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Chapter 73 - The zither’s music could enhance one’s pleasure and his aura of elegance

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 73: The zither’s music could enhance one’s pleasure and his aura of elegance

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    In the afternoon, Wen Xinya was reading in her room. The more she tried to absorb the classical Chinese words, the more frustrated she became. She threw the book on the table and tossed in her bed. After a while, she reluctantly picked up the book and started reading again. But somehow, she just could not calm her frustration.

    Wen Xinya was cuddling her blanket and tossed on the bed for some time. Suddenly, she heard classical music from a distance away. The soothing music immediately swept away all her frustration.

    Wen Xinya put on her shoes, ran to the courtyard, and saw Si Yiyan playing the Chinese zither under the sycamore tree.

    The zither was placed under the sycamore tree by Wen Xinya. She even joked with Grampy that the sycamore was an elegant object, and playing the zither by the sycamore was the greatest pleasure of all! Grampy had specially ordered the servants to shift the marble table and chairs from under the sycamore tree to that of the viburnum tree. The sycamore tree became her favorite spot for practicing the zither.

    Though Grampy had mentioned that Si Yiyan excelled in calligraphy and chess, she had never expected that he could also play the zither so well. Wen Xinya felt defeated for a moment.

    Si Yiyan belonged to a unique type of human beings who were born to defeat the masses.

    As the song came to an end, Wen Xinya looked at Si Yiyan with sarcasm in her eyes. “There’s an ancient saying that the zither’s music could enhance one’s pleasure and his aura of elegance. Young Master Si is already a distinguished gentleman, you don’t seem to need to enhance your aura of elegance further, do you?”

    After listening to her words, Si Yiyan burst into laughter. “A gentleman is always seeking pleasure and opportunity to enhance his elegance, and I’m no different.”

    Wen Xinya became speechless at his cheekiness.

    “Xinya, you don’t understand enough about men. A gentleman is always looking to be arty and distinguished to attract women’s attention,” said Si Yiyan as he walked towards her. His well-defined eyebrows exuded a tinge of elegance, and there was a flow of hidden emotions behind it.

    “Mother He and Mother Jiang don’t know how to appreciate the zither’s music, you’re wasting your time and effort.” The Mo’s bungalow was huge, and she was the only person who could appreciate Si Yiyan’s talent in music. He tried beating around the bush to let her know that it was her attention he wished to attract. However, she pretended that she did not understand him and intentionally mentioned Mother He and Mother Jiang as a cover-up.

    Si Yiyan laughed gently. He reached out and brushed the messy hair by her cheeks to the back of her ears. “It doesn’t matter if they don’t appreciate it. Your appreciation is what matters most to me.”

    As the rough skin on his fingers brushed against her cheeks and ears, she could feel a slight itch, and her ears turned warm quickly. She guessed that her ears must be obviously red by now.

    She quickly took a step back. “I have some matters to attend to. I’ll inform Grampy shortly.”

    Having said that, she walked off hurriedly.

    Ouyang Feng brought Wen Xinya to that alley and knocked against a run-down door; its condition was so bad that it covered almost nothing.

    After a long time, the door finally opened inwards with a creaking sound. Wen Xinya was able to see a man standing beside the door clearly, looking hideous beyond description. He was very tall, with an estimated height of about 1.8 meters. He was around 26 or 27, had sagging eye bags, a slightly slanted nose, and a cleft in his lower lip. Anyone of these defects did not look that bad. However, when it all came together, it was a rather pathetic sight.

    Wen Xinya finally understood why a genius like him had to earn a living by doing freelancing jobs for small enterprises. No matter how talented he was, with such a hideous look, it was unlikely any organization would employ him.

    Wen Xinya stretched out her hand and smiled. “Hello, I’m Wen Xinya.”

    The man looked at the young lady. He was aware of her recent scandalous news, and could not believe she was Wen Xinya. His hands started to sweat, and he subconsciously rubbed and dried his hands before shaking hers. “Yan Shaoqing.”

    Xinya was astounded by Yan Shaoqing’s crisp and distinct voice — it sounded like music to the ears. “Ouyang Feng has mentioned to me about you. I’m interested in your capabilities.”

    “Then… come in and take a seat!” Yan Shaoqing looked directly into Wen Xinya’s eyes. He had expected her to show a disdained, fearful and disgusted look. But he was disappointed. She looked back into his eyes, and from her eyes, there was a sense of calmness like the water on a lake.

    Wen Xinya entered Yan Shaoqing’s room with a smile. Though the room was small, it was neat and organized. 80% of the room was filled with piles of books, magazines, and newspapers, and there was a bed, a cooker, and some utensils. Simple yet spotlessly clean.

    Yan Shaoqing saw Wen Xinya standing still and cautiously said, “My house is a little small, but you may sit on the bed if you don’t mind!”

    Wen XInya did not mind at all. She sat on one side of the bed.

    Yan Shaoqing heaved a sigh of relief. When he wanted to get some drink for them, he realized there was only one cup in the house. “Allow me to buy some drinks from the store nearby. What would you like to drink?”

    Wen Xinya smiled. “Nothing. I did not come for a drink.”

    Yan Shaoqing did not insist. He picked up his notebook computer from his chair and sat down. “I did not go through any formal education. I have self-learned the courses from Harvard Business Management Faculty and now am trying to secure myself a spot in the upcoming examination under the Harvard Business Management Internet module. I hope to achieve a Doctorate’s degree in the course.”

    Due to financial constraints, he had lost the opportunity to take the examination in the past five years!

    “Ouyang Feng has told me that you’re an all-rounded talent and that you have a good understanding in multiple industries.” Wen Xinya glanced around the library. It was clear that Ouyang Feng did not lie to her.

    Yan Shaoqing nodded. “Yes, that’s right. However, the area of my focus includes real estate, electronic technology, luxurious brands, construction and hotel management.”

    Wen Xinya’s eyes brightened with disbelief. These industries currently contributed up to 60% of the country’s economic growth. He was indeed a person with foresight. “I have found the right person.”

    “Are you going to employ me?” Yan Shaoqing was confused. What did she mean? Was she saying that she would employ him?

    “I need a personal assistant, and Ouyang Feng has recommended you to me. I wanted to know if you are capable enough for this position.” Wen Xinya did not want to beat around the bush. A strong-willed person would always be strong regardless of the circumstances. She knew that she would want him to join her team by any means.

    Yan Shaoqing fell into a trance. He did not expect Wen Xinya to be this straightforward. She did not mind about his looks. “Though I have no experience to the job scope, I believe I can do it.”

    Wen Xinya nodded with satisfaction. “I’m interested in looking into the properties in the West Coast. Compile the territorial information of the lands in the West Coast area and give me a detailed report within three days.”

    Yan Shaoqing nodded. “Rest assured. I will complete the report as soon as possible.”

    Wen Xinya nodded contentedly. The West Coast sector encompassed a large area. It was not an easy task to complete a detailed report within three days. She had wanted to test him and see if he had the confidence and capability to take up the role as her personal assistant. After all, he had spent a long time living under the scrutiny of others due to his ugly looks. She needed to be sure.

    “Yan Shaoqing, may we have a pleasant cooperation.” Wen Xinya stretched out her hand again. This time without any doubts or suspicion, but with full sincerity.

    Yan Shaoqing smiled. He was happy that someone had given him respect. “Pleasant cooperation.”