thus caused the original wife to die of dystocia. When she was dead for less than half a year, Mr. Heir and Miss Third-party happily married. What makes you think she’s a generous and kind person? I suggest you update yourself by reading the latest news!”

    “I hate third-parties, especially those that seduce married men. B*tch, b*tch, b*tch… multiply by ten thousand times!”

    “Yes, multiply that by ten thousand times!”

    Wen Yuya’s face turned pale.

    Xia Ruya exclaimed with disbelief. “I don’t believe Aunt Ning is like what they have described. She and Uncle Wen got together because of true love. What’s wrong with that? Why do they have to insult Aunt Ning this way? Xinya has gone overboard.”

    It sounded as if everything was caused by Wen Xinya.

    Wen Yuya clenched her teeth. “It’s all because of Wen Xinya, that b*tch. If it weren’t for her, my mother would not have been insulted this way. That wretch Mo Yunyao is to be blamed too. She could not even retain the heart of the man she loved. What has that got to do with my mother? They’re even saying my mother was responsible for that wretch’s death.”

    Xia Ruya agreed. “The Mo Family has a history of dystocia. Old Madam Mo died of dystocia too. How could they put the blame on Aunt Ning?”

    Wen Yuya was furious. “I’m mad! How can these people do this to my mother?”

    Xia Ruya, who was right beside Wen Yuya, noticed her pale face and was worried. “Forget it, Yuya. Comments on social media can’t be serious. After a few days, it’ll be over. Don’t be too affected by it.” She advised.

    Wen Yuya responded in anger. “How can I let it go? Wen Xinya got my mother in this state. I will not let her off.”

    Xia Ruya felt uneasy and fearful. She held her hand and said, “Yuya, I think it’s best to forget about it. It seems like Xinya is not a person to be dealt with. Do you remember our few direct clashes with her? Not one of them ended in our favor.”

    At the mention of the previous incidents, Wen Yuya got even angrier. “She’s just a wild sparrow who managed to get into higher grounds. What good can she make? I’m not as afraid of her as you are.”

    Xia Ruya tried to explain herself. “Yuya, it is not that I’m afraid of her. I’m just worried about you getting into Grandpa’s bad books because of this. Grandpa has already made an official announcement publicly acknowledging Xinya as the only rightful heir to the Wen Family, and the banquet event is happening soon. Grandpa is on her side now.”

    Wen Yuya was fuming now. “So what if she has Grandpa’s support? In the Wen Family, only Grandpa acknowledges her. Grandma and Father have always disliked her.”

    With sorrow in her eyes, Xia Ruya bitterly bit her lip. “Because of her, Grandpa forbid me to visit Grandma at the Wen Family’s bungalow. Recently, Grandma has also kept her distance from me. I’m just afraid that Grandpa will drive you out of the Wen Family if you do something against his will,” she said.

    Wen Yuya’s eyes were filled with determination and hatred. “That’s because Grandpa isn’t aware of what kind of person she is. He’s blinded. If only we could let Grandpa see to her true colors, he will not like her anymore.”

    When Xia Ruya saw the determination in her eyes, she was delighted. However, she immediately lowered her head and took a sip of coffee from the cup to conceal her feelings.