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Chapter 81 - Wen Xinya, you shall die a horrible death!

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 81: Wen Xinya, you shall die a horrible death!

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    Zhou Tianyu had arranged for the manor’s housekeeper to send Wen Yuya home, but Xia Ruya was worried and concerned for Wen Yuya, so she decided to follow her back to the Wen Family’s mansion. Accompanying them were two waiters.

    When they arrived at the Wen Family’s mansion, Xia Ruya accompanied Wen Yuya to her room. She stayed for a short while before leaving.

    She went to the bathroom and washed her body repeatedly. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not remove the bruises on her body and the humiliation she had suffered.

    No matter how hard she washed, it seemed impossible for her to remove the filthy stains on her body.

    Yes, the filthy stains!

    She and Xia Ruya had gone to great lengths to bribe the Zhou Family’s waiter, who deliberately stained Wen Xinya’s clothes so that he would have an excuse to lure her to the cloakroom. A man in the cloakroom had drunk a glass of wine heavily spiked with an aphrodisiac, and he was waiting to pounce on Wen Xinya once she entered the room, causing her to lose her chastity.

    When the time was ripe, she would then pretend to go to the restroom on the second floor with Xia Ruya to catch them red-handed. She had intended to let everyone at the banquet know about the matter and hence ruin Wen Xinya’s reputation.

    Everything went as planned. The waiter had successfully spilled a drink on Wen Xinya’s dress and lured her to the cloakroom on the second floor. However, Wen Xinya did not fall for the trick. Instead, Xia Ruya and herself were locked in the cloakroom while trying to catch Wen Xinya red-handed.

    When the man in the room saw the ladies, he pounced on them like a hungry wolf. He caught hold of Xia Ruya and tore her clothes apart. She struggled and tried to escape, but the man pressed her body down, and she could not break free…

    What happened next was…

    A shiver ran down her spine as she could not bear to think further!

    She could vaguely hear the screaming and painful cries for mercy. Suddenly, she covered her ears, frantically shaking her head and crying uncontrollably. “No, no… Please let me go… Ruya, save me… Argh…”

    She felt as if her limbs were being confined, and she struggled hard to break out of her confinement. But it seemed like no matter how hard she tried or screamed, she could not escape. The blood in her body almost froze as she suffocated. She bit onto the pillow so hard that her gums turned sore and her face turned pale, bringing her to the verge of despair.

    A blown up photograph on the wall suddenly caught her attention. She stared at the picture of herself. She was smiling broadly and innocently, beautiful and pure like an angel.

    She blinked her eyes, and at that instant, the girl in the picture became a hideous devil! The bright smile had transformed into a mouth full of blood and her hands turned into tentacles, reaching out and trying to strangle her.

    Her eyes became weary. Those scenes kept reappearing in front of her eyes!

    “Argh…” The immense pain tormented her. She felt the pain of her body being torn apart, and it was so unbearable that she felt she would die the very next second. Her body began to spasm. “Pain…”

    She had transformed from a girl into a woman in a split-second, and there was no time to mourn for her pain. She could only bear with her suffering and humiliation helplessly.

    Her breathing became heavy and intense. She was trying hard to forget the pain, but realized with every breath she took that the air she inhaled was like an ice-blade cutting through her nose and throat, causing her to have great difficulty to breathe.

    She was Wen Yuya. Mother had told her: the “Yu” in her name represented jade, and signified good virtues! How did she become so filthy? How was that possible…

    The door was pushed open. Xia Ruya was horrified to see the frenzy in her eyes. She was at a loss. It did not seem right for her to enter nor retreat.

    “No… Let go of me…” Wen Yuya covered her ears, her body curled up and trembling in shock.

    Xia Ruya ran over and hugged her tightly. “Yuya, it’s fine. Everything’s going to be alright. Look, you are in your room right now. Aunt Ning is entertaining the guests and will be up in a minute.”

    “Painful… Ruya, it’s so painful…” Wen Yuya held onto Xia Ruya tightly. Her body still shivering in fear. The pain and despair of the penetration were following her closely like a shadow that she could never get rid of.

    Xia Ruya responded with tears in her eyes, “Yuya, rest assured. We will definitely have the chance to get revenge for the pain we are suffering now. We will make Wen Xinya pay for it a thousand times more.”

    Suddenly, the suppressed anger in Wen Yuya exploded like a massive flood. She seemed to have straightened out her chaotic thoughts. It was Wen Xinya. All of this happened because of her. If not for her, Wen Yuya would not have to go through these sufferings.

    Her eyes turned red with rage, and she screamed insanely in a frenzied state. “Wen Xinya, it’s all because of Wen Xinya. You’re the cause of everything!”

    Xia Ruya held her tightly and cried. “That’s right. Yes, it’s her. She is the one who brought us so much pain and humiliation.”

    Wen Xinya’s name kept buzzing in her mind like a bell that went off at 12 o’clock. She could only think of revenge. She cried out in an affirming tone. “Wen Xinya, Wen Xinya, how could you do that to me? You shall die a horrible death. A horrible death!”

    By now, Xia Ruya’s eyes were filled with hatred. It was as if her mind had been occupied by a dozen venomous snakes, spitting deadly lethal fluids. The words she spoke represented the poisonous fluids spat by those venomous snakes. “Yuya, I don’t know what went wrong. Why did we lose? Wen Xinya always seemed to be able to predict our every single move and turn it against us? We have suffered an enormous defeat.”

    Xia Ruya clenched the pillow tightly in her arms. There was a vicious look in her eyes. “Wen Xinya has destroyed everything that belonged to me. I want revenge. I must have my revenge!”

    Xia Ruya hugged her tightly and whispered into her ears. “Wen Xinya is just a gangster who has led a wandering life for the past 15 years. She doesn’t have what it takes to be the Young Missus Wen of the Wen Family. She is always in the limelight, and everyone sings her praises as if she has lived up to her name. Xinya — with good virtues that signify fragrance, good characteristics that represent aroma builds a good reputation for generations to come… Isn’t that beautiful?”

    After hearing that, Wen Yuya’s heart suffered excruciating pain as if an invisible hand had reached out and crushed her heart. “No, no… I’m the one who’s most beautiful. Yuya represents jade and signifies good virtues.”

    Xia Ruya brought her lips closed to Wen Yuya’s ears. Her voice sounded like that of the devil’s — cold, chilly, and ghastly. “Jade, no matter how beautiful it might be, it is just an accessory. And as for my name… Ruya, Ruya. ‘Ru’ represents resemblance or a follower. Following and resembling Wen Xinya. ‘Ruya’ simply means I’m like Wen Xinya. See… how pathetic we are? Even our names are no match for Wen Xinya’s.”

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    “No, I’m not an accessory… I’m a piece of beautiful jade, not an accessory. Wen Xinya is the accessory. She must be… She must be…” Wen Yuya shook her head in denial. She was at the brink of collapse.

    Xia Ruya looked at her and hatred filled her eyes. Everyone had a devil in their heart. Xia Ruya tried to take advantage of the state of confusion Wen Yuya was in with the intention to lure the devil inside her so that she would… be embroiled in a feud with Wen Xinya.