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Chapter 77 - The Landlady’s Mouth Is Cleaner Than Yours

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 77: The Landlady’s Mouth Is Cleaner Than Yours

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    As everyone seemed to have arrived, Zhou Tianyu took some time to come over and speak to her for a while, then returned to entertaining her other guests. What Wen Xinya could not understand was why a birthday party was turned into a ball. They were a bunch of young men and women wearing masks that suited their statuses and speaking words they did not truly mean. This disgusted her.

    Han Mofeng brought her around again, introducing to her some friends of his within the circle who were decent people. Then, when Wen Xinya got tired of all the socializing, she went to a corner to take a break from the crowd.

    Next to the resting area was a balcony with a few lilac flowers hanging from the top, having blossomed, they attracted a few ladies to gather at the balcony to admire them.

    Wen Xinya heard a familiar voice. Listening carefully, she recognized the voice to be from Xu Zhenyu’s birthday party, the girl who was against her every move, Jiang Yuqing.

    The other voice was foreign to her, she had never heard this voice before.

    Jiang Yuqing’s voice was filled with despise and scorn. “Young Mistress Wen is actually so aggressive and overbearing. I just saw her lecture Wen Yuya in front of many people. Xia Ruya couldn’t stomach it, so she intervened. In the end, she was made close to tears.”

    “What’s so great about her? She is just a sparrow which flew too high for her own good. Look at her, there is no trace of a wealthy daughter in her. She just looks like a little hooligan.”

    “Hehe! You forgot to mention that before she returned to the Wen Family, she was actually a hooligan from the streets! Fighting and creating trouble every day, drinking and smoking, and hanging out with those hooligans… I bet her body is not clean.”

    “Exactly. She is just a slut acting like a chaste woman. What a pity for Ruya, she’s so elegant and classy, kind and innocent, but she fell from heaven to hell in a heartbeat.”

    “Previously, at Brother Yu’s birthday, we were invited to Ninth-Heaven for a party. She acted like she did not know how to drink, making Brother Yu drink on her behalf. She’s so slippery that it disgusts me. But you are right to say that Ruya is the true embodiment of how a wealthy lady should be like.”

    Wen Xinya unconcernedly took the grape wine from atop the coffee table and slowly stood up. The bright white pear blossoms on her dress followed her graceful movements, as though they were dancing carefreely in the wind.

    “Are you talking about me?” She leaned lightly against the balcony’s framework, lightly swirling the wine glass in her hand. The reddish-purple liquid swayed in the cup, creating rounds of ripples, gently crashing against the glass surface, creating lines of exceptionally beautiful red scars.

    The girls at the balcony, Jiang Yuqing and Jiang Ruoxin, jumped back subconsciously because of her sudden appearance. Their faces were pale. Something like awkwardness and guilt brewed within them, caused by being caught gossiping about others behind their back.

    Jiang Yuqing looked at the pastel green dress Wen Xinya was wearing, recognizing it. The dress was from this season’s latest outfits of Saint Yoland. Previously when she went to Saint Yoland, she saw the outfit, but because her skin color was not as good as Wen Xinya’s, she could not pull off such a delicate color. Hence, she did not buy it.

    Looking at Wen Xinya wearing the clothing she fancied, the tender green and the brilliant white of the pear blossoms, it portrayed her exquisiteness. Anger consumed her suddenly. “Eavesdropping at others’ conversation, do you even have any manners? You uneducated filth.”

    Wen Xinya smiled falsely and glared at Jiang Yuqing. “It is indeed true that the thief cries thief. You speak ill of others behind their back, but when caught, you’re still so confident that you’re not in the wrong. Is it really me who is uneducated, or is it you?”

    “You…” Jiang Yuqing’s face heated up like she was having a fever, and flew into a rage out of humiliation.

    “You said I didn’t act like a daughter from an aristocratic family, but I want to ask you: your gossiping behind people’s back, with such venomous and unfiltered words that even the landlady’s mouth is cleaner than yours, is that how a true aristocratic daughter should act?” Wen Xinya indolently brushed her hair behind her ear, casting a sidelong glance at them.

    Jiang Yuqing and Jiang Ruoxin were stunned at her imposing manner. Listening to her words, their faces turned red and they shouted angrily. “It is true that we’re daughters from famously rich families.”

    Wen Xinya smirked and looked at Jiang Yuqing, her eyes filled with contempt. “These words, I can also give it to you respectfully — it is true that I’m the daughter of an aristocratic family.”

    Jiang Yuqing and Jiang Ruoxin were stunned and at a loss for words. There was no way they could refute the fact that Wen Xinya was indeed the eldest daughter of the Wen Family.

    Wen Xinya glanced at them coldly from the side of her eyes, as though her gaze were actual knives flying towards Jiang Yuqing. “But you, you’re merely an illegitimate daughter born out of wedlock. That’s undeniable. But you must remember, your surname is Jiang, not Zhang.”

    Wen Xinya’s words were like arrows that shot straight to her heart, hitting the bull’s eyes in the spot that hurt her the most, turning her face beyond pale.

    Wen Xinya strolled towards them. “You better not speak ill of others behind their back in the future. Or else…”

    Jiang Yuqing and Jiang Ruoxin did not seem to understand the truth of the matter.

    Wen Xinya raised her wine glass slowly, the transparent glass shining under the dim yellow light of the balcony like it was mimicking the sun. With a swift movement of her hand, the glass tilted. In an instant, the wine in the glass was spilled on the heads of Jiang Ruoxin and Jiang Yuqing.

    Reddish-purple liquid dripped from their hair down to their faces, necks, and their evening gowns. The girls who were dressed beautifully were now visibly battered.

    “Ah!” Jiang Ruoxin screamed, dodging Wen Xinya immediately.

    “You…” Jiang Yuqing reacted by subconsciously taking a step back. Due to her dress being too long, she stepped on her gown and fell to the ground.

    “Ah!” Jiang Yuqing pulled Jiang Ruoxin as she fell. Jiang Ruoxin did not have the time to react, and they both fell to the ground in seconds.

    Wen Xinya looked at the two huddled on the floor, and raised her hands innocently. “You fell by yourselves. You better not go around spreading false news that I was the one who pushed you.”

    Her attitude caused Jiang Yuqing to flare up in anger.

    However, Wen Xinya ignored both of them and turned around to return to the ballroom.

    At this moment, a waiter walked over with a tray full of wine cups. Wen Xinya walked over to exchange her empty glass, but who knew the waiter would stumble, toppling the glass of wine in Wen Xinya’s hand and causing the wine to spill all over her dress.

    “I’m sorry, Miss. I did not do it on purpose.” The waiter was extremely nervous and eager to apologize to Wen Xinya.

    Zhou Tianyu noticed the commotion and hurried over. “What’s wrong?”

    Wen Xinya lowered her head to look at the dress that was ruined by a large stain of wine. “It’s nothing. The waiter accidentally brushed my hand and the wine spilled on my dress.”

    Zhou Tianyu frowned ever so slightly. “The cloakroom is filled with clothes that you can change into. Let me bring you there!”

    Wen Xinya nodded. “You go entertain the guests. The waiter can lead me on your behalf.”

    Leaving a ballroom full of guests was indeed not a good idea. Zhou Tianyu nodded and instructed the waiter who messed up Wen Xinya’s dress. “Bring Miss Wen to the cloakroom to change.”

    The waiter’s eyes flashed with suppressed emotions and an odd look in his eyes. He then lowered his eyes and said, “Miss Wen, follow me.”