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Chapter 72 - Personal assistan

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 72: Personal assistant

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    The episode of her scandalous news finally came to an end, and she soon received the amount of compensation in various transactions. Five million dollars was borne by Changjiang Press Media, while the remaining amount was borne by the rest of the media press companies. Several smaller companies closed down because of their incapability of paying their portion.

    Lanxin Investment Corporation had been successfully set up, and its businesses activities were getting into the right track. As Ouyang Feng had good investment strategies, Wen Xinya entrusted most of her capital assets to him for investment purposes. Though he had lost three years of his life in prison, this experience had also helped to change him into a less reckless person. He was more mature and analytical in his thinking. These were essential traits that an investor should possess.

    Wen Xinya guessed that one of the reasons Ouyang Feng was able to succeed in her previous life was also because of this.

    Right at the same time, Ouyang Feng’s case had been successfully submitted to the Supreme Court for appeal and was approved! Wen Xinya was introduced to a few managers of some press companies through Ling Qingxuan — she had accidentally revealed to them that the defendant attorney of Ouyang Feng’s case would be Cheng Ziyi. Overnight, this became a focus of attention and hot news that every press media company hurried to publish.

    The media had always been responsible. These media companies had published numerous articles about how Ouyang Feng’s partners made use of his company for money laundering activities in 2008. They also published every information about Ouyang Feng, including his academic success and qualifications. Everyone soon knew about his background.

    Everybody was saying how impressed they were — an ordinary student from the lower-class society who worked hard and was enroled into the Imperial College London by invitation, completing his doctorate in finance faculty in three years. He truly deserved the title of “Financial Genius.”

    The public also became aware of Ouyang Feng’s new company — Lanxin Investment Corporation. A few large corporations and low profiled wealthy men also took notice of this new big-scale investment company.

    In recent years, the economy in Country M had greatly benefited from the finance and investment industry. Many large corporations and some of the low profiled wealthiest men in the country started to become involved in multiple investment projects in the country. A graduate from the Imperial College London like Ouyang Feng definitely caught their attention!

    All of these events were part of Wen Xinya’s plan. She had wanted to make use of the court case of Ouyang Feng’s appeal to create a buzz in the media. However, she did not expect the involvement of Cheng Ziyi — a golden bachelor in the lawyer industry — to build even more hype to the news.

    Though these corporations and a few of the riches were just in a “wait and see” mindset, she believed that once Ouyang Feng successfully appealed for his case, there would soon be many incoming investments to test the capabilities of their investment company. It was only a matter of time for them to grow and expand.

    Qiu Yifan and Ouyang Feng soon realized Wen Xinya’s intention and both exclaimed at her wild ambition. Was she really just a 15-year-old teenage girl?

    “Quite a few press companies are wanting to do an interview with me.” Ouyang Feng looked at the young lady in front of him with complex emotions. From the first time he met her, he knew she was not an ordinary person and could not be judged by just her age. Indeed… she was extremely capable of guiding others into her manipulations. She was able to lead the flow of matters toward the direction of her plan. This was true in her recent scandalous incident and also how she managed to make use of the media to publicize Ouyang Feng’s case.

    “Reject any requests for an interview. Your case will soon be trialed in court, this is not a good time for you to accept interviews. Though our company has just produced some results, we’re not at the stage where we can show massive achievements yet. The purpose of creating hype is just to attract the public’s attention. Your academic qualifications are to be praised indeed, but you have not created any accomplishments worthy for the media to create a buzz. You don’t have to worry about whatever the media says about you. Just focus and do your part for now.”

    Wen Xinya was looking at a news article. It was a report about Ouyang Feng being complimented by the famous lecturer Huo Er while he was studying at the Imperial College London. He was indeed a financial genius who had been highly endorsed by the college’s lecturer. It was no wonder the media was interested to find out more about him.

    Ouyang Feng understood and agreed with her, and had already rejected all the interview requests. “I have invested a majority of the funds you entrusted to me earlier into a newly listed company in the country. This company is involved in green renewable energy. Though its share price is low, it has high potential.”

    Wen Xinya dropped the newspaper in her hands and looked at Ouyang Feng in astonishment. She vaguely remembered in her previous life, the National Agency of Environment had initiated a green renewable energy movement and implemented a series of related policies. After that, the industry grew rapidly, and many products related to green renewable energy were introduced to the market. She did not expect Ouyang Feng to be able to predict the market trend so accurately.

    Ouyang Feng noticed Wen Xinya’s surprise. “I’ve found out that this company has recently requested for a loan from a National Bank due to insufficient funds. The loan was approved very quickly, and the loan amount is huge. Therefore, I predicted that the government would soon launch a series of policies relating to green renewable energy. When that happens, the share price will increase at an exponential rate.”

    “I trust your judgment.” Wen Xinya was starting to see more of Ouyang Feng’s capabilities.

    Ouyang Feng was also happy that he was able to gain such a high level of trust.

    “Ouyang Feng, please help me employ a personal assistant. I would like to get a male assistant, and he has to be around his 30s. He should be competent and with good character. I do not have any other requests.” Wen Xinya had given it some thought. She was now considered to be an asset owner. It would be best for her to assign someone else to accomplish some of the tasks that she could not do by herself.

    “I do have someone in mind.” Ouyang Feng replied after some consideration.

    “Oh, if he’s someone recommended by you, I believe he will be a good choice. Arrange for him to meet me some other day! I have some tasks for him at hand.” Wen Xinya trusted Ouyang Feng’s judgment.

    “He has a unique condition, however. He is a graduate from the Harvard Business Management School in Country M, is knowledgeable, and can be considered to be an all-rounder. He’s now a freelancer doing data analysis for a few small enterprises. I met him after I was released from the prison at the back alley where you’ve found me.”

    Wen Xinya was intrigued. Could she have the opportunity to meet another genius character? “Since he’s so competent, why is he working as a freelancer with small enterprises?”

    “It’s not up to me to comment. You’ll find out when you see him.” Ouyang Feng appeared secretive.

    “Could it be because he has an unusual habit?” Wen Xinya could not help but guess. It was common for geniuses to either have some unusual habits or unique past experiences. Take Ouyang Feng for example, he was in prison previously.

    After spending some time with Wen Xinya, Ouyang Feng knew her better. He could guess what she was thinking and laughed bitterly. “It’s best that you meet him personally to find out more.”

    Wen Xinya nodded in agreement. In the story of Kingdom of Romance, Liu Bei had to pay Zhuge Liang three visits before the latter agreed to join his army as an advisor. She knew that recruiting capable people was the way to succeed.