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Chapter 75 - The Big Four

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 75: The Big Four

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    Wen Xinya stepped into the main floor of the ballroom and stood silently. She had a sense of calmness and elegance in her, just like a viburnum tree. Her beauty was enhanced with purity, and not even the grandness of the majestic chandelier in the ballroom could compare to her demeanor.

    This was the first time she had ever attended a party from within the circle. Everyone was curious about the Young Missus Wen and had all of their attention on her.

    When she had just returned to the Wen Family, there were rumors about her circulating in the circle. They said she was an unrefined and arrogant person, lacking etiquette and intelligence. Afterward, during the period when her scandals were published by the media, she had used her own methods to resolve the matter and was able to demand a huge sum of compensation from those media companies. This was the first impression she gave to the public. Also, everyone had a deep impression on the words she spoke to the reporters — “If no one offends me, I will not offend anyone. For those who had offended me, I will avenge a hundred times!”

    She had displayed such arrogance on that day. It was such a beautiful victory that no one dared challenge her!

    Moreover, Old Mr. Wen had also discreetly given her tremendous support and acknowledgment through his response to the media. Thus, everyone was looking forward to the day of her introductory banquet event.

    The Young Missus Wen was no ordinary girl indeed!

    This was the impression everyone in the circle had of her.

    Wen Xinya did not mind the curious looks at all. She took a glass of red wine from the waiter and saw Han Mofeng and Ling Qingxuan walking towards her.

    “I would have expected you to arrive together with Xu-er.” Han Mofeng had just arrived. He noticed Wen Xinya was alone and therefore knew that Xu-er had not arrived yet. It was the first time Wen Xinya attended a formal party in the circle, and it would be best if someone she knew accompanied her.

    “I asked Xu-er earlier, but he said he was busy and would be late for the party. So I came alone.” Wen Xinya understood that Xu Zhenyu was still very much affected by their previous scandalous news and wanted to keep a distance from her in public.

    Ling Qingxuan noticed her glass was empty. He took a glass filled with red wine from the waiter and replaced the empty glass in her hand. “Let’s not bother about him. He’s always the last one to arrive for any event.”

    Wen Xinya took over the new glass of wine. She smelled the fragrant, sweet scent from the glass and tasted it. She liked it. “Are you guys aware that Xu-er has mentioned about joining the military?”

    Han Mofeng was shocked. “I’ve not heard him saying anything about this!”

    Ling Qingxuan was taken aback as well. “How is that possible? Previously, when Old Mr. Xu mentioned sending him to the military camp, he opposed the idea strongly. Why did he suddenly change his mind?”

    “You guys had better find a chance to talk to him. The military training camp is not a fun place. One must have a strong determination. I’m just worried that he might not be serious.” Wen Xinya thought they knew about his decision, but did not expect Xu Zhenyu to keep it from even Han Mofeng.

    Han Mofeng nodded. He could see mixed emotions from Wen Xinya’s eyes. He grew up with Xu Zhenyu and understood him well. Ever since the scandalous reports, Xu Zhenyu became depressed. Now that he had suddenly changed his mind about joining the military, it was obvious that he made this decision because of Wen Xinya.

    Ling Qingxuan did not think too much about it. “It’s good that Xu-er has decided to join the military. I was still worried he might continue to waste his youth away. He has already passed the playful age and should start giving some serious thoughts about his future.”

    Han Mofeng agreed with Ling Qingxuan. He looked at Wen Xinya with assurance. “Don’t worry, I know Xu-er best. Once he has made up his mind, he will not give up easily. You know Gu Junlin has always joked about it, that Xu-er is the most stubborn person amongst us all.”

    Wen Xinya nodded.

    Ling Qingxuan said, “Come on, let me introduce you to a few friends from the circle.”

    It was Wen Xinya’s first time attending an event in the circle. There was a lot of people she did not know. Therefore, he wanted to introduce her to some friends.

    Wen Xinya deeply appreciated his kind gesture. “Thank you!”

    Han Mofeng and Ling Qingxuan led her through the crowd and introduced a few people to her, and even shared some of the new friends’ family and background stories with her.

    Wen Xinya had finally formally established her presence within the circle.

    Han Mofeng signaled for Wen Xinya to look towards a particular direction. “That’s Xiao Chengyu, the Young Master and heir of the Xiao Family. Just like the Wen Family, the Xiao Family is also an affluent family in the business and commercial world. People call the top four affluent families in the Capital city ‘The Big Four,’ and the Xiao Family is one of them.”

    Wen Xinya looked over and saw Young Master Xiao, Xiao Chengyu. Though she did not have any interactions with Xiao Chengyu in her previous life, she had heard much about him through that man.

    Wen Xinya recalled from her previous life — After a few years, the Xiao Family members turned against each other in a fight for the inheritance. In the end, the family’s fortune fell into the hands of an illegitimate son, and Xiao Chengyu soon met with a car accident and slipped into a coma.

    “You’ve mentioned ‘The Big Four.’ Other than the Wen and Xiao Families, which are the other two?” asked Wen Xinya curiously, though she had already guessed it.

    “The Gu Family and the Jiang Family,” replied Ling Qingxuan.

    She was right indeed. Old Mr. Ling had recently stepped down from his political career and shifted the focus of his family business towards the entertainment industry. Regardless, the Ling Family was still considered the most affluent family in the political arena of the Capital city.

    “At which position is the Wen Family ranked in ‘The Big Four’?” asked Wen Xinya.

    Han Mofeng replied, “The Wen Family is ranked third place! And the first place belongs to the Gu Family. They have close connections to the National Security Agency and are well respected by both the government sector and the underground world. Their family businesses include hospitalism and entertainment, and recently they also shifted their attention to real estate, where they had excellent results. By the way, Ninth-Heaven Club belongs to the Gu Family. The Xiao Family, however, is mainly involved in the arena of electronics technology and home electrical appliances. They have three-quarters of the market share nationwide and are also expanding rapidly internationally in recent years. They also have a share of the real estate pie. As for the Wen Family, there’s no need for me to elaborate further as we know they are into luxury products. Lastly, the Jiang Family’s business is involved in the food and beverage and also the daily essentials products.”

    Wen Xinya nodded. In 2004, the news of a group of foreign electronic companies who tried to enter and dominate the local electronic market share had shaken the world. They took the local electronic industry by storm and were aggressive in their steps in trying to buy over many of the local companies. Then, the Xiao Corporation joined forces with other local companies to defend against being bought over by these foreign companies.

    It was a long three years battle, with many companies suffering and paying the price. During this period, these local companies had increased their technologies and capabilities tremendously, and at the same time improving their marketing strategies. Hence, the local home appliances industry had arrived at its peak and were the top globally. The foreign competitors became afraid and finally retreated out from the local market.

    This had helped the Xiao Corporation built a rock-solid foundation. They had gained an enormous amount of public support for their leadership and courage to stand up and defend against foreign competitors. By increasing their internal capabilities, the Xiao Corporation was able to grow exponentially and gained three-quarters of the market share. They had the best technology and capabilities and had won the hearts of the public. It was no wonder the Xiao Family was ranked as the second largest Family Corporation in the country.

    Ling Qingxuan continued, “However, the Wen Corporation used to be at the second position. Since your Grandpa stepped down as the Chairman and your father took over his position, the Corporation did not show any substantial growth, and therefore it has now become number three.”

    Wen Xinya was well aware that Wen Haowen was not a team player and had limited capabilities to lead the Corporation. It was unlikely that the Wen Corporation would have a bright future under his leadership.