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Chapter 70 - I will join the military

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 70: I will join the military

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    “Psst! Gu Junlin, you’re dead meat.” Wen Xinya burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that her body curled up on the sofa. Gu Junlin and Zhou Tianyu always had a love-hate relationship. They could not stop teasing each other.

    Upon hearing that, Zhou Tianyu pounced on Gu Junlin on the sofa and started bashing him up. Gu Junlin yelled hysterically. “Don’t hit my face. Don’t hit my face… I go out in the streets if you punch my already ordinary-looking face…”

    “Damn it. I can’t forgive myself if I don’t punch the acne out of you.”

    Gu Junlin and Zhou Tianyu started the ball rolling, and the entire ambiance in the room instantly became lively.

    As Wen Xinya had consumed a fair bit of alcohol, Zhou Tianyu quickly brought her a bowl of fish soup. “Drink slowly, or you will get drunk easily. If you get drunk, I shall not be responsible for sending you home.”

    Gu Junlin gently glanced towards Xu Zhenyu. “That’s alright, someone else will take the responsibility to do it.”

    Understanding what he meant, Zhou Tianyu glared at him and said, “He’s always the one who drinks the most and get drunk first.”

    Xu Zhenyu watched Wen Xinya and his gang happily chatting away. It reminded him of his dream. Though it was only a dream, it was intense, and his emotions felt so real that he could hardly breathe.

    “Xu-er, Xu-er…”

    When Xu Zhenyu finally came out of his daze, he saw everyone looking at him. “Why aren’t you guys eating or drinking? Why are you staring at me?” He shouted.

    Wen Xinya took a piece of fish for Xu Zhenyu and removed all the bones before placing it in his bowl. “We’re all here to have some fun. Why are you sitting and looking gloomy all by yourself?”

    “Oh, I’m fine. I was just deep in thought.” Wen Xinya’s actions startled Xu Zhenyu. How did she know that he liked to eat fish but hated the bones? It seemed like… she had already done these actions during his previous birthday celebration.

    Zhou Tianyu and the rest saw something fishy was going on between them and wanted to tease Xu-er. Wen Xinya continued to give them food; their favorite food. Including the previous round, this was only the second time she joined their gathering.

    “Hey, have you watched the latest movie, ‘Young Memories’? It is a small production. The supporting actor did an awesome job winning the audience over.” Wen Xinya conversed casually as she held on to her wine glass.

    According to what Wen Xinya remembered, the male supporting actor in “Young Memories” was trying to get into Hollywood together with a group of local superstars. He became famous overnight and was a highly sought-after actor 10 years later. Ling Qingxuan had rendered her a great help this time, and she wanted to return him the favor.

    Indeed, Ling Qingxuan showed great interest. “He must have been pretty good to be able to earn our Young Missus Wen’s praise. I’ll look into it in more detail later.”

    Wen Xinya was not worried that Ling Qingxuan would miss this opportunity. She had spent time with them and got to know them better. On the surface, they appeared to be like rich playboys. But other than Xu-er, who was more of a pushover, the rest excelled in their own industries.

    As they continued chatting happily, the conversation shifted to the real estates in the West Coast area. Wen Xinya mentioned a little about the future growth in that area. When she noticed Gu Junlin deep in thought, she smiled and stopped elaborating further.

    Wen Xinya’s face became warm after a lot of drinking. Thus, she slowly walked to the balcony and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing gently on her face. It felt comfortable.

    Xu Zhenyu walked towards her and stood by her side. He took a stick of cigarette from his bag and lit up a matchstick. The flickering, blue flame brightened up his face, revealing a melancholy look.

    Wen Xinya snatched the cigarette from his hand and put it out. “How old are you? You actually picked up the bad habit of smoking.”

    Xu Zhenyu looked at his empty fingers and was dumbfounded. After a short moment, he asked, “Do you think I am useless?”

    In this incident of Wen Xinya’s scandal, Han Mofeng, Gu Junlin, Zhou Tianyu, and Ling Qingxuan had all helped and contributed to her victory, except him. He started to realize the widening gap between himself and his playmates who grew up with him. Everyone was becoming more successful except him, and he did not feel good about it.

    “Xu-er, this incident has nothing to do with you, and it wasn’t your fault. It was Ning Shuqian, who is always waiting for an opportunity to bring me down. You became involved in this incident all because of me. Quit bothering about it.” Wen Xinya was aware of his strong ego and knew that he could not get over it.

    The real reason he was greatly affected was that his past notorious acts were being made use of by the media to attack her. And this caused him to make a decision. “Wen Xinya, after attending your introductory banquet event, I will join the military.”

    Wen Xinya was taken aback. “You will only be 18 next year. Why are you in such a hurry to join the military?”

    In her previous life, Xu Zhenyu did not join the army but became the city’s notorious rich loafer. After her rebirth, she had always wanted to help him change his destiny, but she did not expect Xu Zhenyu to have already made up his mind.

    Joining the military was the best decision for Xu Zhenyu. The Xu family had great influential power in the military so his career would be smooth-sailing. All he needed was to train for a couple of years, participate in a few operations, and achieve military merits, then he would be able to rise through the ranks easily.

    Xu Zhenyu looked into her eyes with mixed emotions. “I have been living these years ridiculously and made my Grandpa and my parents worry a lot for me. This time, my bad reputation from my past negative behaviors has affected you a great deal. I don’t know when it will cause a negative effect on my family. Joining the military earlier might do me good. Some military training would help strengthen myself up and let my family have a peace of mind.”

    Gu Junlin was right. A woman like Wen Xinya was destined to be extraordinary. He needed to have strong capabilities to be able to match up to her.

    “That’s good. We need to have control of our own destiny through achievements.” Wen Xinya was thinking about the Xu Zhenyu in her previous life. If he already had achievements, he would not have met her. And therefore, he would not have a bad ending.

    Wen Xinya was not a fool. She was aware of Xu Zhenyu’s feelings for her in her previous life. However, she was unable to accept his love because she could not forget another man. Moreover, she was at the bottom of the pit. How could she have reciprocated his feelings? Afterward, when Xu Zhenyu went to jail because of her, she felt grateful yet full of remorse. This sense of gratefulness and remorse gave her strength to face the sufferings of her drug addiction. She started a three years journey of drug rehabilitation. Alas, she did not succeed but died of heart failure when Xia Ruya injected a high dosage of a lethal drug into her.

    While she was recollecting the past, she took a deep breath. Hopefully, Xu Zhenyu would be able to change his destiny this time!

    She hoped that he could be in control of his own destiny and be forever happy!

    Xu Zhenyu looked into her eyes and said in a serious tone, “You are right. Only people with capabilities can control their own destiny.”

    Wen Xinya was stunned. She had the weird feeling that Xu Zhenyu’s words had a hidden meaning. Could it be she was worrying unnecessarily?